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A-level Amsterdam Escort service

There is a class of very high-level escorts, reserved only for a highly selected elite of customers who have a shared passion for anal penetration and for the sodomy. They are beautiful girls, trained to face extreme sex like the bum sex or bareback butt fucking, taking it up the ass for a great bumfuck. They are the girls we have selected with the utmost care to please all butt sex lovers and anal intercourse.

These girls are our a-level escorts, and only the best customers, those willing to spend so much money on having the best anal penetration escort service, can have the privilege of getting.

The girls of our a-level escort service Amsterdam are all selected from our escort directory. They are the best of the best the most sensual, hottest, nymphomaniac girls, butt sex lovers and who are absolutely not afraid of taking it up the ass even without lubrication (bum sex service), pornstars specialized in sodomy and butt-fucking and girls who try bareback for the first time. This group of professional escorts forms our A-level escort service, the professional escort service reserved only for the elite of our customers.

Every girl belonging to the a-level escort service is trained to deal successfully with any type of anal penetration and bumfuck. The girls are selected based on their beauty, the beauty of the ass, and past experiences in anal intercourse. Only the experienced pornstars of sodomy and bum sex have the talent and passion for joining our team of a-level escort girls.

The girls are specialized in anal penetration. They always offer this service, and we recommend them to people who are looking for a bumfuck with a hot Amsterdam high-class escort girl.

Not all the girls of the agency agree to do a good butt-fucking because many escorts do not appreciate the anal sex. Therefore the risk is that of not satisfying all the desires of a client. For us, this scenario is absolutely unacceptable.

The desire to please butt sex lovers has led us to create the a-level escort service, a team of sensual and courageous girls who are not afraid to take it up the ass and do bareback anal sex, if necessary.

The result of our initiative was excellent, and we have lots of 5-star feedback from enthusiastic customers, who have finally been able to make all their anal penetration fantasies, and all thanks to the babes of the a-level escort service!

What do I need to do to become an A-level escort service girl?


The first thing to do is to be incredibly beautiful, sex lovers and passionate about anal sex. Our clients have specific requests that we want to satisfy in every way, and their priority is to make a beautiful butt-fucking, the best anal intercourse of their life. We want to give them this service.

The girls must think that these men never really had the chance to do great bumfuck in their lives, and we are their chance to be happy and fulfill their dreams of anal penetration and bareback anal sex.

To ensure we offer an A-Level quality of service, we have carefully selected all the best girls available to take it up the ass and who know how to correctly handle bum sex.

The goal is to form a team of a-level escort experts in anal sex, who can satisfy any kind of request, even the strangest.

If you think you have what it takes to join the team of anal escorts, use the form in the casting page, and the staff will contact you as soon as possible!

What do you need to do to become a customer who has the privilege of using the a-level escort service?


Only the best customers have the opportunity to have sex with the girls of the a-level escort service, girls who are looking forward to taking it up the ass. These are customers who have been doing business with us for a long time, who have always used the utmost education and respect towards our babes over time and have complied with our policy of conduct correctly.

These clients have shown their appreciation for our work. They may have the privilege of proceeding with the anal penetration of an a-level escort when they wish.

If you love bareback, then you need to use all the necessary hygiene precautions (clean towels, soap, shower), and provide recent blood tests. This way of making butt sex is enjoyable, but it is also a potential risk situation for the babes and the client, given the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Our babes are monitored continuously by medical staff, but it is essential that the customer also proves they have no health problems.

The bareback is therefore reserved only for the elite of the elite, to the people who have proven to be in perfect health and great lovers of anal penetration.

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