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Sara Escort

Sara Escort Interview

Even today, I have to interview a lovely escort who works in the agency, and I thought of an interview on a topic that many people still consider taboo: anal sex. The agency told me that it is one of the most requested services from customers and that now all the girls who want to work as professional escorts offer it to all customers. I want to understand what is the preparation for anal sex and the mindset of a girl who decides to do it. Furthermore, I hope the interview will generate a productive debate on this highly controversial topic. The agency suggested that I speak to one of their veteran escorts, a charming girl named Sara, whom they referred to as the queen of the Anal Sex Amsterdam escort service.

Sara is a beautiful girl, with a beautiful smile and a perfect ass, I can hardly understand why people want to have so much anal sex with her.

Sara has enthusiastically agreed to speak with me, and our meeting takes place at Cafe Pollux. Sara is wearing tight-fitting pants that highlight her ass and a pink shirt. The girl also has very high black heels.

People are watching Sara’s ass, and I can’t help but watch it too.

I can’t waste any more time, it’s time to start our interview.

“Hi Sara, thank you for being here with me. The agency said wonderful things about you.”

“Thanks to you for the invitation. I hope to live up to your expectations.”

“Start by talking to me about yourself.”

“I am Sara, and I am 26 years old. I am a professional escort who has been working with this agency for three years. I have also worked with other agencies, and I am a veteran of the agency. The funny thing is that I am only 26 years old. I like to have sex in many different ways, and I’m not afraid to experiment with new things. ”

“The agency told me that you are the queen of anal sex, is it true?”

“They always exaggerate because they have to sell a product. Yes, I really like having anal sex, and it is a service that my clients practically always request. My availability to have anal sex has helped me a lot to make money in this business. I was looking for something that could help me to be unique and to distinguish myself from other girls, but I didn’t know what it could be. Then one of my clients told me that I had a beautiful ass and use it to make money. I had already had anal sex, but those words made me realize that I could use this service to become number one. The ironic thing is that I have long searched for something that allowed me to be unique, and I have always been sitting on it. ”

“Why do you think people like anal sex so much?”

“There are many reasons. The first is the factor related to transgression. We are in the year 2020, and people still have problems talking about anal sex. Society does not appreciate this type of sex, and those who practice it have the feeling and the pleasure of transgressing. Then there is the emulation factor. Most of my clients watch porn movies, and in almost all of these movies, there is also anal sex. People are very envious of porn actors who regularly have anal sex with beautiful girls, and they want to be like them, even for just one evening. And to finish, I have to say that anal sex is gorgeous. Many women want to do it, it is absolutely not a fetish linked to men only. ”

“What feelings does anal sex give you?”

“Initially, I was only in pain, and I was determined not to do it again, then I understood how to do it, and now it is enjoyable. The penetration is more intense, the feelings of pleasure are greater for both men and women, and I reach even orgasm because I can masturbate while my client penetrates my ass. ”

“You are really expert.”

“My clients almost all want to have anal sex; for me, it is now a habit to prepare myself for it.”

“What is your preparation routine for anal sex?”

“The most important thing is to have time to prepare correctly to not only feel pain and no pleasure. The anus is not designed for sex and does not lubricate itself like a vagina, so it is necessary to prepare it before having sex. I usually prepare it with a vibrator just before meeting the client and use a lot of lubricants, even during penetration. Then I ask the client to help me with saliva and with my fingers. Pornstars also use laxatives and enemas, but in my opinion, it is not really necessary. ”

“For what reason?”

“Pornstars have a greater workload than mine, as scenes often last several hours. Also, I don’t always have to have anal sex with men with exceptional penises. For the service I offer, lubricant and saliva are enough.”

“You said that anal sex was too painful initially. For what reason?”

“Mainly because I was a virgin, and my ass was not yet ready to constantly have anal sex. Furthermore, it was very likely that I was wrong to approach. I was not adequately preparing the anus for anal sex, and I was not able to help my partner do sex. The secret of anal sex is to do things calmly, taking as long as necessary. I guide the client, saying when to penetrate, when to stop and when to put the lubricant. My clients, especially those who are regular, have understood my method, and they know it is the best way to have anal sex correctly, and they help me, respecting my indications. ”

“I understand. Thanks a lot for your time.”

“You are welcome.”


The interview is over.