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Role Play Service Escort

In sex, there are many things that can be done to make an evening with a girl fun, and many different roles can be played, such as the submissive or the dominator. These are things that allow people to make their most secret dreams come true and make the sex they have fun, but often this is not enough to make things interesting. People need strong sensations, transgression, and something they never do and can only do thanks to the help of an escort girl. One of the things they can hardly do without the help of an escort is the role-playing game, where a girl will play a character (or the client), and the whole sexual relationship will revolve around this role-playing game. Several Amsterdam escort agencies have understood that different clients want to live this experience and have decided to offer a service called Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency. Thanks to this escort service, many people were finally able to create a beautiful role-playing game that they have been waiting for for a long time.

But what does the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency consist of? We asked the staff member of a famous Amsterdam Escort Agency, and this is the report of the conversation that allows everyone to understand the true potential of the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency.


Thanks for being here with me. Can you tell us how the Role Play Escort Service Escort Agency was born?

It’s my pleasure to be here. Our Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency was born to satisfy the most particular requests of our customers. Several people have confided that they have chosen to invest time and money in entertainment with escorts to experience pleasant sensations and do things that otherwise would have been impossible to do. To make a comparison, it’s like going to a famous restaurant and ordering the same breaded turkey breast you can make at home and not the salmon fillet cooked by a prestigious chef.

Customers told us they were looking for more than the usual blowjob with a condom and regular sex (which we offer in the Basic Package), they are interested in emotions that can only live with us, in something that cannot be done every day and that can be truly special. We had the idea of ​​creating this service that allows customers to play a role-playing game with the escort they have chosen and to live an absolutely unique and unrepeatable experience.

In the service, that we have decided to call Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency, the client and the girl will play roles. All the sex they will have will be conditioned by the roles they have chosen. We can guarantee you that it will be something absolutely unique and unrepeatable.


Can you give us an example of this service?

Yes, no problem.

For example, let’s say we have a client who wants a medical-themed role-playing game. The escort can dress up as a sexy nurse. The client can be the patient who needs a medical examination, or the roles can be reversed. The escort babe will become the patient and the client, the doctor, and so on.

The great thing about this service is, in fact, to be 100% customizable according to customer needs, and only in this way can we guarantee that we will completely satisfy all customer needs.

So is it possible to also wear clothes and cosplay?

Yes, it is the basis of the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency.  Our girls have a wardrobe full of clothes and can wear them to create a Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency customized according to customer needs. In addition, customers can buy cosplay for girls or pay for what escorts will buy only for them. As you can see, we have organized everything to make the service absolutely personalized and able to satisfy every single request without any problem.


Yes, it is really well organized. But does this service allow you to have sex?

No, this service allows you to do additional actions in addition to sex, such as a role-playing game to make the experience hotter, but it does not let you to have sex. We designed it to be abolished by escort services that allow clients to have sex, such as the Basic Package, anal sex, or BDSM. By purchasing the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency, you can create a new experience that can perfectly adapt to the customer’s needs. Think of it as an extra that can be purchased optionally.

Have you ever had problems with customers?

Well, let’s say that some customers went too far into the role during the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency. Still, in general, our girls are always able to handle any potentially dangerous situation well. The vast majority of customers have never given problems. We don’t want to cancel this service because of a few rude people, and we won’t do it.


What is best to avoid doing in this service?

First of all, it is mandatory to wear a condom during all sexual activities, including oral sex, and then we ask customers not to be in a hurry during the service. It is not necessary to put pressure on the girl or ask her to do things that she does not want to do, every client has all the time in the world for the service and only has to rely completely on the experience of the escort babe to have no problems.

We also ask you not to take photos or videos during the Role Play Service Escort Amsterdam Agency and, in general, throughout the entire Amsterdam Escort Experience.

Just follow the basic rules of education, and there will never be problems.


I understand, thanks a lot for your time.

You are welcome.