Deepthroat escort girl

1. Maintain eye contact
You believe or not to believe, but the guys feel they remain quite alone up there while you descend into the other area. Throw him a look from time to time, to maintain eye contact and show them how much you love what you do.

2. Use the hand
Any oral ability you have an average sized penis is about 14 cm. You can not entertain it only with your mouth. Help yourself and use the hand for a total stimulation. Moves in tandem with hand and mouth for a total satisfaction.

3. Sucking Science
For all of us, it means sucking an usher/supporter tongue on the palate, creating a vacuum in the rest of buccal space. Now it’s clear to everyone that underlies sucking oral sex but you really can not suck the penis rather than at the top. You could ask him how intense he’d like to be sucked and put it to your exemplify sucking your thumb.

4. Prepare your land
There are plenty of reasons why you do not like to give oral sex. But that does not mean you only have to do it grudgingly, shut up and suffer. Make sure you’re providing oral sex immediately after he came out of the shower. Ask him to shave or you can do it yourself. And if swallowing makes you dread, you can control the movements to prevent this.

5. Use other parts of the tongue
The underside of the tongue is soft and velvety. If you start to lick his penis with the lower parts of the tongue, he likes that feeling crazy.

6. Technical ice cream cone
Everyone knows how to lick ice cream cone. Try to apply the same technique with your partner’s penis.

7. Keep pace
Once you’re there, down to the bottom and started to move his mouth and hand up and down, keep pace with no breaks. Keeping pace will lead to an explosion of pleasure from him.

8. Blow …
If you want to prolong the sensation of pleasure, stop, at a time of sucking moist and warm and blow on the top of the penis.

9. teeth or no teeth?
As a general rule, teeth and penis do not make a good home together. With one exception: move your tongue over your teeth up and sits him without biting or squeeze any bit along the penis to one side. No sudden nothing and he will appreciate the new texture and a different feeling small scratches.

10. Technique “pecking”
As if you were in front of a cob of Porum, trying to nibble skin and teeth, easy, and I fuck down. Even if you do not believe it, surely her to produce pleasure.

11. Oral sex with ice
Before you plunge, put an ice cube in your mouth and hold it even a minute, until it cools your entire oral cavity. It greatly appreciates the coolness of your mouth.

12. Oral sex mint
It has been scientifically proven the effect of menthol which acts on the mucous membrane. You try, first suck a breath mint or gum has a strong taste of mint, then … start execution.

13. Oral sex upside down
Lie down on the bed and let your head backward over the edge, so you to be upside down. From this position, he comes up and introduces your cock in her mouth.
14. Do not ignore the scrotum
Now, after so much focus on the penis, scrotum not ignore. Somehow you do not have to worry that his testicles would be too sensitive to withstand touch. Lick them, caress them, touch them and play with them, both above and below. Try to draw with language letters “U” and “W” and you’ll see what he’ll produce sensations!