Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

The best thing about sex is the endless possibility of finding new ways to get aroused and endless variations on submissive and dominant subjects. In sex, as well as in life, all people always want to be in control of the situation and find a partner who allows it and thanks to this master / submissive connection, it is possible to give life to extreme sexual games and situations where even the most chaste man and sober of the world can’t help but get excited and lose control of the situation. Among all these erotic games, we have created a completely new service with the most extreme game in the world, a game where you will completely lose control of the situation or where you will have total control over your escort babe, and you can really do whatever you want. The service is called Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency. If you thought you already had extreme sex, well, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency … fantastic name. I really like extreme sexual practices, can I have more information about it?

Sure. In this service, one of the two people involved in your Amsterdam escort experience (that is, you or the escort babe you hired) will completely lose control and can no longer defend himself. This is an amazing and very exciting submission experience that you should try.

In our Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, this submission is achieved by tying your hands and feet to the bed so that you can no longer do anything and only passively suffer the exciting actions of your escort babe (or you can tie your escort to the bed and be the one who will turn her on, the choice is yours).

You will be a prisoner, you will not be able to do anything but receive pleasure, you will not be in control of the situation, and at the same time, you will enjoy this extreme submission very much, we can assure you. Only with the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency will the submissive experience much more pleasure than the dominant; it is an incredibly exciting role reversal that you must try at least once in your Amsterdam escort experience.


Wow, this is something I absolutely have to try. You said I’ll be tied to the bed or that I can tie my escort to the bed, right? But what can I do if the situation gets out of control? This Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency would be my first time getting tied up. I don’t have a chance to defend myself, and I’m afraid of getting scared or getting too horny and cum too soon. I want to enjoy the experience as long as possible.

Don’t worry, our escort babes have a great deal of experience in the sector and will surely know how to manage the situation in the best way to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. Our agency has always dedicated attention and commitment to selecting the best girls available to create a class of Amsterdam escort babes that are beautiful and able to satisfy every request.

In the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, the girl will know when you are about to lose control and will stop to let you rest, or you can be the one to indicate a word with which the service will be temporarily interrupted. Plus, the ropes will be tight enough to keep you from moving but not tight enough to hurt you, so it’s absolutely impossible for you to get hurt.


I see. Is the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency available even if I hire two girls?

Yes, there are no problems. On the contrary, we encourage our clients to buy the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency together with all their favorite services without any issues to personalize their Amsterdam escort experience. The Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is an excellent way to make your experience hot and extreme.

The only thing we want to tell you is that you will not be able to purchase this service without first buying services that allow you to have sex, such as the Basic Package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or the Anal Sex Amsterdam escort service Agency. After all, when you’re tied up, it’s okay to go through with this experience and have sex, right?


Yes, you are right. There are things I need to remember before starting the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency?

Yes, there are some things you need to remember in order not to risk having problems during the service (the risk is minimal, but it is always better to reduce it to zero).

We advise you to plan in advance what you want to do with your escort babe in order to find the best solution to include the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Service Agency in your Amsterdam Escort Experience and not to rush. Your escort will surely know what to do to make you happy, and you don’t have to rush to feel pleasure.

We remind you that you must always be very polite and respectful towards your Amsterdam escort babe throughout the experience. Our STD protection policy is very strict. All sexual intercourse and oral sex must only be performed after you will have worn the condom.

Finally, we also remind you that, for privacy reasons, it is absolutely not allowed to take photos or videos during the Tie And Tease Amsterdam Escort Experience and throughout your Amsterdam escort experience.


One last question: can I choose to have everything done when I am tied to the bed?

Yes, without problems. You can be tied up for part of your Amsterdam escort experience and receive oral sex, a footjob r other foreplay, or you can stay tied up for the duration of the experience and have sex with the escort babe who will ride you in the reverse cowgirl position. The choice is yours!

Have fun with this and all the other Amsterdam escort services you will choose!