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Working as an Amsterdam escort can certainly be a beautiful job: you are paid a lot of money to have sex and have orgasms, you have the opportunity to travel all over the country (or even the world), you can eat in luxurious restaurants without spending a penny. And then what about the gifts and the lifestyle you can do? You will wear beautiful clothes, lace lingerie, high-heeled shoes made by the best brands, jewelry, and you will sleep in luxurious hotels every evening, and all this without ever spending a penny!

In short, it seems that the life of an Amsterdam escort is perfect, but is it really so? Well, not really, actually living by providing an Amsterdam Escort Service to your customers is more complicated than that, especially if you cannot receive the logistical support of a serious and qualified Amsterdam Escort Agency. Working as an independent Amsterdam Escort can be fun and makes more money, but collaborating with an Amsterdam Escort Agency is more comfortable and safer.

However, regardless of whether you are an Amsterdam Escort working on your own or together with an Amsterdam Escort Agency, there are tips that you must always put in place to protect your health, your safety, and the result of your work.

In this article, we will give you all the main tips to better perform each Amsterdam Escort Service and get the most out of your Amsterdam Escort Girl job.

In every job, it is necessary to establish limits that customers cannot cross. In fact, customers who become too familiar with sellers often start to disrespect their professionalism and their work, and this is never good for business.

You have to establish limits that must be respected, but above all, in Escort Amsterdam’s work, it is essential to keep your business and your private life completely separate, to avoid possible problems in the future.

This means first of all, never use your name, but use a stage name. If you will use your real name, it is possible that some customers may find you on social media (or even understand where you live) and give you problems. This unpleasant situation happens more often than you think.

Never say your real name to any customer, and use false information in your profile. For example, even if you were born in Amsterdam, write that you are from Prague, Rome, or other cities. Create a character and distance him to the maximum from your true identity.

Never give personal information to customers, such as your real name, if you have a family, or where you live, even to the most polite and respectful ones. You can’t really get to know the people who buy your Amsterdam Escort Service, so it’s always best to be cautious and establish a safe distance.

You can talk about your hobbies, pastimes and your passions, but the important thing is that they are things that cannot allow the customer to identify you (for example, you can say that you love fitness, but do not say that you go to the gym that is located in Dam Square, where you can easily be identified).

Use a new phone number for your Amsterdam Escort job, obviously created just for this purpose, and keep it off when you’re not working. Save customer numbers, so you know immediately who is calling and never answer calls with the covered number: in the best case it is a customer who is worried about his privacy (no problem in this), but in the worst, it is only a guy who has time to waste and wants to create some problems for you. NEVER give your own mobile number to any customer, and be careful that they cannot get it while you are distracted or in the bathroom.

Likewise, be sure to bring only what you really need with you (your work cell phone, money for emergencies, but not too much, personal protective equipment, such as anti-aggression spray and condoms). Never bring anything with you that will allow people to identify you. A dishonest customer can rummage in your purse while you are distracted.

If the client wants to talk to you about his life, you can listen to it, but don’t say anything about yourself that is true or that can help him identify you.


If you work with an Amsterdam Escort Agency, then you can avoid these tips, because the agency staff will take care of the first contact and get in touch with the escort you have chosen. They do an excellent job of filtering out rude and arrogant customers, while if you work as an independent Amsterdam Escort, read these tips carefully, they will save you time.

The first communication must take place via telephone or through platforms such as Email, WhatsApp, or Telegram chat. Avoid telephone contact initially, because you have to understand what type of customer you are dealing with (one who really wants to buy an Amsterdam Escort Service or a person who just wants to waste time).

Avoid talking about sex in communication (or just talk about the bare minimum), since all the information is on your site (or on the Amsterdam Escort Agency website). If a client talks too much about sex, then block him or politely ask him to stop. You are working, and your service is not an erotic chat on the phone.

Always be polite and respectful.


The customer can request a range of services (sex, city tour, dinner date), and you need to be cautious when doing these services.

The first rule, especially on city tours and dinner dates, is to arrive ten minutes earlier at the meeting place to observe the environment. Avoid those who ask you to meet in their home, it could be a potential threat.

The agencies always have staff nearby to monitor the situation: you can rest assured that they will always be ready to protect you. If you work as an independent Amsterdam escort, then you can hire a bodyguard who will monitor what happens remotely.

Do not drink while working, do not have sex under the influence of drugs, and ask the client not to use drugs and to drink moderately, but you would prefer that he not drink at all. Having sex with drunk people can be unpleasant and difficult.

Remember to do your best to always be in control of the situation. If the client starts to be arrogant or doesn’t respect your job, then stop the service or ask your bodyguard for help. If you are in the hotel room, try to go out or shut yourself in the bathroom with your cell phone if you lose control of the situation.

Accept cash payments only, do not accept wire transfers or electronic card payments, because the customer may cancel payments.


The escort must always be professional and polite. Your behavior represents your brand, and you can never afford to lose control of the situation. Here are some tips for excellent behavior when working as an Amsterdam escort.

Establish your prices now, and never give customers discounts. Don’t sell off your work and your body.

Immediately clarify what you want to do and the services you don’t want to offer to customers, and immediately block customers who insist or try to force you to do it anyway.

Never quarrel with customers and try to propose alternative solutions. If you are arguing with a customer on the phone, close the call and block it.

If you have any doubts about your client’s attitude, let someone know where you are going and bring a bodyguard with you who can follow you remotely.

If something unpleasant happens during the evening, leave immediately from there.


Hygiene must be fundamental in your work. You work with your body, and therefore if you are sick, you cannot work.

Only have sex with a condom. Buy only condoms from the best brands, always in sealed packages.

Always carry gloves, handkerchiefs, and disinfectant gel with you to wash your hands.

In the hotel room, wash thoroughly before having sex, and have the client wash as well.


Remember these simple tips to better manage all your clients and your career as an escort in Amsterdam!