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Amsterdam massage Hello everyone, this is the story of my first time with a masseuse in Amsterdam. This story is very personal, and I decided to tell it to give my contribution in eliminating all the prejudices about masseuses once and for all. I have always loved the girl company, and when I am in Amsterdam for work I always look for girl company Amsterdam to spend pleasant evenings based on love and sex, but for some reason, I never thought of the massage service to spend time with a girl escort.   I have never paid much attention to erotic massages. When I wanted to spend time with a babe, I was not looking for a massage, but a good old fuck with doggy style and a great cumshot. I did not want to waste time and money with a girl massaging my back and maybe the dick, then going home more excited than before and masturbating with a video of Rocco Siffredi.   I am a person who travels a lot for work, and I am often in Amsterdam for a week, and in that week my attention is divided between my clients and find an Amsterdam girl escort always different to spend a hot night of sex. I never thought about erotic massage, and every time the babe escort proposed it, I immediately refused. Want to know why I hate massages? Maybe I hate it is a big word, it just doesn't interest me, and I've never found anything erotic in practice. In my mind, a massage only serves to relax the body when I am stressed, and in that context I like it, but I have never been able to associate sex with massage. Maybe it's my limit, but I can not help it. Yet it seemed that no one was interested in escort girls, not only in Amsterdam but also in my city. It was very rare to find quality escort services in my town, but on the other hand, the massage centers multiplied visibly. Every time a shop closed a new massage center was opened, mainly Chinese, and I always noticed that they had many customers. And I couldn't understand why, and I went to my physiotherapist for back massages, I didn't go to the Chinese girls. I often quarreled with friends who knew my dislike of massage centers, and they insisted on taking me with them to the nearest Chinese massage. I had become a meme to them, and this infuriated me. I had the right to hate massage centers, right? But my friends were right on one point, which could destroy my whole theory: I had never entered a Chinese massage center so I couldn't say for sure that the massage sucks. It was true, I had to admit it. One of the phrases that defined my lifestyle is the one that says "you know your enemy," so I started thinking about trying Chinese massage at least once. Maybe it was all my prejudice, so many people couldn't be wrong, could they? Admittedly in my city, there was plenty of choices, the massage parlors were rapidly expanding, and everyone could find girl companies at low prices. My first idea was to search the web for reviews to choose the best massage center in the city, but I didn't want to devote too much time to this practice, so I relied on instinct, and I chose the massage center that inspired me more confidence from the 'external. I still remember the name: "Lotus Flower", and the feeling of unease I had while entering. I was angry with myself for succumbing to temptation, but I could no longer continue to hate something without trying it. It was a contradiction, I know, but I'm not an easy person. The first impression I had of the center was very negative. It was a large room, which was divided into some small rooms with some plasterboard walls. In each small room, I could see a cloth lying on the floor.   "Excellent, they don't even have a bed." I thought, as my mind tried to find a way to get out of that situation quickly. I regret my favorite escort girl from Amsterdam.   An elderly Chinese woman greeted me and asked me in very broken English what I wanted to do. I answered a simple body massage.   "Happy end?" she asked. "All right." I didn't know what the Happy End was, I swear. "50 €."   The price was meager, much cheaper than an escort babe Amsterdam, but the quality has a price. For 50 € I did not expect a top class service, everything has a price. I could choose between some girls, and none of them was beautiful, besides they looked bored, and that really annoyed me. The girls wore bikinis, or a tank top and shorts, with flip-flops, or were barefoot. It was challenging to get excited with bored and poorly dressed girls. In any case, the game had already begun, and I chose the one that, in my opinion, was the most beautiful and motivated, a girl who looked very young, and who wore a cute black bikini and silver-colored flip-flops.   "Great choice, Kim is our best girl." the old woman said. "Good," I said.   Kim and I walked into one of the small rooms, and Kim secured privacy by pulling a little curtain, but the girls from outside could hear everything and even see something in the shade of the curtain. In short, up to that point, it was a total train disaster, but the situation could still be saved with a nice massage. I undressed naked, and I still had a hard cock, because I was alone with a girl. Kim wasn't a first-class babe, but she wasn't ugly, and she had a good body. Maybe I was too critical, but I was used to the beauty of the escort girls Amsterdam. I was naked, while Kim was still dressed, and this thing irritated me. She watched my cock, unsure of what to do, while I didn't understand what was happening. Suddenly I felt stupid, the dumbest guy in the world. The massage was just a smokescreen to cover up a prostitution ring, and Kim was waiting for my signal to take care of my dick. I have high standards for sex, and Kim didn't fit into these, and I didn't like the idea of having sex with a girl in a sleazy massage center too much, so I told Kim to massage my body and undress if possible. Kim looked at me with an