Independent Call Girl

Call Girl

Who is?

The Independent Call Girl is a prostitute who works independently, without relying on any escort, pimp or brothel agency. It is a girl who invites customers to have sex in her apartment, or who goes to the hotel or the houses of men who call her to have sex, and who is paid according to the services that are required and the time dedicated to the customer.

How can you work as an independent call girl?

It is not necessary to have particular requirements to work as an Independent Call Girl, apart from having a natural predisposition for sex and being able to have sex with strangers and people who may be aesthetically or characterlessly unattractive.

The Independent Call Girl must be able to excite men, be quick to have sex without being fast, and always know how to find what every man likes.

To work as an Independent Call Girl, it is necessary to have a free apartment where you can receive customers, take photos of your body (you can take these photos with your face visible or covered, depending on your idea of ​​privacy. Photos with your face discovered can attract the attention of many more people).

Upload these photos on the Internet, to dating sites, along with a beautiful description of you, your body and the primary services you offer, along with your phone number.

Obviously, we do not recommend using your personal number, use a number that you have created only for this job.

You will have to continually update your profile to make it appear at the top of the searches, republishing it every day, and organize all the bookings. Probably customers will call you with minimum notice, to meet you immediately, make sure you know how to manage all bookings in the best way, even using diaries or Google Calendar.

The advantages of working as an Independent Call Girl?

There are many advantages to choosing this type of job if you want to enter the prostitution business.

Here are the main ones:

– Travel: These girls are unlikely to be able to work in a city forever. Usually, the Independent Call Girls have a series of towns in which they work, and they move over time between the various cities to meet their most loyal customers, get to know new ones, and, in general, prevent their presence from the risk of boring the customers. There are periods, for example, where there is less demand in a particular city, and the girls know they have to travel. If you like traveling, then this job will be very interesting to you.

– Earnings: The Independent Call Girls have no partnership with any agency, pimp, or broker. They are solely responsible for their success, and all the money they earn will be theirs. This is the best option for those who want maximum income and are willing to commit themselves much more than those who collaborate with escort agencies or brothels.

– Relationship with customers: This type of work will allow Independent Call Girls to create a much deeper bond with customers since they will have no rules to follow or information not to be disclosed. Establishing a close relationship with regular customers will allow the girl to have better sex, and to have the opportunity to offer extra services and earn more money.

The disadvantages of working as an Independent Call Girl?

The advantages of this business model are many, but unfortunately, there are also many disadvantages in this job.

Here are the main ones:

– Higher workload: You will have to do everything yourself: take photos, create your profile, manage your booking, continue to be relevant online, and so on. It is certainly a greater workload than those who are affiliated with professional agencies.

– Higher costs: The earnings will be 100% owned by the Independent Call Girl, but there will also be a series of fixed expenses: the rent of the apartment, transport costs, clothes and shoes, and so on. To amortize these costs, especially those of renting the studio, it is not at all uncommon to find girls who work with friends in the same studio. In this way, there are also higher earning opportunities, proposing threesomes.

– Customers: Customers are the engine of this business, but often people who go to the Independent Call Girls are not polite, or young and beautiful. These girls must have sex with all the customers who call and manage to get the booking, regardless of their physical appearance, without any filtering action. It is also not uncommon to find attackers who want to steal their money or get free sex with threats. A tip we give to all these girls is to never answer anonymous calls. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t want to show his phone number.

Our opinion?

Working as an Independent Call Girl is an exciting option for many girls. It is a way of working in the prostitution sector that guarantees maximum freedom of action, allowing you to work how and where you want, and to have all the money you earn. This type of work will enable you to travel, and company rules and policies must not be respected.

But it is also a job that requires commitment, and there are always costs to be incurred, including that of the apartment where customers are received, and the expense of renting is one of the largest of this job. Also, you can meet different types of customers, and unfortunately, have unpleasant experiences with rude and very arrogant people. A filtering action would be needed.

Personally, we recommend this type of business mainly to girls who want to try to become prostitutes, to understand if they really have the aptitude for this job. In the event of a positive response, you can always start working with professional escort agencies and make more money by working less, sacrificing a small percentage of your earnings.

Instead, we do not recommend this type of work to those who do not want to travel and try to obtain maximum results with minimum commitment.