Kissing escort service Amsterdam

In sexual relations, one of the most beautiful things is undoubtedly the art of kissing. A kiss is the best way to get intimate with a woman, to get excited, and to show love. All the fucks that start with a beautiful, passionate kiss, which also uses the tongue (a perfect french kiss), are the best way to excite every man, and if the kisses continue for the whole fucking, well, we can assure you that it will be really impossible controlling the excitement and in the hotel suite where you will be with your A-Level escort, anything can really happen.

Kissing is a real art that our escorts master without problems. Their kisses are warm, lustful, full of passion and desire, exciting and sweet like chocolate, but at the same time spicy like a dash of red pepper.

You can’t help kissing the soft, perfect red lips of our high-class escorts, and the kissing service is one of the Amsterdam escort services most appreciated by all our customers.

All of us on the staff consider kissing as pure oral sex. In fact, the girls ‘mouth and tongue do not only excite by sucking and licking customers’ cock, but also by kissing and giving an incredible feeling of well-being, desire, and lust. All emotions that will reach your brain with a single kiss of the lovely escort girl that you will choose from all our escort directory.

Kissing escort service Amsterdam

But what can you do to get the best out of the kissing escort service?

Here are some tips and guidelines:

– Our girls’ kisses are incredible, and our advice is to completely relax and let them choose what kind of kiss to perform based on the situation. For example, some girls like to start fucking with quick kisses on the lips and then do the french kiss only at the height of the fuck, after performing oral sex and a few seconds after the climax of orgasm. The contact between your tongues will be the fuse that will ignite your orgasm.


– Try not to be intrusive and don’t take advantage of the kissing escort service, especially when you’re not at the hotel. Our girls are professional escorts who love privacy and discretion, and kissing in public is not professional behavior. Never try to force the escort you have chosen to do something that you do not like or have not previously agreed to, and this applies to both oral sex and kissing service. In your hotel room, you can have all the kisses you want, but if you have also chosen other services, like the Amsterdam city tour or the dinner date, then try to keep yourself and keep the passion for romantic kissing set in your hotel room.

Kissing escort service Amsterdam

– Practice correct oral hygiene before kissing service. Our girls are very fond of kissing men who have fragrant breath, a clean mouth, and very white teeth. Cleaning and oral hygiene are a great way to show respect for girls and their professionalism.

Get ready for the best kissing service of your life!