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Sorana escort interview

So far, I have concentrated many of my conversations on positive topics, almost always trying to highlight the most positive aspects of escort work, such as the fun or the money that can be made. But I know very well that there are many negative aspects in this work and some arguments that it is better not to treat when talking with an escort, both as an interviewer and as a client. These arguments are annoying, make the girls uncomfortable, and jeopardize their privacy, and therefore, it is always better to avoid them.


I was very interested in this topic, and I got permission from the agency to talk about these issues off-limits with one of the agency’s new girls, the beautiful Sorana. Sorana is an escort with lots of experience and who knows how to handle even the most difficult situations well, and I am convinced that she will have no problem answering all my questions.


Sorana was thrilled to meet me, and the meeting took place at the “Vinkeles” restaurant in Amsterdam. The conversation takes place during our dinner, and Sorana’s beauty is indescribable. I hope the dinner can put her in a good mood because my questions will all be based on off-limits topics for escort babes.

I hope to have a nice interview, and it’s time to start.

“Hi Sorana, thanks for being here with us. I am happy that you are available to answer the questions I want to ask you. I know these topics are hated by you escort girls, so I want to thank you once again for agreeing to talk with me.”

“Thanks to you. These topics are hated by us girls, but mainly because they invade our privacy and can cause negative consequences. The reason we don’t talk about it is just this.”

“Well, let’s start with the usual question: tell us about yourself and how long you work as an escort.”

“I have been working in this sector for a year and a half, and I love sex. For me, sex is energy, it’s life, it’s the best way to feel alive. Combining sex with money is fantastic for me, it’s the only job that “I really want to do it, and I’m fortunate to be able to do it. Do you make love every day and make money at the same time? Wow, if it’s a dream, don’t wake me up!”

“You love your job, I’m happy for you. The agency told me you are very good at dinner dates, you can talk very well.”

“Thank you, I appreciate spending time with my clients and talking about any topic, except those off-limits.”

“I’m very interested in this topic, can you tell me about it?”

“Yes, what do you want to know?”

“I guess there are so many topics that are better to avoid so as not to irritate an escort, can you tell me one?”

“There are many arguments, one of the main ones is our name.”

“Your real name?”

“Yes, exactly. Obviously, Sorana is not my real name, it is just a stage name to attract customers and to attract attention. We cannot use our real names while working as an escort for many reasons, yet so many customers insist on knowing our real name. ”


“Definitely to be able to contact us without the agency or for other reasons. We girls are not interested to know if the client uses his real name or a pseudonym, it is totally irrelevant to us. The problem is when they insist on knowing our real name. Over time, these clients have given me various explanations for this behavior, such as the desire to deepen our knowledge or to contact us privately… Obviously, I have never revealed my real name to any customer, and I don’t have the slightest I intend to do it, but I hate people who insist on knowing it. ”

“In your opinion, do you reveal your real name what consequences could it have?”

“There would be some consequences, all negative for me.”

“For example?”

“If the agency knew I was saying my name to the client, then I would immediately lose my job, and this should not happen. I also know about escorts who did this stupid thing, and they had clients who contacted them on social media with each type of proposal, and in the end, they had to delete their social profiles. Our names are sensitive information, and we need to protect them. Not all our customers are people who respect our privacy, so it’s better to prevent and avoid any kind of I also hate the people who insist and want all the personal information about me with all my energy. ”

“What do you do when you meet one of these customers?”

“I try to be respectful and professional, even if it is never easy. I always repeat that our policy is very clear on the protection of our privacy and that I am not authorized to distribute any personal data. Usually, clients understand and stop asking for these things, but there is always some stubborn who insists and offers money. ”

“And what do you do?”

“I refuse any proposal, and if the situation starts to become unmanageable, I stop everything and leave. The client will be reported to the agency, and he will never again be able to use our services again.

I am very sorry to have to behave in this way, but I have no other choice, and only in this way can I protect myself and all the other babes. ”


The interview is over. The beautiful Sorana was sincere with me and had no problems telling me these things. I really appreciate that.

And I didn’t ask her name.