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Monyka Escort

Monyka escort interview

Even today, I have to interview one of the agency’s new Amsterdam escort girls, the beautiful Monyka. Several people told me they were intrigued by the idea of ​​hiring an escort for an evening, but being discouraged by the very high prices that are required for an hour of sex. These people often ask me to ask the reason for these very high prices to the agencies and escort babes I interview, and I believe that today is the time to ask these questions to the beautiful Monyka.


To be honest, I was also displaced by escort prices. Spending an entire night of sex with one of them is really extremely expensive, and I believe that this pricing policy drives away several customers who prefer to have sex with the Red Light District girls, as they are much cheaper.


The interview with the beautiful Monyka will allow me to ask these questions to the sexy escort, and I am very interested in knowing the answers. Our meeting takes place at Dam Square on Saturday afternoon, the only time of the day where Monyka can stop and talk for a few minutes with me.

The girl is wearing a beautiful black skirt, a blue blouse, and a white raincoat. At the foot, Monyka wears white high heels.

A beautiful girl, I can clearly see the looks of the desire of other men.

I don’t want to waste time, I have to start my questions immediately, Monyka’s time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it.

“Hi Monyka, thank you so much for your time. Greet the readers.”

“Hi everyone, I’m happy to be here with you. I’m ready to answer all your questions.”

“How long have you been working as an escort?”

“A year ago. I was selected during casting and joined the agency team. Now I have a large clientele, and I have sex almost every day.”

“I noticed your prices. You are an expensive escort.”

“My prices are approved by the agency, and they are exactly those of the other girls. We cannot decide the prices of the standard service, but we can do it for the extra services. My price is in line with the service I offer.”

“I don’t understand. Can you please explain yourself better?”

“The price of a product is determined by various factors. The materials used to produce it, for example, or the time needed to make it, or the advertising of the brand to which it belongs, and the value that customers give to that product. In our business, the factors that determine the price are the beauty of the girl, the basic service that is offered, and the time of the service. In the base price, I offer an hour of my time where I will do my best to satisfy every customer request, I offer my body perfect, and in the basic service, there are all the things that make sex with me beautiful: different sex positions, and a nice blowjob with a condom. Only these things are more than enough to make cum a man. ”

“I understand, so the basic service is the same for everyone, and the real price difference is generated by the extra services, right?”

“Yes, exactly. Extra services are optional, and every girl can decide what to offer and what not to offer. I never provide oral sex without a condom or bareback anal sex. They are two services that I hate and that I don’t even offer for any amount. But I accept to take cumshot on the whole body, the french kiss, the GFE experience, and much more. My prices are lower than other girls, but I don’t want to tell you their names. ”

“Why did you choose to have low prices?”

“Mainly to be more competitive on the market. There are so many other girls, and having lower prices is certainly a good advantage. Besides, I really like these sexual activities. I could do them for free, too, but if I can monetize, it is even better.”

“Have you ever met clients trying to get a discount?”

“Oh, yes, so many. They are people I deeply dislike because they can’t understand the logic behind certain prices.”

“What do you do when you find this kind of customer?”

“I try to be always kind and professional, even though in many cases it’s really difficult. People never understand the reasons behind certain prices, and their only interest is to spend less and have the maximum, but the business It doesn’t work like that. You can’t expect to have sex for hours with a beautiful girl, do anal sex and facial cumshot, and spend very little money. If you want to do these things, try going to the Red Light District and hoping to find an available girl. If you want the quality of a real escort babe, then you have to be ready to pay the price that I ask for my time. ”

“I guess this thing generates a lot of stress.”

“Yes, very much. I am a girl who has studied economics and understands the logic behind product prices. I cannot expect everyone to have the same skills like me, but I cannot tolerate a real lack of respect. Ask for a discount on my performance, but pretending to have anal sex or to make complicated fantasies, is a lack of respect for me, for my work, for my body, and for my professionalism, and for me, it is unacceptable. I prefer to have fewer clients but to have sex with someone who respects me and is ready to pay the price I deserve. ”

“You are right, it is very important not to sell off your professionalism at too low a price.”

“Thank you, but it is a concept that so many people are not interested in really understanding.”


The interview is over. I’m sure the topic will generate a fascinating debate and will use readers’ questions as a topic for the next conversation.