Types Of Prostitutes

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Types Of Prostitutes

The sex sector is one of the most productive in the world, where you can work in many different ways and earn a lot of money. You can do many different jobs: create a pornographic site and make money with advertising and subscribers, or create e-commerce of sex toys, or write erotic stories, or sell photos and hard videos online.

But the best way to make money in the sex sector is certainly to sell sexual services for money or prostitution.

Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in the world, carried out by many women and many men around the globe. Escorts, gigolos, call girls, and many other professional figures are always available to have paid sex in the best way and to earn a lot of money.

Prostitution is a job, and if you want to enter the sector, you must be sure of what you are doing and find the best job for you. In fact, there are many ways to work in the prostitution sector, and it is essential to find the one that suits you best.

In this post, we will give you an overview of the main types of jobs in the prostitution sector, and you can start to understand if this job can interest you or not.

So here are all the different types of prostitutes!

Independent Call Girl

The Independent Call Girl is a prostitute who does the same job as the escort but is not affiliated with any agency.

What does this mean? The girl is responsible for every aspect of the job: taking photographs for the announcement, posting the announcement online, advertising on all dating sites, updating it, getting noticed in the midst of all the other girls, and also managing all the bookings. This is not an easy task, because many independent Call Girls have many calls every day, and there are always many customers, and managing them all is quite complicated. It is not uncommon for girls to overestimate their skills, taking too many bookings and not knowing how to handle them.

The positive aspect of this type of job is that all the money that the independent call girl will earn will be hers without having to divide a percentage with the escort agency.

Escort Agency Employee

The escort agency employee is a girl who has sex in exchange for money and who works with an escort agency. The agencies allow girls to have greater visibility and to concentrate on other aspects of their work. In fact, the staff of the agencies take the photos, take care of the website and manage all the bookings of the girls, who only have to have sex with customers, always buy new clothes and shoes and have manic care for their body.

This support is a big advantage that attracts many girls to escort agencies, and the more professional ones have dozens of girls in their escort directory. You can easily find many escort agencies, even just with Google searches, and each agency offers many personalized services.

The flaw of this business model is that girls don’t have the freedom to work with all the clients they want, they have to respect all the rules of the agency, and they have to divide all the money they earn with them. In fact, the agency staff retains a percentage of the earnings of each escort babe.

Brothel Employee

The brothel is a building where you can enter and have sex with one of the girls who work inside it. In several countries of the world, they are illegal, while in others, they are legal or tolerated. The entrance to the brothel is usually free, and customers pay only for having sex with the girl they have chosen and for drinks.

The brothel has a lower floor where you can find all the girls available, and an upper level with bedrooms with a bathroom, where you can have sex with the girl you chose for as long as you paid.

The brothel is a safe working environment, as there is a security staff present, but there is a lot of competition between the girls, and even in this case, the direction of the brothel will retain a percentage from all the girls’ earnings.

Window Worker

They are the girls who work in the windows in the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam. These girls have precise times to respect for their work, and when a customer enters their home, they have sex with him. All this procedure is legal and safe, but many girls have the support of a pimp who protects them and who is ready to intervene in case of a problem.

The girls who work in this way manage to guarantee a good level of hygiene, but the sex they do is not of the best quality (they have little time to do it, and customers are not always beautiful or polite). They also have to give a percentage to the pimp for protection.

You can also work without a pimp, but it is riskier. The big advantage is that there are always many people in the Red Light District, and therefore there are plenty of opportunities to have many customers.


Streetwalkers are the classic prostitutes who work on the street. Usually, these women have a fixed area and remain still waiting for a customer to arrive by car, in order to go to have sex in a secluded area that they consider safe.

It is a dangerous job because these women are subject to constant aggression, and a pimp is needed to protect them.

The risk is high, the profits are few, but anyone can become a streetwalker.


Bar Or Casino Worker

They are women who work in bars and casinos. Their job is to entertain clients and spend time with them for private shows and for having sex. Their income is directly proportional to the number of customers they manage every night, and they have to pay a percentage at the bar or casino where they work.

Here are the main types of prostitutes!