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Svetlana Escort

Svetlana escort interview

Even today, I have to interview a new escort babe, and I noticed that the interview with Monyka, where we talked about the price of escort babes, generated an excellent buzz of comments and sharing. I decided to investigate this topic with the escort I have to meet today, a lovely girl named Svetlana.

The agency told me that it has recently introduced a new service, called cheap escort service, that allows customers with limited financial resources to spend time with the agency’s babes hot escorts and have the chance to do sex with them. This idea seems to be very interesting, and I want to deepen this discussion with the beautiful Svetlana.

The meeting with Svetlana takes place at the Baba coffeeshop in Amsterdam on Saturday night. Svetlana is very sensual, with fishnet stockings, ankle boots, a black skirt, and a red blouse. A very sensual girl who smiles weed and shows off her body while we talk.

I don’t have to distract myself from her beauty, I absolutely have to be professional and immediately ask the most interesting questions.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Svetlana, thank you for your time. Greet the readers, and let’s start talking.”

“Thank you all for being here with me. I’m Svetlana, sexy escort. I’m beautiful, always ready to have sex, and I’m not afraid to answer any kind of question.”

“How long have you been working as an escort?”

“Two years. I have always worked with this agency, and our collaboration is perfect. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff, and they are happy with the success I have with customers.”

“I noticed that your prices are the same as the other girls in the agency. The real difference is in the price you give to the extras, right?”

“Yes, exactly. The rate for the basic service is the same for every girl, the big difference is established by the extra services we offer during the sex. My additional services are costly because I want to monetize as much as possible. Other girls provide the same things at lower prices, but I don’t want to do it. For me, the price of extras must be high because they are not standard services, but something special, reserved only for those who can afford it. A low price ruins the whole market because, in this way, customers think they can have these things at a low cost, and it’s a very bad thing for the business. ”

“I see. Don’t you appreciate girls who work for less money?”

“Personally, I have nothing against them. Every person has the right to run their business as they wish, as long as this doesn’t cause problems for me. Unfortunately, now many customers want to do anal sex for a little extra money, and I’m sure they will find a girl available to do this. This is a big problem in my work, but for now, I have been able to always have clients who understand the value of my work and pay the price I ask. ”

“I understand. I spoke to the agency, and they told me they introduced a new service, called cheap escort service Amsterdam. What do you think of this service? Many people have said to me that your price is too high, and in this way, they can have sex with you. ”

“Yes, I understand the agency’s intentions, but I’m not a big fan of this service.”


“Because it forces both us escort babes and clients to speed up, and to have sex mechanically. For me, sex must be long, intense, with lots of physical contacts, and with different positions. Personally, I really like that sex lasts for several minutes because making love is not just my job, but it’s also the most beautiful thing in the world if done in the right way. The service allows you to pay a little money to spend half an hour with us. It’s enough to have sex the way I want, but I try to adapt to the demands of the clients and to do my job in the best way. ”

“What’s included in that half-hour?”

“Blowjob with a condom, and sex, nothing more, nothing less. No extra service because there is no time to make them, and hopefully, the client reaches orgasm before the end of the half-hour.”

“What happens if orgasm is not achieved?”

“We girls don’t have to have sex with the client anymore, and having an orgasm is his problem.”


“Yes, the rules are very clear. Half an hour, not a minute more. Sex is very hasty and vulgar, it’s not nice to do it continually looking at the clock. For me, it’s frustrating, but I’m a professional, and I do what I am asked to do. ”

“What do you suggest to improve the service?”

“Well, actually, I don’t think this service can be improved. Believe me, half an hour of sex with an escort at that price is really incredible, and no other agency offers this kind of service to its customers. Personally, I don’t like the idea of ​​having only half an hour to have sex, but it is a necessary compromise to offer this service and have more customers. ”

“Have you met many customers who use this service?”

“Yes, not many, but some customers have preferred to use this service with me. But my best customers know that I want to have sex for a long time, and pay the standard rate.”

“What suggestion do you want to give customers who are undecided about choosing the cheap escort service?”

“I understand that you want to save money, it’s not a problem, but my advice is to choose the complete service, not the cheap one. I’m not just saying this for my own interest, but also to provide better service and have fun together. I’m an escort, but I’m also a woman who loves having sex. ”


The interview is over. Svetlana‘s words are very interesting, and I’m sure they will generate another debate, and maybe another topic for the next interview.