annoyed gaze and raised her bra slightly to show her tits. That gesture was a clear demonstration of her lack of interest in the activity, and the only thing that kept me from going immediately was the money I had spent. I didn't want to leave without having had what I paid for. It was a matter of principle, I had the impression that the Chinese behaved like that with all the customers, and I didn't want to give away my money. I just have to admit that Kim had two nice tits, and looking at them turned me on a little. Kim noticed my cock and came over to touch it, but I stopped her. No, my friend, to touch my precious dick you have to deserve it, it's not that easy. I turned over on my stomach and let Kim know that I wanted a back massage, and she started doing it roughly, and I felt no pleasure, only pain, and discomfort. I really have small back problems, and some massages or yoga practices help me a lot, but that was not a massage, Kim looked like a pastry chef who was rolling out the pastry. Absurd, it was painful. Where was the pleasure? I had only found pain. After a few minutes, I decided I had enough, and turned on my back, telling Kim to rub my chest. The girl had covered her breast again, and then I raised her bra, and I could see that she didn't appreciate my gesture, but it didn't interest me, because I was the client. I'm not a man who loves dominating women, absolutely not, but that massage was a real farce. I love when escorts give the feeling of being desired, I also want to be pampered during sex, but Kim was there just for the money, and she wanted to finish as soon as possible. I am not stupid, the escorts also reason in the same way, but for me the feeling is necessary, the play is fundamental; otherwise, I could stay at home and masturbate watching Rocco Siffredi. I pay for a service, and I want it. After a couple of minutes of bad chest massage, I showed Kim my cock which, despite everything, was hard. Kim started jerking him off badly, almost hurting me, and trying to make me cum in no time. It was evident that Kim just wanted everything to end quickly, and that was the only thing we had in common because I wanted to get out of that Chinese massage center immediately. That is why I concentrated, thinking intensely about my escort babe, her body and the last time that the girl escort Amsterdam and I had made love in a hotel room. Memorable experience. That thought managed to get me a cumshot, and the only nice thing was that the cum hit Kim in the face. The girl immediately wiped herself, disgusted by my cum, while I smiled. A little revenge. Needless to say, I immediately dressed, without even washing, and left the massage center, while the other girls were laughing. Not having washed disgusted me, but I couldn't stand the idea of staying in that place just a minute longer. My experience with Chinese massage centers was over, and I couldn't understand why people liked the massage so much, it was beyond my comprehension. I felt humiliated, and I was furious at the money spent that way. I absolutely had to vent my frustration, and for this, I called my best friend, Frederick, who shared my passion with the girls company Amsterdam, and we often went together to spend time with an escort girl. Frederick did not hate Chinese massage centers, they were indifferent to him. A comparison that Frederick made was "Chinese massage centers are like McDonald's. Everyone knows that food is not of quality and that they have to go to a starred restaurant to eat good products, but people want to save money and are satisfied with McDonald's." I don't want to save money, and I go with some good babe escorts and not a Chinese massage center with a bored girl. " Frederick was indeed right, his words had to be engraved in a bronze plate and hung on the outside of every massage center in the world. I met Frederick in a bar soon after.   "Hey Mike, you look really furious." "I lived the worst experience of my life." "What happened? Problems at work?" "No, problems with a Chinese girl." "I do not understand." "I hate those who beat women, but today I was so close to hurt that girl." "Relax, and tell me everything from the beginning, I don't understand anything." I told my experience with Kim, and Frederick struggled not to laugh at me.   "In the end, you gave in and decided to eat at McDonald's. Once you were different, and you would never have left your escort babe for an unprofessional masseuse. What happened, Mick?" "I just wanted to find out why all the people went to the Chinese massage center, nothing more, nothing less." "Now you have discovered it, and you must absolutely rehabilitate yourself." "What do you mean?" "You absolutely must try a real professional massage service." "No, I'm done with massages." "You have not yet tried the massage with a girl company Amsterdam service." "I don't know this site." "Now you know it."   Frederick was always up to date on girl escorts, he was the one who knew all the sites and all the best clubs. If Frederick said service was excellent, it was absolutely right. "Connect to the site and choose a girl. Try the massage service, and you will thank me. Book a trip to Amsterdam immediately. With your work, it will be easy to get it." "I can trust?" "These girls are not bored and unmotivated Chinese, they are the best of the best in the escort industry, and I can guarantee you that you will never find any girl better than them." "I don't know, don't worry, I love escorts, but I don't want to have anything to do with massages anymore." "Do you trust Frederick?" "Obviously." "Then take a look at the girl escort that you can find in the site!"   