Bar or Casino Worker

bar or casino worker

Bar or Casino Worker Amsterdam escort

Who is?

A bar or casino worker is a girl who works in a bar or casino (where gambling is legal) for the purpose of entertaining clients and having sex with them. The difference with girls who work in a brothel stems from the fact that the bar or casino does not advertise sexual activity in any way. Customers can therefore only go to the bar to have a drink and to the casino to play various games of chance and gamble, or to have sex. The choice is theirs.

Girls working in this sector can earn very good money by having sex with customers in a separate room in the bar or casino, or by bringing customers to another place, such as their home or a love hotel.

Usually, the owners of the bar or casino take a percentage of the money earned by the girl.


How is it possible to enter this business and become a bar or casino worker?


The procedure for joining this business is very similar to that for joining a brothel, with the only difference being that it is much better to go in person to speak with the manager of the bar or casino.

Be very careful to identify all the places that offer this service, which is barely legal in many cities and which could cause problems for the owner. The owners of the premises must have the certainty of your seriousness and what you can offer to the various customers.

In this case, unlike the brothel, you will have to approach the customers, offering them to have sex. There may be rooms for this service in the room, or then bring the customer to your home or to a love hotel and have sex. Customers can go to the bar or casino just to play or have a drink or to have sex, and with experience, the girls manage to recognize who wants to have sex and who does not.

Girls can earn a lot of money in this job, especially those who work in the most famous clubs or when it is full of people. The earnings will not be 100% yours, but you will have to share the income with the owner of the restaurant and perhaps with other people. Then still earn extra money with extra services without letting the owner know.

What are the advantages of working as a bar or casino worker?

There are many advantages in this business model, here are the main ones.


– Many customers: Bars and casinos are some of the most popular places for men during the nightlife, and this means that you will have many potential customers to work with. You will have to be seductive and be able to convince them to choose you to have sex, and if you are able to do it, you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

– Security: Bars and casinos know they cannot afford problems, and for this reason, they have always invested heavily in security. There are bouncers and professional security agents ready to intervene to solve all the problems caused by rude and drunk customers. These people will quickly solve these problems and do not hesitate to report all customers who behave unprofessionally.

– Good customer quality: Especially in casinos, you can have sex with customers with good financial resources. The prices of these girls are lower than the women who work with professional escort agencies or in brothels, and this attracts people who want to save money. A good strategy is to try to seduce those who are winning bets. They will be happy and with more money to spend.


What are the disadvantages of working as a bar or casino worker?

Here are the disadvantages of this type of work.

– Competition: You will not be the only girl to do this job, and therefore you will have to fight against other workers. Always try to be sensual, wear sexy clothes, and try to understand how to attract a customer’s attention from the first moment.

– Percentage of earnings: If you work hard, then you will have a real chance to earn a lot of money, especially with the extra services that you can offer to customers. But be prepared to give a percentage of your earnings to the owner of the bar or casino where you work. Don’t be surprised, they make you work to make a profit from this situation. Each owner sets his own percentage, and you can find an agreement, and the owners of the clubs with the highest number of people will undoubtedly ask for higher rates.

– The rules: Every place has rules, and certainly, the owners will tell you not to do things, such as trying to get in touch with customers outside the bar or casino. This way, you could try to earn money without giving them the percentage. If you want to work without respecting these rules, then you are not suitable to be a bar or casino worker.

– Risks: Security personnel will protect you from the most arrogant and rude customers, but this type of work is not always legal. In most cases, it is tolerated by the police until some problem occurs. Always remember not to take any unnecessary risks and never share your personal data.


Our opinion?

This way of working is very interesting and has excellent earning prospects if you manage to win the internal competition with the other girls and accept the rules of the bar owner. The big discriminator is certainly the percentage that you have to give to the bar or casino to work, and you will have to understand if it is too high.

However, it is a good way to start making experience in the industry.