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Getting engaged is one of the most important steps in a person’s life and is the first step to take to create one’s own family. Engaged people have the great privilege of being able to share thoughts and emotions with another person, to be able to trust their partner, and to have the certainty of receiving support during difficult times. And of course, to have lots of sex. But getting engaged also has many negative aspects that can be too uncomfortable for many people, such as jealousy, having to often compromise of all sorts, the real possibility of fighting also for trivial reasons, and the limitation of personal freedom. When a man gets engaged, he is forced to change his lifestyle and no longer have the same freedom as to when he was single. Unfortunately, this is often the price to pay for being engaged, but what if a system existed that would allow men to be able to live only the positive experiences of an engagement and not the negative ones? This is the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency service. This service allows people to be engaged to a beautiful escort without worrying about things like jealousy or loyalty.

To understand the operation of the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency well, we spoke with a staff member of a famous Amsterdam Escort Agency, and this is our conversation, which has clarified many doubts about it.

Thank you so much for taking part of your time for this interview. Where did the idea of ​​the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency come from?

It is a pleasure for me to be here with you. The idea of ​​the Best GFE Service Amsterdam Escort Agency was born after a series of conversations that we had with some customers.

These men told us how they had a great nostalgia for the period in which they were single and could do anything they wanted. Still, they also admitted that having a woman who behaves like your girlfriend is really beautiful. It is something that gives emotions genuine.

These people imagined how nice it could be to have an escort service that would allow everyone, even those who are single, to live the same experiences that an engaged person has. At the same time, they erase all the negative aspects. They imagined the concept of “open couple” but adapted it to the world of escorts.

We thought that the idea had great potential to explore and that it could be interesting for many customers. The idea then developed in our Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency, a service we are very proud of, and that has made many men happy.


What are the main features of this service?

We are very proud that this service is 100% adaptable to customer needs. The constant is the presence of a beautiful Amsterdam Escort Girl, but everything else can be 100% adaptable according to the situation and customer requests.

For example, it is possible to organize a day together with the escort who will become the client’s girlfriend to visit a place in Amsterdam, have an aperitif or a dinner in a famous restaurant, or simply spend time together. The escort who will play the role of the girlfriend will be 100% dedicated to making the customer happy and giving him all the positive sensations that a girlfriend can provide without obviously creating problems, showing jealousy, or flirting with other men.


So the escort will not be annoyed if the client tries to flirt with other women?

Absolutely no. Our girls are professionals who always know how to be 100% professional and have no problems seeing the client try to seduce other women. Indeed, the presence of the GFE can also become an unexpected help, and in certain situations, it has happened that the client managed to seduce a woman thanks to the support of the escort babe. This service can also serve to give our customers greater security and make them feel happier.


You can also have sex in this service, right?

Yes, of course. We are a professional escort agency, and all our girls are always very happy to have sex with all our clients. In the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency, it is possible to have sex in a much more intimate way with a beautiful girl who will be the client’s girlfriend. Therefore, the client can expect to have sex in an intimate way with a partner with whom he has great chemistry and passion, without any fear of being judged and without performance anxiety.

The purpose of the service is to give positive feelings and emotions to the customer. We can say that we have always been successful up to now. In addition, the Best GFE Service Amsterdam Escort Agency can be completely personalized, and the fiancée can also be a passionate or transgressive lover, a dominatrix, or a submissive. In a nutshell, the customer will always have what he asks for.


Seems like a very interesting service. Were there people who created problems or who didn’t respect the rules?

We found some uncooperative clients who created some problems, such as insisting on having sex without a condom or who absolutely wanted to take photos or videos during the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency. Still, in general, the problems were resolved fairly quickly. Most customers have shown themselves to be respectful of the rules, our work, and the girls. So we decided to continue offering this service.


What goal do you have?

Allow people to spend a pleasant evening experiencing the same emotions that a beautiful girlfriend can give, but without stress and negativity. If we manage to do this, we will have achieved our goal.


Thanks to this conversation, I have more clear how the Best GFE Service Escort Amsterdam Agency works.