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We are looking for classy, smart, well-mannered and elegant ladies who love this lifestyle and are willing to sacrifice their time and make something out of it.
All of our models were simple girls looking for a better life in a quick and easy way.
We don’t make promises or fool you into thinking that you’ll get rich and famous instantly, this depends on you and the choices that you will make. All the girls are on their own we are here just to provide you with our service and support. We know it can be hard sometimes to accommodate and make something work but we are here to help you. If you think that this is the perfect lifestyle for you please don’t hesitate to contact us. We wish you all the best and a warm welcome among us.


Have you ever dreamed of being paid to do the thing you love most?

Making money with a passion, living a privileged life?

Do not have an obligation to wake up every morning to go to work, to work but to earn only the crumbs?

Want to be your own boss?

Earning lots of money is everyone’s dream, especially doing something you love, but what do you do if your passion is sex?


Become a camgirl? No, you will never earn enough.

Become a pornstar? No, today you don’t earn much, it’s hard work, and after a few months, a younger girl will come and steal the spotlight from you.


There is only one solution to make lots of money with sex, live a beautiful life, and have no obligation: to become an escort.

We at Amsterdam Hot Escort are always looking for new girls to join our escort directory so that we always have a new and exciting proposal that can satisfy all the preferences of our loyal customers.

But why should you become an escort?

Here are the advantages of this work, and this lifestyle.

– By becoming an escort, you will make a lot of money. Do you have friends who work as salesgirls, secretaries, waitresses, or do similar jobs? Ask how much they earn in return for at least eight hours of their time every single day. Imagine they are not significant figures. Well, with the job of escort you will earn in a single day what they earn in a week as a minimum! Customers will pay a lot of money to have the privilege of having sex with you, and if you wish, you can make a lot more money with extra services, such as anal sex or French kissing (optional services). Our agency offers the most significant percentage of earnings in the sector. In an hour of sex, you’ll make so much money as you’ve never done before.

– If you love sex, then the escort job is perfect for you. Thanks to this work, you will be able to experience every kind of position, any erotic game and become the queen of sex. Your customers will be very different people, with unique perversions and personal tastes, and being able to satisfy them all will be fun and not at all monotonous. Are you sick of sex in the missionary position? Well, become an escort, and you will discover things about sex that you didn’t even imagine, and you’ll also be paid!

– Do you love beautiful clothes, luxury shoes, and jewelry? Perfect, these clothes are the outfit of every escort! Customers will give you all kinds of clothes, shoes, and jewelry to wear while you are with them, and in a short time, you will have a wardrobe of clothes worthy of a boutique! Forget the cheap clothes, an escort lives in luxury, with clothes created by the best brands.

– Do you love traveling? The escort can accompany the customer anywhere. In a restaurant for a romantic dinner, a business meeting, a social event, and even for pleasure trips. Some of our girls have taken part in Mediterranean cruises and intercontinental tours with our best customers. The next girl to travel will be you.

– Our girls have a privilege: work in synergy with our staff to carefully select customers. We will eliminate the strangest requests and the most unpleasant characters, and you will have the possibility to choose the best customers for you. We want only the best customers for you to give you the best experience possible.

– You will work only a few hours a week, and the profits will be maximum. You will not always have to have sex, but you can have romantic dinners or walks in the city, participate in concerts or other activities. Your time is precious, and you’ll be monetizing in no time at all. We know well that your time is valuable, and we will try to give you every opportunity to earn the maximum in the shortest possible time.


In short, escort life is rich in benefits.

What are our requirements?


We know very well that many girls want to do the escort, but we at Amsterdam Hot Escort have a very high-quality standard to guarantee the best possible experience to all our customers, and therefore, reluctantly, we apply a strict selection to all the girls who want to become escorts.

The purpose of our rigorous selection is to hire only the most beautiful, professional, and talented girls to create the best Amsterdam escort directory on the web. Only the best girls will have the privilege of entering our stable.

But what are our requirements?

–    Our girls must be beautiful and natural. We do not want women who have undergone cosmetic surgery or who have breast implants, except for health reasons.

–    – Girls must have an excellent talent for sex, and be willing to have sex with different men that they may find unattractive.

–    – It requires availability to pose nude for photos, videos, to travel with the client, and to practice different sexual activities.

–    – Every girl must carry a medical certificate of good health and recent blood tests. We protect the health of our customers by hiring only healthy girls. Periodic blood tests will be required.

Our girls only agree to have sex with clients using a condom, even for oral sex. Under no circumstances is it permitted to have sex without protection, even if the customer offers a lot of money.


To apply to become an escort fill out the form and attach your best photos. Describe why you want to do this job and what your talents are in sex.

If you can impress the staff, you will be contacted for an interview.

Good luck to all!