Prostitute Amsterdam

Who is?

A Streetwalker is a prostitute who works only on the street. Every girl who works in business in this way has a specific area where she works and simply remains still, waiting for a customer to arrive by car. The customer agrees with her on the price for the service, and then they have sex in the car in a secluded place, usually near the area where the streetwalker works, which must then be returned to the point where he got into the car.


How is it possible to become a Streetwalker?

Anyone can become a Streetwalker, it is not necessary to pass an initial selection or particular job interview. You can even start immediately by going to a busy spot on the street in the evening, bringing a cell phone, anti-aggression spray, condoms, and cleaning tissues with you. Dress provocatively, with something that is easy to take off and put back on (a dress, for example, or a bikini or a summer dress in the summer), and try to attract customers’ attention in some way.

You can try to enter the business in this way, but you may have problems because, unlike other ways to work as a prostitute, even legal, this is illegal in most countries and is mainly managed by criminal gangs, such as the mafia.

These criminal associations do not appreciate the fact that people take the initiative to work in the streetwalker business without their authorization, and they could intervene, convincing you to leave the industry, or even kill you. These criminals are not very kind to anyone who tries to steal money from them.

To avoid risking your life in this way, it is necessary to pay a pimp (usually affiliated with the mafia, or a mobster) to have protection, not only from these criminal associations but also from rude and arrogant customers. The pimp takes a percentage of the earnings (which could be shared with the mafia) and, in return, tries to protect the girl in dangerous situations, by remotely controlling everything that happens.

If you want to become a Streetwalker, then you have to approach some girls who already work in this sector, and ask them to speak with their pimp. The interview will be used to make him understand whether or not he can trust you, and for what reason you want to become a streetwalker. If you can convince him, then you can work in the area of ​​the road that has been assigned to you. Usually, pimps are always happy to have new girls, because it means more chances of earning, but you have to demonstrate what you can do. Girls who don’t attract customers have no future in this business.

Also, try to be friends with other streetwalkers to work together and get useful advice.

What are the advantages of working as a Streetwalker?

This type of work offers some undeniable advantages. Here they are.


– Ability to earn money: Streetwalkers are the most economic prostitutes in the whole business, and for this reason, they attract many customers who do not have the money to book a night with an escort of a professional agency or for those who work in a brothel. Low price is the biggest incentive for these girls’ customers, which means there will always be a customer ready to have sex with you. If you work a lot, with a pimp who can control an isolated area, but at the same time very busy, then you can have sex several times every evening, and earn a lot of money.

– Constant request: As already mentioned, the criminal associations that manage the vast majority of the sector are always interested in new girls, because they can become a new opportunity to make money. For this reason, being accepted to become Streetwalkers is usually relatively easy. The problem will be to show that you can really make money. If you want to become a Streetwalker, it will be much easier than trying to join a professional escort agency.


What are the disadvantages of working as a Streetwalker?

There are many disadvantages to working as a Steetwakler. Here are the main ones.


– Dangerousness: As you have already seen, working as a Streetwalker will put you in a constant position of danger. The Streetwalkers are, in fact, the favorite victims of many robbers (who want to steal the day’s proceeds), of rapists (who do not want to pay), or serial killers. In fact, the police do not investigate much of the prostitute deaths. For the killers, these women are an easy target, simple to get into their car and kill. An American serial killer, the Green River Killer, killed at least 49 prostitutes, saying they were the easiest victims to fool.

– Customer quality: Streetwalkers are the cheapest prostitutes in the sector, and therefore they are the ones who attract customers with less money or who want to save money. It is not uncommon to see ugly or older people having sex with younger Streetwalkers. You will also have to get used to having sex with older, ugly, drunk, and rude men in this job.

– Staying outdoor: This job is done standing on the street, motionless until the next customer arrives. This means staying in the cold in winter (but without wearing winter clothes, you have to show your body), and in the heat of summer, in the sun and in the rain. Some girls wear umbrellas to shelter from the sun and rain, but it is never enough.

– Cleaning: It is not easy to maintain a good level of cleanliness in this job. Clients cannot wash before having sex, and Streetwalkers too. Always carry condoms, wipes, and disinfectant gel with you to minimize the risk of infections. Don’t kiss any client.

Our Opinion?

Working as a Streetwalker is perhaps the worst thing for anyone who wants to get into the prostitution business. Too many risks and few advantages, do this job only if you have no other alternatives.