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Saskya Escort Interview

I know that most of the hot Amsterdam escort clients I interview are men, but some girls have told me that some women also pay for sex with hot Amsterdam escorts. I never discussed this topic in-depth, and I don’t know how many girls are interested in having lesbian sex with women who pay to do it.

I contacted the agency, asking to be able to talk to a girl who has or has had similar experiences, and the name that was suggested to me is that of the beautiful Saskya, a gorgeous brunette escort with stunning legs.

I arranged an interview with the beautiful Saskya who joined me in my room at the Sheraton Hotel in Amsterdam. Saskya was not dressed to seduce anyone or to attract attention, she had sports shoes, leggings, and a beautiful white T-shirt with a kitten’s face on it, and light make-up. Even with a casual outfit, she is lovely, and I imagine that it is very exciting to see her wearing only lingerie and heels.

I have so many questions to ask, I offer a coffee to the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort Saskya and start asking my questions.

“Hi Saskya, I am thrilled to be able to talk to you. Introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi friends, my name is Saskya, and I am one of the professional escorts who can be hired on the agency’s website. I am 24 years old and have been working in the industry for three years. I have a lot of experience, and I can adapt to every customer request. ”

“I talked to many girls, and not all of them agree to have sex with women. You are one of the few bisexual girls I have known. Why did you choose to work with both men and women?”

“My decision was caused by two reasons: the first is my being bisexual. In my life, I had male and female partners, and I was always at ease. I had more men than women if I have to be honest, but no, I never refused to kiss a woman if I had the chance. The second reason is a simple business reason. ”

“What does it mean?”

“I had to have something that differentiated me from the competition, and offering bisexual relationships is a nice selling point. You have no idea how many people are willing to pay to see two girls kissing.”


“More than you think. Lesbian sex attracts so many straight males and many women. I could do it and have many more clients, and I did. This decision also led me to talk to you, and generate controversy, and the disputes are best for business. Controversy creates cash. ”

“What is the typical request for a bisexual escort?”

“Men always ask me if I can have threesomes or do lesbian shows with another escort. The dream of so many men is to have sex with two girls at the same time and see them doing lesbian things like in Ron Jeremy’s movies. The reality is quite different, but I try to please them. ”

“What are the differences between porn and reality?”

“There are so many differences, it’s almost impossible for me to be able to list them all. If I can convince the customer to bring another escort, then I can guarantee the best threesome of his life, but if it’s a couple asking me, well then it is very likely that threesome sex will be a real disaster. ”


“Because we are not porn stars or professional escorts, and we have no complicity. The other girl for me is a complete stranger, and it is not possible to build a special agreement in a few minutes, especially if our focus is on the man’s cock. The escorts who collaborate with me are bisexuals, all girls with whom I have had sex several times, and with whom I have a great sexual affinity. But it is the result of months of dating and sex together, and it is not possible to create this thing in a few “That’s why I don’t like having sex with couples, and I’d rather ask the man to hire a second escort.”

“What happens if the customer is not satisfied?”

“Don’t get me wrong, my clients are all satisfied with my performances, and so are the other women. I am a perfectionist, and I know what to do to do my job well. I understand immediately when I can do better, and I hate it when it happens. Customers are not aware of it and are happy, it’s OK, but I don’t want it to happen. ”

“I understand, your goal is to always have sex in the best way.”

“Yes, exactly. I want to do it because I love sex, and if I satisfy a client in the best way, I will have the certainty that he or she will come back to me.”

“What was your strangest situation with a woman or a couple?”

“With a woman? I was hired by a girl who had recently discovered she was a lesbian and didn’t know what to do. I was ready to have sex with her, and we kissed, but then this girl got upset and started crying “I tried to comfort her, and she thanked me. She was scared of realizing she was a lesbian and didn’t know what to do. At the end of the day, we didn’t have sex, and she paid me anyway. I talked to her other times, and now this girl is a client and has no problem having sex with her. My words helped her to accept her own sexuality. ”

“And with couples?”

“I found a couple looking for quite extreme BDSM experiences, like being tied up and strapon. That was the first time I ever penetrated a man.”


“Yes, but it was very exciting.”

Talking to the beautiful Saskya was very interesting, and I must confess that the image of her with a strapon is strangely attractive.