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Faith Escort Interview

Today I’m back together with one of the agency’s lovely Amsterdam escort girls for a new interview. The girl I have to interview today is the beautiful Faith, a blonde girl who has already worked as an escort in Prague and is now determined to work in Amsterdam too.

I am very interested in discovering the differences that may exist in escort work in Amsterdam and Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic is another city very famous for the tolerance and openness of the population, especially regarding the sex market. Even in Prague, there are lots of escorts and clubs where you can have sex with so many girls every night, and I talked to many men who were very undecided about whether to choose to have a sexual vacation in Amsterdam or Prague.

Faith is a girl who has sex experiences in both cities and is perfect for what I want to ask her.

The meeting with Faith takes place in the evening at the Vinkeles restaurant in Amsterdam. Faith has a beautiful red dress, black ankle boots, and a gold necklace. A sexy girl and I have a great passion for Eastern European women.

But this must not distract me from my work. I have to do an interview, and I’ll do it!

We can start with the questions as we eat.

“Hi Faith, thank you for being here with me. Greet our readers, and let’s start the questions.”

“Hi everyone, I’m Faith. Do not hesitate to call me if you want to have a great sex experience at any time of the day. I am your friend, lover, transgressive girl who can give you maximum pleasure, and I hope my history is fascinating for you. We can start the interview, ask me anything you want to know. ”

“You started this work in Prague. Can you tell me about it?”

“Yes, I started in my city, Prague. The cause was money, and my desperate need to make money quickly to help my family pay debts. Then I discovered that I liked this job very much and continued to do it, transforming it into my full-time job. ”

“Where did you work? With an agency?”

“No. I worked in a club. The club was very famous, and people could come in to drink, dance and have sex with girls. The service had a fixed price, you paid based on how many hours of sex you wanted to have, regardless of the kind of sex. The girls could ask for extras for services like the escort french kiss or a particular cumshot. The bedrooms were upstairs in the club, and the staff gave clean towels and a bathrobe to the customer. When we enter the room, we started a countdown, and at the end of time, regardless of what you were doing, you had to leave the room. ”

“Even if you were having sex?”


“I don’t think customers liked this thing.”

“Not much, but it was the rules, and the bouncers were big enough to make people understand that they had the rules. However, an hour was more than enough to wash, have sex, and take a second shower. In some cases, “We were able to have sex twice, so time is not a problem. The problem is how to take advantage of the time we have.”

“Did you work a lot?”

“Every night of the week, except for the period of the menstrual cycle and a couple of days offs. The work was physically tiring, but I made good money.”

“How much money did you earn?”

“A lot of money, much more than a regular job. The club gave me a fixed salary plus a percentage on every client who had sex with me. Also, there were the extras I could earn, and that was just mine. I couldn’t complain about the salary. ”

“Is prostitution legal in the Czech Republic?”

“It can be said to be tolerated. It cannot be done in the streets, but in clubs, it is allowed, provided that everything that happens in the club remains in the club. We have never had problems with the police, and we girls were monitored continuously by a doctor, we had a paycheck and social security. ”

“Why did you want to come to Amsterdam?”

“I was tired of working in the club. Having sex every day becomes tiring, and I was starting to lose interest. I wanted to go to a new place with new people and have different experiences. Being an escort in Amsterdam is very different. I don’t work in a club, but at the hotel, I go to luxury restaurants and can travel a lot. It’s much more fun here. Maybe I earn less money, but it’s much more satisfying. Money isn’t everything in life. ”

“I agree with you. Will you return to Prague one day?”

“My family lives there, and I often go there on vacation to visit them. One day I will return to Prague. That city is magical, and I miss it very much. I still don’t know when I will return, probably when I will be bored with Amsterdam or work. I have enough savings to live a life without economic problems, and therefore, I only have to wait for the right moment. ”

“Do you prefer men from Amsterdam or Prague?”

“Many men are tourists, but I prefer those in Prague, in general, they have the biggest cock, and they know how to have better fun. The men in Amsterdam overthink about anal sex, and I hate it.”

“The biggest difference between working in a club and being an escort?”

“In the club, the atmosphere is familiar and more comfortable, but escorting allows you to travel and have new experiences. For me, escorting is more fun.”

The interview is over, and I thank the beautiful Faith. I’m curious to visit Prague, and maybe I’ll interview some escorts there too.

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