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The beautiful kinky Amsterdam escort Ellyn is a 100% Dutch girl, with blonde hair like gold, perfect skin, a beautiful and natural body and long legs, ready to become your favorite escort in Amsterdam.
This beautiful girl has an unhealthy passion for sex in every form, from romantic sex to violent sex, to move to the most extreme and unpredictable situations, such as threesomes or lesbian sex.
The beautiful Ellyn does not get scared in front of any situation and loves to live the adrenaline of sex without any prejudice, to give and receive the maximum pleasure possible in every case.
Ellyn has no mental limits, and she does not know the meaning of the word taboo. Do you have a fantasy you want to make? Ellyn knows precisely what to do to make you happy and will add some very creative and kinky ideas. This kinky Amsterdam escort is lovely, creative, and has an incredible talent for every aspect of sex, including oral sex.
If you want to choose only the best, then you have only one option, the kinky Amsterdam escort Ellyn.
What could be better than spending a wonderful evening with a kinky Amsterdam escort like Ellyn? Nothing, that’s why the best thing to do to get to know this girl is to book a table in a famous restaurant and have an intimate dinner.
Ellyn loves Italian food and if you want to make a perfect first impression our advice is to book a table at the “Le Due Sicilie” restaurant. Get ready to spend an evening with Italian food, delicious wine, and a beautiful sexy and hot girl who will surprise you with her culture and speaking skills. Ellyn, in fact, does not use his mouth only to give pleasure, but also to create exciting conversations.
Do you want to visit the city of Amsterdam differently than usual? Then our Amsterdam City Tour service is perfect for you. Ellyn knows all the secrets of the town and every place of transgression, such as the Bulldog coffee shop. If you really want to transgress, then you should definitely visit this city with this kinky Amsterdam escort.
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All men want to have sex with a beautiful girl like Ellyn, but only a few have this privilege. The people who can have sex with her are polite, kind and book the best room in one of the best hotels in Amsterdam, the Hotel Casa Amsterdam.
Ellyn will wear what you want, like stockings, high heels, sensual lingerie, a particular dress with your favorite color, unique makeup, and you will have sex without any limits, up to your final big cumshot.
Ellyn only has sex with a condom. Cleaning and shower before and after sex.

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Hot girl

My English is not good , but this girl was very good , the best escort ,and I visit a lot this city . thanks Ellyn for your time and good memories
- Xi'an