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Vicky escort

Vicky Escort Interview

In the last interviews, I have spoken with the escort babes about some extremely interesting topics. The girls told me that working in agencies requires some compromises, and this topic interested me a lot. I want to deepen it with the escort babe I’m about to interview, a beautiful girl named Vicky, with very long blonde hair and brown eyes.

The agency put me in touch with her, and we agreed to meet at the restaurant “Emosfera” in Amsterdam to speak and be able to carry out the interview over a beautiful plate of food, a real Dinner Date.

Vicky arrived with a taxi, wearing a beautiful black dress that left one shoulder uncovered and very high black heels. The dress is tight and highlights her magnificent body. The other men in the restaurant are very curious to find out who this beautiful girl is, and I’m sure everyone envies me.

But I’m not here to brag about the company of a beautiful girl, but to do an interview, so I can’t waste any more time, it’s time to start.

“Hi Vicky, thank you for being here with me in this restaurant.”

“Thanks to you for inviting me. Thanks for dinner, I hope to tell you something interesting.”

“To get started, introduce yourself to all readers.”

“My name is Vicky, I am 24 years old, and I am a professional escort. I think it is useless to explain what my job consists of, everyone knows what an escort does. I also offer extra services, and I can tell you that I can do everything you have in mind, and it’s a promise. ”

“How long have you been working as an escort?”

“Three years. I worked a year and a half as a freelance, and a year and a half with several agencies before I got to have a deal with Amsterdam Hot Escort.”

“Other girls have told me that to work with agencies, it is necessary to compromise in some situations, is that true?”

“Yes, that’s very true, but that’s the nature of the business.”

“What are the differences between working as a freelance and working with an Amsterdam escort agency?”

“It is the same job, but it is very different. If you work as a freelance, you have advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, the agency offers other working conditions, which may be more advantageous or more disadvantageous according to the various cases of life.”

“Can you explain it better?”

“Well, if you work as a freelance, you have a lot of freedom. I can travel wherever I want, do what I want and offer all the extra escort services I want, without anyone being able to criticize me in any way. I have friends who work like this and spend different time traveling with customers in Italy, Germany, and also in Russia. They make a lot of money and live a life on vacation. ”

“It looks perfect.”

“For them, it is, but they have to constantly advertise and manage all their bookings. They also have to visit a doctor and do other things. It seems simple, but I can assure you that it is not if you don’t know what to do. In some moments, you lose more time in the bureaucratic parts that in the job, and I’m not too fond of these things. ”

“I understand what about agency work?”

“The agency is in charge of marketing, advertising, and managing all bookings. They have a website well-indexed with SEO in search engines, and customers can find us much more quickly. Managing commitments is easy, and I can say that I just have to wait to receive the booking on my cell phone, go to the hotel chosen at the time set by the client and do my job. Nothing more, nothing less, and the agency wants only a small percentage of my income in exchange for all this work, and for me, it’s a fair exchange. ”

“I understand, and aren’t there things you don’t like?”

“Well, you don’t have the freedom you had when you were a freelance. Let’s say that the services that are offered are almost the same, what changes are the rules. The agency has stringent rules for each service, and we escort must absolutely respect them, under penalty of dismissal. I can’t travel with clients outside Amsterdam, for example, and I can’t take photos or videos before, during, and after sex. Some rules make perfect sense, while others are limitations that can annoy many girls. But it is necessary to make a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of agency work, and in my case, the benefits clearly outweigh the cons. The only thing I regret is not being able to travel. ”

“Why do you like traveling?”

“No, for the money I can earn. If I have to be honest, I don’t like traveling very much, I’m a girl who loves being at home, and I’m lazy. On my free days, you can find me in my pajamas in my bed at any time of the day. When I do my escort job, I work at any time, and on my free days, I want to enjoy my well-deserved rest. ”

“I understand you. Does the agency know about this situation?”

“They never talked about it publicly, but I imagine that in private talks with the girls, this question has been addressed. They don’t force anyone to collaborate with them, I must admit, but if you work with them, they require professionalism and great respect for the rules. It is OK for me, but I met girls who could not stand some rules and preferred to continue working as a freelance. Each person makes the choices that she deems most suitable for her career, this is just business, nothing personal. ”

“I understand, I want to thank you for your time and for the very interesting interview.”

“Thanks to you, the dinner was delicious.”


The interview is over, I pay the bill and go home.