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Kimm Escort

Kimm Escort Interview

During my interviews, I have always talked to girls who have a few years of experience in the escort sector, and who are still used to having sex in many different ways. The escorts have a great experience in sex, and I’m sure they are perfectly capable of handling any request, even the strangest, and to satisfy any man in the best way. I am curious, however, to find out what the experiences of the escorts were at the beginning of their work. This will be the topic of my next interview, which will be with a beautiful girl named Kimm. Kimm is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, with a beautiful breast, a perfect face, and a body that does not even have a defect. This Amsterdam escort girl has a very long list of bookings every day, but she was available to meet me at Bar The Tailor for a chat between a meeting with a client and the next.

Kimm wears a beautiful brown leather jacket, with a light blue dress and silver sandals. My words are not enough to describe the beauty of this girl, she is a real Goddess, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to be able to spend time with her.

Kimm has little time to devote to me, and therefore the time has come to start the interview.

“Kimm, it’s a real pleasure to see you.”

“Me too. I love talking to those who want to know stories from my past.”

“Very well. You are 23 years old, and you are a professional escort. How long have you been working in this sector?”

“I have been working in the escort world since I was 20 years old.”

“Very well. I guess you’re a sex veteran now.”

“Well, I don’t want to look superb, but I am able to have sex in every way and to satisfy every request, even the strangest, without any problem.”

“When you started having sex, did you already know the services that are offered by the agency girls?”

“I knew some things because I had already done them, such as anal sex or oral sex. I didn’t know all the services related to massages, and I had to learn them during my work, and in the same way, some extreme sex practices were utterly unknown to me. ”

“How did you do these services for the first few times?”

“I went to porn video sites and started watching videos. I still remember my first reaction, which was,” but are there really people doing these things? “. I couldn’t understand where the erotic part was in the make a golden shower or in facesitting, but people paid a lot of money to do these things, and therefore it was part of my job to please them in the best possible way. ”

“What do you do if there is a certain sexual practice that you don’t like?”

“We girls have the opportunity to choose what kind of services we offer to our customers, but we must rigorously perform the services we accept to do. If I say that I do anal sex, I have to do it every time the customer asks for it; otherwise, I would not be professional, and the site staff would punish me with a fine or a suspension from service. At the beginning of my career I decided to experiment with all the services, even the most extreme, to understand what I liked to do and what made me uncomfortable. I realized what I wanted to do and what I didn’t, I communicated to the agency all the services that I was able to offer to customers. ”

“Can you tell me some anecdote that goes back to your first experiences as an escort?”

“There are a lot of embarrassing anecdotes, especially in my first period, when I was inexperienced and did not know how to handle situations. One evening my client was unable to achieve an erection, and I did not know what to do. The cause of the problem was his embarrassment in having sex with an escort, but I was afraid that it was my fault and that that problem was the beginning of the end of my career. I was about to cry while having oral sex, and the client’s penis did not become hard. The client insisted that there was no problem and that it was all his fault, but I kept crying. In the end, he masturbated and did not want his money back. Now I can better manage this situation while at that time, my inexperience took control of me and prevented me from doing my job correctly. When I regained control of myself, I swore to myself that I would never do such a thing again. My pride as a woman and as an escort was hurt, and I wanted to redeem myself. But I must say that the shock was useful because it helped me understand the problems that can arise in the bedroom when working as an escort. Until then, I thought I was perfect, but I realized that I still had a lot of things to learn and that I still had to improve a lot. If I reached this level today, it is only thanks to that client who could not get an erection and my overly emotional reaction. ”

“All failures are opportunities to learn.”

“You are definitely right.”

“Are you able to handle these problems now?”

“Yes, now I know that I have to put the client at ease and behave as if the lack of erection was not a problem. But this is only a small example, the embarrassing situations are many, and I really don’t have time to tell about others. If you will, I will say to you in the next interview. ”

“I can not wait.”

“It will be my pleasure.”


The interview is over.