Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency


In sex, pleasure often merges with violence and a pinch of physical pain, and this is what makes sex special. The pain of penetration is also the thing that makes it enjoyable, for example, and there is a whole discipline in sex that takes the pain and tries to make it a pleasure. We have many services to satisfy clients who are looking for pleasure as well as pain, such as domination services, BDSM escort service, and many more, but often clients are not ready for this type of domination, preferring something more. “soft” but at the same time able to satisfy their need for pleasure and pain. For these people, we have designed a new escort service called Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

In this Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, you will be able to use spanking as a tool to distribute both pleasure and pain in a very interesting way and above all without necessarily having to buy services where violence could be excessive.

If you are interested in this service or want more information, do not stop reading this article. You will find all the answers to your questions.


Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, what a great idea. Can I have more information?

Sure. Sooner or later, all of us have taken spanks in our life. Spanking from parents because something was done that shouldn’t have been done, as punishment for a bad grade or for other reasons, and this gesture has always been associated with punishment and physical pain. But the perception of this gesture has changed over time. The spanking has also become a gesture capable of generating pleasure in people if done in the correct way.

A spanking is the gesture of hitting a person’s ass with the palm of the hand, causing slight pain. Several people find this gesture very exciting, and in porn movies, the spanking on the ass during doggy style is an iconic image.

In Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, you will have the great honor of being able to spank the perfect ass of one of our Amsterdam escort girls to please her, or you can also be spanked if you wish. You have the possibility to choose what to do, the important thing is that you can give maximum pleasure.


What a great idea! Can I only buy the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency?

No, sorry, this is a service that can only be purchased together with services that allow you to have sex, such as the Basic package with regular sex and blow job with a condom or anal sex. It makes little sense to take an escort girl to a hotel just to spank her, don’t you think?

Suppose you also buy a service where you can have sex. In that case, you can add the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency as an extra without problems.


How can I get the most out of this service?

Here are the rules of conduct to follow to get the most out of the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

– Always be polite and respectful towards the escort girl Amsterdam you have hired.

– Remember not to rush the service and let the girl control.

– Before starting, agree with the girl if you want to give or receive spanks and how many spanks should be given during the service. Try not to overdo it.

– Pay attention to the strength of the spanks you will give.

– If you want to spank your escort while having doggy style sex, say it in advance and agree on how to perform the service.

– Establish a “STOP” word with your escort, which is a word that will allow you to immediately stop the service in case of a problem. The pain can be annoying at some point. If you hear that word (or if you say it, in case you are spanked), then the service must be immediately suspended until the situation is immediately under control. If you ignore the “STOP” word, the service will stop immediately.

– Remember that all sex that will take place in your Amsterdam escort experience must only take place with a condom.


I understand, but what should I not do?

Here are several things you shouldn’t do during the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.


– Do not disrespect in any way the escort who is working with you. If you show respect, she will be much more likely to make love to you.

– Do not rush to perform various services. You have all the time you need.

– Don’t spank the girl too hard so as not to hurt her too much and leave the marks of your hand on the skin. This must be more pleasure than pain, never hit full force.

– If you agree on a specific number of spankings, don’t overdo it.

– Never ignore the “STOP” word. Ignoring it will lead to immediate termination of the service, and you will never be able to use our services again.

– We remind you that it is not possible to take photos or videos during the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency and throughout your Amsterdam escort experience.


Excellent, I really want to buy an escort service, what should I do?

Well, it’s very simple, first, go to our site and choose the sex escort you like best, then all the services you want to do, including the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency. Our escort services can only be had in a hotel room for privacy reasons. Therefore you must also tell us your hotel, your room number and when to perform the service.

The escort babe you have chosen will arrive at your door with the utmost discretion, and you will get exactly what you paid for and even more!

Enjoy your Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!