Striptease Amsterdam escort service

Have you ever gone to a nightclub to see a striptease? I imagine that the vision of that beautiful, half-naked girl who dances sensually on stage undressing to the rhythm of the music has been very exciting indeed.

Unfortunately you were not alone in the nightclub, and you could not have the privilege of having a personal striptease just for you, unless you pay a lot of money and spend 10 minutes in a private room with the girl, who would have listlessly danced alone for you, hoping that that short lapse of time would end quickly.

Well, if you still have that stripper in your mind, we are happy to inform you that our agency has the perfect Amsterdam escort service for you: the Striptease!

In this service, the escort babe you selected for a night out or for sex in the hotel will perform for you a beautiful high erotic striptease, able to excite anyone, even the most sexless man in the world.

So many escort babes of our escort agency Amsterdam agency have worked in the best nightclubs in Amsterdam or attend the most famous disco in the city and dance sensually, they know all the secrets perfectly to make a superb striptease escort service, and they will drive you crazy.

And the best thing is that this escort service is 100% uncensored, and our baby escort won’t stop until she has performed the perfect strip just for you!

striptease show Amsterdam

Here are some tips about the striptease escort service Amsterdam:

– Choose the right song for the striptease. The ideal is romantic songs that can be danced, such as Latin American songs or the great classics of disco music. You can also choose a rock song or the music genre you prefer, but you will be able to get the most out of romantic songs or with a rhythm that can be danced.


– The meeting with the hot babe escort takes place in your hotel room, so be sure to keep the volume of the music not too high so as not to annoy other hotel guests. In some situations, our customers left the volume of music too high, and the hotel staff asked to lower it, ruining the mood of the service.


– You can choose the girl’s outfit and what she can keep at the end of the striptease. Our girls are used to completely undressing, but they can hold heels, lingerie, or whatever you want.


– Girls can dance with heels, but it’s better not to wear too high heels or stilettos, which don’t guarantee great stability during the dance.


– During the striptease, you can touch the girl if she agrees, but no sexual activity is foreseen. The strip is a perfect escort service to excite and prepare for a night of splendid escort sex.

Striptease show Amsterdam

Maximum education and respect for the escort, and you will have the privilege of attending from the front row to a beautiful hot Amsterdam escort striptease show just for you.