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Erotic massage Amsterdam escort service (2)

The frantic pace of work of our society and all the extra activities that are performed literally drain our energies and often leave us with tired bodies and a spirit burdened with stress and worries. Today more than ever, we need a service that can remove stress from the mind and regenerate the body.

This service seems too good to be true, it is something fabulous, invented by the imagination of a writer, but it is not true, because the escort service you have always dreamed of exists, and we are proud to present the service to all our customers erotic massage best in the city, which will erase stress and nervousness forever and give you relaxing orgasms and a great desire to have sex with a hot escort girl.

The ancients had already recognized the high power of sex and the potential of erotic massage, and our girls have learned the art of this erotic massage from experienced professionals from all over the world and can perform any type of erotische massage, or body to body massage, hot soap massage, the happy ending massage, Chinese massage or the Thai massage.

All you have to do is choose the girl, say what kind of erotic massage escort service Amsterdam you want, give a date and a place, and the escort girl will come with everything you need to perform the best erotic massage in the city, and your mind and your body will be 100% effective again!

All our girls have extensive experience in the massage industry and can perform any type of massage without problems.

Erotic massage Amsterdam escort service

Here are some of our tips for getting an excellent erotic massage from any girl.


– There are different types of erotic massage, and not all of them include sexual performance. Two massages based on reaching orgasm are lingam massage and happy ending massage. These two massages end with a handjob or a tantric penis massage with a final cumshot. If you want an explicitly sexual massage, choose one of these two massages. The other massages are erotic, but they have no service of a sexual nature.


– In many massages, you can choose the girl’s outfit. Usually, clients appreciate the erotic massage performed by a beautiful girl who is completely naked, but the masseuse can wear whatever she wants.


– The erotic massage is incredibly exciting, but you have to try to contain your excitement and don’t try to fuck the girl. Rude and improper behavior is absolutely not tolerated. If you want to fuck, you can add erotic massage as an extra service.


– In case of body to body massage, the girl will sprinkle herself with massage oil and rub her body on yours. The girl has to take a shower after the performance to remove the massage oil.

– Do not touch the girl in her intimate parts while she is performing massages. The only thing you need to do is relax completely.


Follow these rules, and the erotic massage you have chosen will be an incredible experience for you.