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Silvia Escort Interview

One of the things that has always attracted my attention while examining the profiles of the escorts I have to interview are the reviews that customers leave after their experience. I am a man who attaches great importance to reviews, and I spend a lot of time reading them when, for example, I have to buy something on Amazon. A single negative review has the power to influence me a lot in the choice of the item I’m going to buy, and I imagine that for an escort getting a negative review is a real catastrophe.

I decided to investigate this topic together with the escort I have to interview today, the beautiful Silvia, a blonde girl with a perfect body and an angelic face.

The beautiful escort girl Silvia has agreed to speak with me, and the appointment takes place at the Bulldog coffeeshop in Amsterdam, where we can talk about having a drink and eating sweets.

Silvia arrives on time for the appointment, she wears a sweater with colored stripes, slim fit jeans and sports shoes. Her magnetic eyes are hidden by a pair of sunglasses. Silvia is lovely.

Many guys watch her as she sits at the table and talks to me.

I don’t want to waste any more time, the topic is exciting, and the interview can begin.

“Hi Silvia, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you for the invitation. The agency told me you had questions for me, I’m curious to hear what you want to know from me.”

“First, introduce yourself to all readers.”

“Well, I am Silvia, a professional escort. I am 21 years old, and I have been working in this business for 1 year. I think it is superfluous to describe my job: I have sex in exchange for money, and I offer a series of services, such as for example dinners with my clients in famous restaurants, or visits to Amsterdam, I can accompany clients on events or business trips, or even on vacation. I trade my time for money, and I like it. I live a beautiful life, I have sex often, I have sexy clothes, sensual lingerie, I eat in famous restaurants, I don’t pay, I earn a lot of money, and my customers give me a lot of gifts. It couldn’t be better for me. ”

“I’m glad you are satisfied with your life. I noticed that each escort profile has a series of reviews, and I wanted your opinion on it. What do you think of the reviews that customers leave after having sex with you escort girls?”

“Reviews are very important to us because they allow many new customers to imagine what we are doing and may be able to convince who is undecided about which girl to choose. Customers have the right to leave any review, as long as it is genuine, and not she is motivated by a grudge or a desire to harm a girl. Some friends have received negative reviews and have had several problems. ”

“What kind of problems?”

“The agency’s General Manager called them for a private meeting because she wanted to understand what had happened, and if those girls still deserved to work with us. The girls defended themselves and said that the customers had been incorrect, pretending to do services they hadn’t paid for or taking excessive liberties during the fuck. The girls couldn’t stand that rudeness, and they stopped the service. Luckily the General Manager believed their version, and they still work with us. Instead, a girl had a series of negative reviews that were motivated. When three or four customers write negative reviews that agree on almost everything, it is proof that those reviews are authentic. ”

“And what happened to that girl?”

“She no longer works with us, and the General Manager used her business contacts to inform the other agencies of the girl’s bad attitude. She had to leave the business and find another job, giving up sex, money, and pleasure. sorry for her, because that escort babe was really very beautiful, but in this business, you have to have the right mentality to work, and she didn’t have it. ”

“Firing a girl for reviews is a very severe punishment.”

“Yes, it is strict, but it is right. Having a bad attitude can damage the whole business and prevent other escorts from the Amsterdam escort agency from working and making money. A single review cannot harm us much, but when the reviews start to be many, it’s a problem. I was lucky because I never met rude customers who claimed to have sex in ways we hadn’t agreed or to have discounts. For now, all my customers are polite and respectful of me. ”

“I’m happy for you. What would you do in case of a series of negative reviews?”

“I would not wait to be fired, I would be abandoning the agency and the business myself, because it would be clear that I am not able to do this job. I should look for something to do and for me it would be a trauma, because I love this life, and I can’t imagine myself working as a hairdresser, shop assistant or secretary. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all the people who do those jobs, but I am fit to do them. ”

“Are you afraid of negative reviews?”

“No, because I always try to do my best to satisfy the customer, obviously respecting the agreements we have made previously. In the event of a negative review, I can assure you that I will defend myself, but I am not afraid of these reviews. The thing that I’m interested in doing my job in the best way, without being intimidated, thinking only of having and giving the maximum pleasure possible. ”

“Well, I wish you good luck.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”


Silvia gives me a small kiss on the lips and walks away.

The interview is over.