Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Reverse Oral

All our customers really appreciate our oral sex Amsterdam escort service. Still, we couldn’t think of not offering something more extreme and transgressive. So we started thinking about making oral sex more stimulating and innovative. For this reason, we have developed a new Amsterdam escort service. Someone told us that it was not possible to do this or that it was a colossal waste of time. Still, we persevered in our goal. In the end, we managed to devise a new Amsterdam escort service capable of giving maximum pleasure to all men. We called it Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

Our Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency has taken classic oral sex and completely revolutionized it, overturning the concept and making it equally the same but very different.

Are you curious to find out how our Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency works? Very well, keep reading this article, and you will find out everything you need to know to understand if this exclusive escort service is what you were looking for or not.


Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: What an exciting name. May I have some more information? How does it work?

To put it in very few words, the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is an oral sex service very similar to what you can get with the traditional Oral Sex Amsterdam Escort Service since you can receive a blowjob, lick the pussy of the Amsterdam escort that she chose or do both with the 69. The difference between the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency and a regular Oral Sex Amsterdam Escort Service is that this service is done by reversing roles.

The woman is lying on her back, and the man literally inserts his cock into the escort girl’s mouth. He will have to bend down to lick her pussy, and 69 is performed with the girl supine and the man on top. In essence, the roles are completely reversed.


I understand, but what is the advantage of doing things this way?

Our clients have told us that the blowjob you get with the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is much more intense, and it really feels like you are fucking the girl’s mouth in a very, very passionate way. Maybe licking pussy like this is uncomfortable, especially for someone who is not very flexible, but you can only receive a blowjob this way if you wish.

Our girls really like this service, especially those who love submissive sex. In this position, it is evident that the man is dominating the woman. It may not be suitable if you are looking for a dominant Amsterdam escort girl, but in any case, our girls will do their best to satisfy your request regardless of the other escort services you have bought.


Can I only buy the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency?

No, I’m sorry. This is an extra service that you can only buy together with services that include sexual intercourse, such as the Basic Package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or the Anal Sex Amsterdam escort service agency. We agreed with the babes that the single Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency was not enough to justify a service and trip to the hotel.


I see. Are there any rules of conduct to follow in this service? What should I do?

These are the things you need to do to make sure this service is done perfectly.


– Always be polite and respectful of the escort who puts her body at your complete disposal.

– Don’t force your cock into the escort’s mouth, especially in the beginning. The girl will perform the service perfectly naturally. There is no need to force anything.

– If you do 69 with reversed roles, try not to crush the escort babe with your weight.

– Before performing the service, both you and the escort babe you have chosen will have to take a shower and clean your private parts with the utmost care. This service must be done with a condom.

– If the escort babe has difficulty breathing, don’t force her to hold your cock in her mouth.

– Do not try to do 69 of the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency if you have back pain, do not overestimate your physical abilities.


I understand, and what should I avoid doing?


Here are the things you absolutely must avoid doing:

– Don’t be rude, and don’t disrespect the escort babe you hired.

– Don’t be in a hurry; you have all the time you want within your Amsterdam escort experience. Let the escort perform the service with her rhythm, and everything will be fine.

– In this service, you cannot use your fingers to masturbate your escort girl. Just use your tongue. Suppose you also want to use your fingers. In that case, there are other extra services that you can buy together with this to make your Amsterdam escort experience more complete.

– You cannot perform this service without wearing a condom. You can’t even ask the girl to lick your cock or testicles. All sex that will be performed in this service and throughout your Amsterdam escort experience must only occur with a condom; otherwise, the service will be stopped immediately.

– We remind you that it is not possible to take photos or videos during this service and throughout your Amsterdam escort experience.


How can I get this service?

You have to go to our official website and select the girl you like best and all the services you want to buy besides the Reverse Oral Amsterdam Escort Service Agency. Tell us which hotel to service and when and the girl will knock on your door at exactly that time to have sex with you.

We wish you a beautiful Amsterdam escort experience with us!