Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

In sex, it is always very nice to deal with a submissive woman if you have a dominant character or just love being in a situation where you can demonstrate strength and possession. In sex, there are always two roles, regardless of the variations of a person’s positions or particular perversions: the dominant and the submissive. Who dominates is a person who is always in control of the situation and who always decides what to do, what positions to put in place, and for how long, without ever allowing the partner to have the opportunity to change these decisions. On the other hand, the submissive person gives up control and is ready to do whatever the partner says and simply follows orders passively, regardless of whether she does these things of her own free will or not. There are men who love having sex with dominant women. In contrast, others love submissive women above all else. If you are one of these men, then our Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is the escort service you were looking for.

Keep reading this article. You will find out if Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is what you have always dreamed of!


Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, the name sounds very interesting. I would like to have more information on this service.

No problem. In our experience in the escort babes Amsterdam industry, we understand that there are only two categories of escorts: dominant and submissive. We have always tried to find the best in each category to please all our clients. Those who love submissive women love a woman who agrees to be an accomplice and to fulfill all man’s desires without showing resistance, and that she can be both an accomplice and only passive and just do what she is told. In our Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, we have selected only the best passive escorts in the city of Amsterdam and put them at your disposal to do what you have always dreamed of doing: having sex with a 100% submissive woman!


What kind of submissive woman can I meet in the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency?

There are two types of women: the accomplice and the passive. The accomplice woman is a woman who chooses to be submissive but does so only because it is something that excites her a lot. Therefore it is a situation where both he and she have a profit (the man is excited and happy, the woman is in a condition where she feels a lot of pleasure). The complicit woman is the best if you are also looking for a great emotional involvement within your Amsterdam escort experience. If you choose her for your Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, we will certainly be able to recommend the perfect escort babe for this purpose!


Great, what if I want a passive woman instead?

The passive woman is the one who limits herself to carrying out the orders that the master gives her without putting passion, emotions, or even just personal initiatives. The woman does these things only because she has been told to do them, almost as if it were indifferent to her, and is the quintessence of the 100% submissive woman. The passive woman is perfect for anyone looking for a Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency with complete control and an unmatched feeling of power.

Very interesting, and within the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, can I do whatever I want?

Yes, but before starting the service or even before buying it, our advice is to tell us what you plan to do because our escort babes are all able to create an excellent Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, but every girl they have their own personal inclinations that make them more suitable to be accomplices rather than passive and vice versa. Furthermore, not everyone appreciates or is open to extreme submission practices. Therefore it is always best to clarify in advance what you plan to do.


I understand, so I run the risk of not being able to do what I want to do?

No, absolutely no. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and knowing in advance what you want to do will allow us to give you only the girl that best suits your needs so as not to create any misunderstandings and have a satisfied customer.


Great, I like this attitude. Can I buy this service even without having sex?

No, the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is an extra service that serves to fully customize your Amsterdam escort experience and make it exactly like what you imagined, but it is not a service that can be purchased alone without other services. Suppose you also buy services where sexual intercourse is foreseen, such as the Basic Package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or the Anal Sex Escort Service. In that case, you can also add the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency it will not be possible to do so.

I understand, and are there any other things I need to know before buying Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency?

Yes, two things. The first is that all the sex you will have within the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency and in general of your Amsterdam escort experience will have to be performed with a condom, and the second is the STOP word.

In activities with submissives, it is easy to lose control and give rise to controversial situations. For this reason, it is necessary to establish a STOP word to use to prevent these situations from arising. If your escort babe says the STOP word, it means that the experience has gone too far and you have to stop. When you hear the word stop because if you continue, you will never be able to use our services again. We will check if there are any necessary measures to take.

We are confident of your cooperation to create an exciting Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!