SM Amsterdam escort service

Sex can be done in so many different ways: romantic, passionate, transgressive, and our escort babes know how to do it excellently in each of these ways, but if you really want to exceed the limit you need to put some pain into a pleasant activity like sex, which is why we introduced the Amsterdam escort service SM, perfect for those looking for some extreme experiences within the night of sex with an A-Level escort babe.

What is our SM escort service?

Our SM escort service will give you the opportunity to have BDSM sex with a hot escort lady from our agency. You will be able to live the experience of being a sadistic master, a kind master, a dominated slave, and many other BDSM nature experiences that you have never experienced before. Our Amsterdam BDSM escorts are experienced professionals in this area, and they always know what to do to make you happy and to better manage the situation.

And if you want leather clothes, boots, and other sex toys, then you’ve come to the right place. The only thing you need to do is ask, and our escort girls will bring everything you need to make your SM escort service as extreme as possible.

Don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true, our girls are here to help you.

SM Amsterdam escort service

Here are some tips to make the most of your SM experience with a high-level escort babe.

– Before starting your Sm service, we recommend that you establish a “Stop word” with your mistress escort. Not all people are prepared for an SM fuck, and the pain can be unmanageable, especially for men who try MS for the first time. To maintain control of the situation, it is, therefore, necessary to establish a “stop word” that the customer will have to pronounce if the situation should become unmanageable or potentially dangerous. The escort mistress will stop immediately after hearing the word spoken. This principle is also valid for the escort if she must interpret the role of the submissive. Regardless of what is happening, if you say the “stop word,” you have to stop everything immediately.

– Not all escort babes appreciate the same level of SM, because this type of sex is very particular and every girl has a personal level of tolerance to pain and specific inclinations. Not all girls love to be strict masters or submissive slaves. Never force an escort to do something that can make her uncomfortable. These attitudes will prevent you from using the SM service again.

– Always agree in advance what you will do in the SM service, and do not hesitate to request special tools, such as strapon, sex toys, or leather clothing. In your SM service, you can ask for what you want, and the mistress escort will do her best to satisfy you.


Follow these simple rules to get the best SM service possible!