Tips Escort Covid-19

escort covid-19

The impact of Coronavirus on the world has been devastating. Initially underestimated, with the cry of “It’s just flu, bro!”, The virus has proven to be powerful and very dangerous, highly infectious, and capable of triggering a global pandemic with all world governments and scientists who have been caught by surprise by the strength of this disease.

Covid-19 has forced many people to stay in their homes for a long time, to prevent the spread of the virus and allow doctors to better manage already infected people. The economy has stopped for many sectors, such as entertainment and catering, and the escort market has also been very damaged by this problem (which will be resolved, we must be patient and then think only of the revival of the economy) since it is complicated to meet customers now.

But our escort babes have great creativity and have already found solutions to satisfy customer requests even in this moment of great difficulty.

Here’s what you can do with escorts in the Covid-19 period because the virus can prevent us from leaving the house, but it cannot prevent us from having excellent orgasms!


Erotic calls

Erotic calls are the first method that escorts have to talk to customers and make them excited, even without seeing each other.

Some people, especially those who were teenagers in the 80s and 90s, will surely remember that there were plenty of nighttime television channels and payphone lines, which offered the possibility of making erotic calls to beautiful girls or pornstars, with a price that varied according to the minutes of each call. In these calls, it was possible to talk about anything, from what the girl was wearing at the time, to the description of her body, or how he liked to have sex and other similar subjects. You could also have phone sex sessions, masturbating together until both of you reached a beautiful orgasm, possibly at the same time.

These calls have gone out of use since the advent of the Internet, but now, with the inability to see each other in person, they are back very popular, and our escorts really appreciate the possibility of talking with our customers for a long time. Payment takes place in advance based on the minutes that will be dedicated to customers, and it is possible to call on the phone or use apps such as WhatsApp or Skype.

Many of our girls have told us that they have made some excellent erotic calls with their customers and that this service is really appreciated!


Erotic chat

Erotic chats were very popular, but that they fell out of use. But, in the impossibility of being able to meet in person with customers, they have become trendy again. Our escorts can devote part of their time to making erotic chats with you, and you can talk about any topic, even the hottest and kinky ones, but always remembering to be polite and respectful. Don’t just talk about sex, and don’t go overboard with disrespectful comments.

Erotic chats are a great way to get excited and talk to escorts even without seeing each other, and you can use the most popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype to make your conversation. Don’t worry, they are all apps with a very high level of privacy, no one will ever be able to see your discussion, and you can permanently delete it at any time,

Erotic chats are perfect for those who cannot have the privacy or time needed for a phone call or video call.

Video Calls

Currently, video calls are the best way to talk to people in this quarantine time, and of course, they are also perfect for escorts.

In fact, the escorts always offer video call services to talk to all their customers and have virtual sex. There are many things you can do in this service, such as striptease, erotic conversations, or a live masturbation show, and even masturbating together at the same time. The service has different prices, depending on what is requested and the time that will be dedicated to each customer. Various programs can be used to make the video call, and each smartphone, tablet, or laptop has an integrated webcam. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and then book the service with your escort.

Obviously, given the nature of the service, it is necessary to be alone in order to have fun in the best way, to be able to undress together and masturbate. If you don’t have the opportunity to be alone, we advise you to choose another one of our services, such as an erotic call or erotic chat.

Other health precautions

However, it is still possible to meet customers even in this time of quarantine, but the escorts will ask you to follow the strict hygiene rules. We invite you to collaborate and to respect these indications in order not to risk having contagions and compromising not only your health but also that of all the girls.

The first thing to do is, obviously, not to leave the house if you have symptoms, such as fever or cold. It is not said that it is Coronavirus, but it is better not to leave the house and not to risk passing on the infection to other people.

The girls will tell you to pay close attention to personal hygiene and to wash your hands with the utmost care before having sex. Girls have soap and, if possible, disinfectant gel as well. Wash your hands for sixty seconds with soap, or for at least thirty seconds with disinfectant gel. You don’t need to use a lot of it.

If you go to the escorts, wear the mask, and remove it only for sex, and then put it back on immediately.

Some services will not be offered by escorts at this time, and that concerns the close contact between your mouths. This means that the Kissing Escort Service may not be available, but this is a decision that every girl can make in absolute freedom. We invite customers of girls who do not want to do this service not to insist and understand the situation.

We will overcome this period!