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Ronna Escort

Ronna escort interview

Even today, I have to interview another beautiful escort babe of the agency, and this time I want to try to ask very different questions than usual. Ever since I was a boy, along with my friends, I’ve always seen hard movies, and then by myself. Our goal as a teen full of hormones was to start discovering sex and get very excited, and when I watched porn alone, it was just to masturbate.

Anyway, I always saw these guys with huge cocks, who never had erection problems, they were always surrounded by beautiful babes, and they never missed a chance to have wild sex.

My ideal of sex took an example from those movies, and now that I’m an adult I know it’s all fake, and that porn is just a parody of reality, with different unpleasant aspects, and I know that erections are often obtained with the help of drugs, girls fluffers, and many other systems.

But I know that many men are still very influenced by the ideal of a strong and virile man, who never has erection problems and that fuck all the women he wants.

Today the girl I have to interview is called Ronna, and I’m sure she has met so many men who have this mindset, and I want to know her worst experiences.

The meeting with Ronna takes place in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. Ronna has a beautiful red dress, black stockings, and golden heels. In an hour, she has to go up to a client’s room to have sex.

I have a lot of time to talk, and the interview can start immediately.

“Hi Ronna, thanks for the time you spend with me. Greet the readers.”

“Hi all readers, I am Ronna, a professional escort and always ready to spend pleasant moments with you all.”

“Today, I would like to talk about some strange and embarrassing moments you had with your clients. Can you tell me about some man who has had erection problems or other embarrassing situations?”

“Yes, I found myself in various embarrassing situations with men. Obviously, I cannot reveal their names or give you too many details, but in these situations, the most important thing to do is to try to be professional and not to make the client even more nervous or embarrassed. “For example, once I found a client who had a premature ejaculation while I licked his dick. I hadn’t also put the condom on yet, and I was just touching the balls and the base of the cock, and the cumshot started immediately. He was embarrassed, and I didn’t really know what to do. ”

“Was the client nervous, or was he too excited?”

“I think the reason was a mix of both. He told me that this was his first time with an escort babe, and he was extremely excited. The cock had been hard since I entered the hotel room, and at the same time, the client was nervous. The idea of ​​paying an escort made him uncomfortable, and he believed that I was a kind of porn star, used to taking tons of big cocks every day. That prejudice annoyed me a lot, but I preferred to pretend nothing and think about managing the situation. ”

“What did you do?”

“I told the client that it wasn’t a problem, and going to take a shower and relax. When he came back, he found me naked on the bed while I was masturbating. That show managed to get him excited again, and this time we had sex. In these situations, the most important thing is not to humiliate the client and try to put him at ease. Not all men are at ease with the escorts, or they can’t get erections and have sex with people who don’t have seen before. ”

“Your rate is for now, not for orgasm, right?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Did you also have problems with people who could not achieve an erection?”

“Yes, it has happened several times. Even in that case, it was all the fault of nervousness and fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, probably I was not able to excite them perfectly, but in these circumstances, the problem is in man. I admit that later Blowjob minutes I start to get nervous if I don’t see a reaction, customers can blame me and create problems for me with the agency, and for this reason I try to be professional and manage the situation in the best way, usually just relaxing the client and to show that it is not a problem at all, and to concentrate on achieving orgasm together. I can generally make anyone, even those with erection problems, aroused, or I can try other systems to reach orgasm. ”

“What systems?”

“We can masturbate together, or do a footjob, or other erotic games. In some circumstances, I can get everyone excited about these systems. Hardly a client can’t have an orgasm with me, one way or another.”

“What happens if a customer fails to have sex?”

“Well, fortunately, it never happened to me, but I know he can ask for a refund, or talk to the agency to get some discount. In some cases, customers didn’t want to admit they had a problem, and they blamed the girl not to be good at her job, and this is really unfair. ”

“I guess. I can say that it is complicated for a man to admit these things.”

“Yes, I understand, but this does not justify wanting to hurt a person who did nothing. Negative reviews damage escorts, and fortunately, we have the opportunity to defend ourselves and tell our version of the story; otherwise, girls would have lost their work because of these customers. ”

“Is there no way to defend oneself from these things?”

“No, it’s just my word against that of the client. I should film all my fuck with the client to have proof of my work, but it’s not possible.”

“I hope you will never have these problems.”



Now Ronna has to go to her client, and the interview is over.