Girl sucking her lips

First, you should “prepare” slowly partner for what will follow. If you want to offer oral sex do not go directly to the place in question, but first, give him some heating. A few tender kisses, caresses, beautiful words … then tailor your way to the genital area.
Now that you got there, you should not put the muzzle like a dog bowl with water when thirsty. Start with small kisses, both on and below the labia, to the vagina. First you will need to use the tip of your tongue (you can trace circles with the tip of your tongue and see if she likes).
A really good tip is that you should not ever use teeth to bite her lips and the more you scratch the clitoris. The clitoris is actually equivalent to the penis and is 2 times more nerve endings than this, so we have to be very careful. A touch can cause sudden pain, and I know that’s not your intention.
Cunnilingus is very relaxing for women as for men and fellatio. In this case, the man must have tongue and chin relaxed and not to stand too tense (an especially tense and hard tongue which may put too much pressure on the clitoris).
Every woman is different and likes some movement in particular. So it would not be bad, when you’re down, talk to your partner and ask her what she likes. Even if it is shameful and does not like to talk about it, be careful what you say body language. Whether to relax the, feel your feet soft, see his smile or arch your back, then it is ok what you do. Remember this movement! However, if you see that withdraws, that tightens very hard (except orgasm, it is normal to tense) or frown, it is possible to hurt or cause discomfort to some movement. It is best to stop and to start over again slowly and without pressing very hard on the clitoris.
Another tip that I can give you is that you have to like your partner to give him oral sex. If you do not like, you find it disgusting, do not want to practice cunnilingus or do not feel, do not do, because women can realize these things. And if you do not give her girlfriend this form of sex, surely you will not do well because you will not give interest. In addition, a man who is down there and seems bored or thinking elsewhere, it can destroy any chef-partner. In fact, and you should enjoy that you can meet beloved in this way!
To that women take longer to reach orgasm most likely (especially if you’re not experienced), you will feel tired after the first 10 minutes. When you feel tired language (but want to continue your cunnilingus) take a short break of a few seconds, and during this pause, You can easily kissing. If you see that it is nearing completion, then resist a little more, because the reward will be guaranteed.
Last piece of advice I will give you is to not blow air into the vagina never as this can kill!