Come In Mouth Escort Service

Come In Mouth Escort Service

When a client has sex with a beautiful high-class escort girl, the moment of orgasm is essential. The client reaches the maximum pleasure and can take a beautiful cumshot. In porn movies, the moment of male orgasm is the climax of the movie. It is the moment that everyone is waiting for, and even all the clients of the escort babes would like to make their cumshot special. Usually, the rules of escort agencies are extremely strict in this sense and do not allow clients to cum on the girl’s body or in the mouth, but from today a very controversial service has been born that enable you to make it even more special: the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service.

Thanks to the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service, it is possible to cum in the girl’s mouth at the end of sexual intercourse, exactly like a real porn star! The CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service is a service that has already sparked a series of disputes and that many customers have much appreciated.

For precise information on the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service, we spoke to the staff member of a famous Amsterdam escort agency to have a clarification on this controversial service.

Here is our interview.


“Thank you so much for being here with me, I really need some clarification on this service.”

“I’m happy to help you, tell me everything you want to know.”

“Let’s start from the beginning. How did the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service idea come about?”

“We have always liked the idea of ​​going over the limit and proposing something controversial, and that would allow the agency to advertise. After all, it is said that” it doesn’t matter if you talk about it well or badly. The important thing is let’s talk about it “, and we thought about doing something innovative. We spoke to many customers, and they told us that it would be very nice to be able to do something about the cumshot. We obviously also talked to our girls, and in the end, it was born the idea of ​​the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service. In this service, it is possible to cum in the mouth of the girl you had sex with to make that moment more special. We have tested with our most trusted clients and our best escorts, and we have decided to approve this service. ”

“What do you mean when you said you tried this escort service?”

“I mean, we asked our best clients and veteran escorts to try having sex and eventually cum in the girl’s mouth to see if it was possible to offer this service while maintaining a high standard of safety, and our tests. they were positive. ”

“So when you plan a new shoot, do you try it out with the girls first?”

“Yes, it’s normal, it’s our agency practice. In the past, we have discarded several extra services because the idea was good on paper, but difficult to implement.”

“I understand, so the tests were positive, and customers liked the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service?”

“They loved it!”

“For what reason?”

“Well, cumming in a woman’s mouth is always a very good thing, and it’s a great way to end your Amsterdam Escort Experience, and you can’t underestimate the fact that it’s something all porn stars do and a lot of men would like to live like them. : having big penises and having a lot of sex with beautiful women without thinking about engagement or the like. Who wouldn’t want to live a life like that? ”

“I guess several people.”

“Few have the courage to admit it, but the vast majority of our clients dream of doing so. The CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service allows them to get closer to this goal, and we are happy to offer them this possibility.”

“We are certainly talking about a very controversial escort service. How can you guarantee maximum hygiene and protection in this service?”

“We designed the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service to ensure minimal contact between the client’s penis and the girl’s mouth. Since this is not the Oral without condom escort service, you cannot ask the girl to give a blowjob. The girl will kneel, and the client will masturbate until he cums, trying to hit the girl’s tongue and mouth, just like in porn movies. ”

“That way, the penis won’t come into contact with the girl’s mouth.”

“Exactly. In this way, the risk of any kind of contagion is extremely low. It can be said that it is a calculated risk.”

“I understand, and in this way, you manage to achieve two goals: to satisfy the customer and to keep the protection of the girls’ health high.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Are there any rules to follow in this service?”

“Few rules. In general, as in any aspect of life, being polite and respectful is the best thing you can do to avoid problems. We ask clients to understand that they cannot put their penis in the girl’s mouth and try to cum only in the mouth and tongue. Also, the girls cannot swallow the client’s semen; they will spit it out immediately. Then, they will have to have the possibility to brush their teeth and mouth immediately. ”

“They will basically never swallow sperm. It could be an idea for another escort service.”

“Well, the idea is very interesting, and I have to say that we have considered making it several times as a deluxe version of the CIM – Come In Mouth Escort Service. Maybe in the future, we can make it happen.”

“I hope I can talk about that service too, then.”

“If we make it happen, it will be a great pleasure to talk about it with you.”


Our interview is over.