Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service

Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service


When I spoke to the staff member who explained all the Domination Amsterdam Escort Service details, I asked if there were any other services under development. The staff member’s response was very vague, indeed. I suspected that there was another service in the works, and I finally found out that it was the new Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service. Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service is an exciting escort service that allows you to take oral sex to the next level and make it even more interesting, It also adds an absolutely new level of domination.

In short, the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service is an escort service that focuses on oral sex and where the chosen escort will put her pussy on the client’s face, allowing him to kiss and lick her pussy in a totally new way. This is a controversial and exciting service and one that has immediately received exciting feedback from customers.

I am interested in having more information about the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service, and for this reason, I spoke again with my contact in the escort agency, and this is our conversation.


“We meet again.”

“Exactly, and once again to talk about a new escort service.”

“I figured you had a new escort service ready the last time we spoke.”

“I couldn’t reveal anything to you yet, but now I can speak freely. We launched the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service on the market, and the response has been excellent.”

“Well, let’s talk about the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service. Can you tell me something about this service?”

“We can say that the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service is an evolution of the classic oral sex. We have an escort service called Oral Sex Amsterdam Escort Service, which allows the client to have and receive oral sex within his Amsterdam Escort Experience. in different positions. If you pay extra and if the girl wishes, it is also possible to do and receive oral sex with the 69 at the same time. Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service. ”

“Who came up with the idea?”

“One of our escort babes told us she had done this service in the past with clients when working with another escort agency. She told us it was a very successful service and it might be a good idea to do it again. in an improved version. We thought about this suggestion, did some tests, and then we made the service official. ”

“So, girls can come up with ideas?”

“Certainly, indeed, they are also encouraged to do so because they can receive an incentive if the service is approved. We really like that our girls have a positive attitude and that they are really very interested in what we are doing. We want to work with these girls, not with those who just show up to work and get their money. We always encourage these kinds of girls to share ideas for new services. ”

“This is the attitude you need.”

“Yes, exactly. We try to make it understood from the moment of casting. A beautiful face and a nice body are not enough, we want girls who want to do something new and have ideas. Those who don’t have this attitude don’t have a future with us. ”

“What are the main features of Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service?”

“This is a variation on the theme of oral sex, which adds a very interesting element of domination. In Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service, the girl will literally put her pussy on her client’s face. In this way, the client can lick her pussy in a way that much better and, at the same time, feeling the feeling of being dominated and almost suffocating. The girl will have maximum control deciding when to get up and when to get down on the client’s face. This service can last until the girl reaches an orgasm or to properly wet the pussy before having sex. Obviously, this is a service that cannot be purchased individually, but that can only be used to personalize an Amsterdam Escort Experience where a service that allows you to have sex has also been obtained. ”

“I understand; after all, it’s not worth having an escort move just for oral sex.”

“Exactly, especially escorts working in luxury hotels. Personally, I think clients can do what they want with their money, but it’s not worth it from my point of view. We have to maximize our escorts’ earnings because they have limited time each night, and a simple oral sex service like the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service is not enough to devote much of their evening. ”

“What have you thought about the customer’s safety in this service? For example, he can choke or get scared during the service.”

“I must say that such an event never happened, or at least, I never knew about it. Obviously, it is not possible to create a Stop Word, and therefore we have thought of a gesture. For example, the customer can tap with the hand on the girl’s ass, or give her a light pinch, or something similar. That is the command that immediately stops the Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service. The service can resume at any time when the situation is under control. ”

“I understand. Are there any special rules for this service?”

“Nothing special. Just be polite and respectful, and you will never have any problems. The only particular thing we ask our customers is not to touch the escort with your hands and not to try to fingering. The service must be performed only with the mouth. ”

“I see.”

“I’m glad the service is successful. If we create more, you will be the first to notify.”

“Thanks so much.”


Our interview is over.