A trip to Amsterdam and first impressions

Amsterdam is famous for its controversial nightlife for the great category of pleasure when it comes to fun. There are a few options for each category of entertainment clubs bars that could wake up to the interest of every tourist who is looking for fun but it is different from other European cities because there are clubs that close today at noon.

I should start by talking about the most interesting place that surprised me with the wide range of fun being the famous Red Light District where there are prolonged bars and diversity the erotic last until late in the night. The Red Corner, which serves its own or fun type along the vibrant streets.

Rembrandtplein is an area where you can find discotheques bars with a more restrictive label.

During the sunny and warm weather, I was pleasantly surprised to see bars and restaurants in the open air when the atmosphere of the market turned into a real party. There is an area devoted to gay communities where it is grouped around an area. Going from the main square, find the area close enough to entertain.