Come On Body Escort Service

Over the course of a series of interviews with professional Amsterdam escorts, the girls have always talked to me about how their clients always wanted to do something special with them, something they couldn’t do with wives, girlfriends, or a casual partner. One of the hottest things was anal sex, but several girls said clients were actually much more interested in doing something with their cum, in particular, “marking” the girl with a cumshot, as if to say that that girl it was their property. I discovered that there is a similar service called COB – Come On Body Escort Service. This is a service that allows the client to cum on the girl’s body, possibly choosing the part of the body for the service. Thanks to the COB – Come On Body Escort Service several girls got a lot more work and made a lot of money.

I decided to deepen my knowledge of COB – Come On Body Escort Service. I decided to speak with a staff member of a very famous Amsterdam escort agency to get a range of exclusive information on this service.

Here is our conversation.


“Thanks for being here with me.”

“Thank you for showing interest in our work.”

“Let’s talk about COB – Come On Body Escort Service. Tell me what the strengths of this service are.”

“Great. We are very proud of this service and the success it is achieving with our customers. To date, almost all of our customers have tried the COB – Come On Body Escort Service at least once, and it has become a must for almost half of them. Surely the main strength of the service is able to allow people to do something that doesn’t often happen, for example, cum on a girl’s face. Several people have told us that it’s not something their partners appreciate very much. ”

“For what reason, in your opinion?”

“You cannot give a precise answer to this question because you enter the field of the personal sensitivity of every woman. I have talked to men who told me that their partners absolutely hated getting cum on their faces but that they had no problem with doing it. cum in the mouth or on the feet. In the end, every woman is in control of her body and has the right to decide where to get cummed and if she requires it. It can be said that it is only a matter of control and that our clients want to have more control over the woman and decide where to cum. Our COB – Come On Body Escort Service allows these clients to take matters into their own hands and to be able to control their orgasm and decide where to cum. ”

“There are no limits in COB – Come On Body Escort Service? Can I really choose where to cum without any limits?”

“A limit is that of not being able to cum in the mouth because there is another service that allows you to do it, the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service. We also ask our customers not to ask to cum on the pussy or on the asshole because there is a remote risk that a part can enter the pussy and generate problems. I repeat, it is a very slight risk, but it is still a risk that we do not want to take. ”

Come On Body Escort Service

“Are there any other limits in this service?”

“There are no particular limits. We only ask our clients to be polite and to follow all the basic rules of education. This way, there will never be any problems of any kind during this service. Our girls can receive the cumshot in the whole body. Obviously, every girl has personal preferences about where to get the shot, but they can quickly adapt to all the client’s requests. It’s very important for them to be able to clean themselves immediately after performing the COB – Come On Body Escort Service with a handkerchief, especially if they have a facial cumshot. For cumshots in other parts of the body, the girl can also clean up afterward or take a shower. ”

Come On Body Escort Service

“I understand, so this service only serves to personalize the moment of orgasm.”

“Exactly. If you only buy this service, you do not have the right to have sex, and for this reason, we preferred to make it a service available only if you buy a service in which sex is provided. We do not like to say no to customer requests because it’s bad for business, but we can’t even buy this service alone. In short, it’s not worth it. ”

“Have there been any customers who have created problems in this service?” ”

“No, fortunately. Our clients are all professional and very polite. We do not want to work with those who have caused problems in the past, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for these types of people. Anyone who does not respect the rules has no right to have sex with our girls. The result is a selection that has allowed us to work only with those who are genuinely interested in what we do and who respect our work and our girls. ”

“I understand, you prefer to have fewer but excellent customers.”

“Exactly, I couldn’t have said it in better words.”

“What are the plans for this escort service in the future?”

“We want this service to be appreciated by all our clients and to be a pleasant way to end their Amsterdam escort experience. We like to know that we have given them a way to make their dream come true. We will develop other services of this type if the market response will be so positive. ”

“I hope so for you, you are professional, and your girls are beautiful.”


The interview is over.