Frederick pulled out his tablet, and connected to the site, starting to show me all the girls from the girl company Amsterdam agency. I was speechless, they were gorgeous girls, much better than the escort girls I went to. Frederick was really a step ahead of everyone. "So, do you like them?" "Very much, they are all wonderful, I can't decide which babe escort I want for the night." "I love being undecided, and I also choose two girls at the same time! This site is my favorite!" "Did you try the massage?" "When I arrive in Amsterdam, the massage with a girl escort from this agency is the first thing I do, even before checking in at the hotel, and I can assure you that nothing like it exists, it's like comparing a cheeseburger to a plate by Gordon Ramsay, there is no comparison. " "Really?" "Trust me, you won't waste any more time with Kim or other girls, and you'll understand the true potential of massage." "I'll try it." "Now I like you, and remember, Frederick is never wrong." Now I just had to select the best girl for massage. Frederick's words had convinced me to try, but this time I would have chosen a professional, not a bored girl who despised me. I had to be honest, I didn't have the slightest idea of which girl to choose, they were all beautiful, and for this reason, I contacted the site staff to talk about massages and what I wanted to do. It was the best strategy, and Frederick used it every time, so he was always directed towards the best girl for his needs. I wanted to select the best girl possible, and my tastes have always been very complicated in terms of girls. Furthermore, the experience with Kim still bothered me a lot, so I wanted a beautiful girl to chase away that memory from my mind forever. Perhaps I was melodramatic, and I exaggerated that question, but it was the first time that a girl was bothered by my presence, and for me, it had become a personal matter. After a long selection, I decided to contact the staff to ask for the availability of Serena, a beautiful blonde girl, who in her profile picture wore beautiful high heels. I'm a big fan of girls in high heels, I have this fetish, and I chose Serena for that reason too. I then talkedl with the site staff on chat, asking if Serena was available to perform a massage service. The response of the staff came very quickly, with a very clear and professional answer. Serena's rates for essential services and all extras were clearly listed in the reply email. The massage was an extra service, and the staff listed all the types of massages that Serena could do. I confess my total ignorance regarding massages because I didn't know there were so many different massages (and this worsened my experience with Kim even more), like the tantric massage, the one with the oil, the total massage or the lingam with final orgasm. I was very intrigued by this massage that the girl escort amsterdam could do, and I observed the rate for lingam massage. It wasn't cheap, but Frederick assured them that these girls were the best of the best, and I wanted to trust his words. Was the lingam not cheap? Never mind, I would have done it with Serena! I replied to the staff indicating that I wanted to do a lingam massage with Serena, and they told me that this service was possible in a discounted massage center, where I could meet Serena, and that I could also spend time with her a Dinner Service while they were preparing the scenography. This approach was radically different from that of the listless Chinese, and I liked it a lot. I accepted for the massage in the hall and for the Restaurant Service, booked the date, and then booked the "Eatmosfera" restaurant, my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. Now I just had to go to Amsterdam and try the massage. Frederick was really very happy for me. "Finally you will try the Lingam massage. From this moment on I don't want to hear you talk about Kim anymore, do you understand me?" "Of course, if all goes well." "Everything will go perfectly, trust Frederick and Serena."   When I arrived in Amsterdam I contacted the agency, and they put me in touch with the beautiful Serena, and I must say that the conversation was excellent. Serena was very polite and wanted to know my preferences for her outfit for our dinner together. Serena explained some things about lingam massage and apologized for not being able to wear the heels during the massage, because it was dangerous, and the massage was designed to be both completely naked. On the other hand, she sent me pictures of her shoe collection, to let me choose my favorites for the evening, and I picked some beautiful high heels open sandals with some jewels, very erotic, and a black dress. Serena sent me a photograph while she was wearing the dress, and I was speechless. Wonderful. Kim who? I was looking forward to finally spending time with Serena, and I spent the time separating me from dinner doing sport and trying to unload the tension for the meeting. Usually, I never feel anxious when I meet an escort, but Serena was different, she was too beautiful, and I wanted to make a good impression. Finally, the time came for our meeting, and Serena arrived by taxi at the restaurant. In photography it was gorgeous, live I was speechless to describe her breathtaking beauty. Excuse me if I can't explain it, but the words can't do it well enough. I was embarrassed, a child struggling with his first loving crush, and I stammered a few embarrassed sentences, while Serena smiled.   "Hello, relax, we're here to have fun," she said. "I know, but you are so beautiful," I answered, aware of sounding stupid. "Thank you," she said, giving me a kiss.   I felt a solid erection, my dick was about to destroy the pants, and Serena noticed it.   "Looks like you'll like my massage tonight," she said, winking, with a mischievous gaze.   