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The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all sectors of business and the private lives of all of us. Families have been divided for months. We only talked to our friends via the Internet. We queued to enter supermarkets emptied of almost everything, and we hoped this nightmare would be over soon. One of the sectors most damaged by the pandemic was entertainment. Social distancing prevented the virus from spreading further. Still, this precaution meant a stop to events of all kinds. In the adult entertainment sector, the pandemic was not a problem but a real catastrophe!

The impossibility of having physical contact with the customer has stopped our sector; our babes have been forced to stop having sex with them and to find alternative methods to satisfy their demands and all this in the hope of having an effective vaccine against the pandemic.

Our agency has worked hard to fully comply with all the safety protocols necessary to contain the pandemic and to ensure the safety of everyone, customers, and babes.

We don’t want to lie to you; it was a difficult time for us. The girls were scared, the customers were frightened, we were confused, and no one really knew what to do.

We have resisted, we have tried to save money, we have tried to offer alternative solutions to satisfy customers such as remote meetings, we have highlighted this problem with the government, and finally, our industry has been helped.

Now that Amsterdam is slowly returning to normal and the pandemic seems to be under control, we can all look each other in the eye with pride and say “we did it!”. We have stopped the virus, we have passed the dark days, and now it is time to make up for lost time and move forward stronger than before!

We are proud to announce that all of our escort babes and our staff are 100% vaccinated and ready to leave in a safe and controlled environment.

All our girls are checked weekly by an independent medical staff and are vaccinated; however, we really need your cooperation so as not to make all our sacrifices in vain. Not everyone who has Covid shows symptoms, and we cannot be reckless right now. Therefore your cooperation is essential, now more than ever.

First, let us know immediately if you have any symptoms related to Covid before the meeting with your babes or in the next two weeks. Your report will allow us to check your Amsterdam escort girl and ensure that the virus has not spread.

Here are some other things you can do to help us defeat Covid for good.

1) If possible, provide us with proof of your vaccination. Your privacy will be 100% guaranteed as always.

2) If you have traveled, do a two-week quarantine before booking a meeting with one of our Amsterdam escort girls. Prudence is never enough and for every symptom, consult your doctor or health authorities.

3) Meetings with escorts will take place in hotel rooms. Make sure your room is sanitized before the meeting, and bring handkerchiefs and sanitizing gel with you. If you wish, we can give the escort some disposable blankets (or you can bring them yourself) to increase the protection.

4) The basic rule never changes: always sex with a condom.

5) If you want an erotic massage, there is no problem; the staff is vaccinated, but tell us in advance what kind of massage you want.

6) Always carry a mask with you and wear it when you are with your escort in an indoor place such as a bar or restaurant.

7) If you have particular fetishes that require physical contact between the escort’s mouth and a part of your body (or vice versa), or you want a kissing escort service, then you must show that you are vaccinated.

The road to defeating the pandemic is still long; at least 80% of the population of each country must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. We will always try to do our part to protect our girls and our customers. With your cooperation, we will return to our former life in the shortest possible time.