I was excited, inside I thanked Frederick in a thousand different languages. The dinner at the restaurant was excellent, one of the best dinners of my life. For my job, I have to travel a lot, and almost every evening I have dinner in a different restaurant, and this has led me to have a strange relationship with food. I eat it, and I often eat dishes by very important chefs (Carlo Cracco, Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay), but over time I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of some recipes, like a simple tomato pasta. Despite this, I really enjoyed dinner with Serena, thanks to her company, her class, and her refinement. Serena was brilliant, and she was able to talk about anything, and I must say that I had a fascinating conversation about the economy and the future of online business. Serena also told me about her passion for massage, and she also hates Chinese massage centers, because it is low-level competition, but at the same time flaunts indifference, because a queen cannot dedicate her attention to an insect. A superstore not can worry about a discount store, and giving her attention to a Chinese massage center meant legitimizing and giving it credibility. Serena started studying massages a few years ago, after a trip to Japan, and she immediately understood the erotic potential of the practice, well before the Chinese. It was not easy to make clients and agency staff understand that massage is a professional practice (again, because of the poor quality offer), and Serena told me that she had to perform a lingam massage on the breeder, and he is crazy with pleasure. Serena has been hired in the agency, and from that moment she is known by the nickname "Massage girl." The thing that impressed me most was the passion I could see in Serena's eyes when she talked about massages. She really loved that practice and had developed it over time, to create a personal style, while a girl like Kim did massages only to earn money. Serena was a top-level escort babe, and her girl company was worth all the price. By now I had radically changed my opinion on massages, and I wanted to try them. I realized that a sensual massage was possible if practiced by the right person, and Serena was the right person for me. We finished dinner and paid with the company credit card, then we headed to the massage center that had an agreement with the agency, to practice massage. The room was decorated with candles, incense, and oriental-style music to create the most evocative atmosphere possible. Serena undressed with me in a very romantic way, with kisses and caresses, and we remained naked. Serena's body was perfect, an incredible sight, and I was extremely excited. The girl made me lie down on the ground and began to massage me gently and carefully, devoting much time to every part of my body, continuing to kiss me on the neck. Then Serena put on massage oil and started rubbing her body on me, spreading the oil. Needless to say, Serena's scene with the oil on the tits was erotic, and I was thrilled.   "And now, the lingam." said the escort girl.   Serena took my dick in her hands full of oil, and began to rub it carefully, on the tip and all over the penis, to then go to the testicles. The oil was boiling, and I already had a feeling of well-being. Serena continued with a good handjob, not too fast, alternating hands, and urging me to focus on my pleasure. After a few minutes, the pleasure was too intense, and I had a great cumshot on my body. I hate it when the sperm touches my body, but at that moment I was so overwhelmed by the passion and the feeling of well-being that didn't interest me. Serena cleaned me with a handkerchief, and then we went to wash together, continuing to kiss. The next night I booked a hotel service with the girl, to have wild sex, and I don't want to reveal intimate details, because I am a gentleman. The only thing I can say is that the Lingam massage has greatly boosted my sexual charge, and now I'm really unstoppable, and I can reach orgasm very intensely, and every girl has noticed my change. I am an orgasm donor thanks to the lingam. Needless to say, now, when I want a girl company Amsterdam, Serena is my first choice, and my friend Frederick is proud of me.   Don't settle for poor massages, choose a lingam and a top quality massage, trust my escort babe and me.


Dark amber, flavour with candle lights on fire, warming lips and high blood preassure she is all you want for one great experience for a night of your time  in Amsterdam. All you want is Sheila, hard to find available , tried for two days. Booked her and when we meet weset up all the details for that perfect night ! lobed her and ehen i will visit Amsterdam again, i will deffinetly meet her again. Contact the agency though WhatsApp and the discussion was flawless.


First time in Amsterdam, want it to taste the city charm, and i wanted to be accompanied by a beautifull lady, found this agency on internet, and Bella caught my eye, even if i had to wait for two days so that she will be available, it definetly worth it. She is amazing, hot as hell, young an wild, beautifull young lady, exactly what i expected.


I was in Amsterdam for as short time and previously arranged the appointment with Vicky through WhatsApp at my hotel near the airport. Arrangements to meet were easily made. She arrived on time and made me feel lucky to choose her. We talked for some times about her visits to Amsterdam and her home in East Europe, and then moved to the bed. For non VIP`s, she is a very friendly girl, and very engaging. Althought a little lacking in enthusiasm, i would repeat !


I`ve used this agency services in the past, so easy to set up the appointment time and date on WhatsApp, I knew where the location was. Second time with Sheila. I thought I wouldn`t be back in Amsterdam but the job brought me back, and I guess after spending time with Sheila. I will be back on every occasion. I must admit the girl is the next door type, but she trades well and she enjoys what it does. I would recommend to give her a chance to make you the happiest man on earth, or just for a little afternoon relaxation!