Escort Interview Emma

Amsterdam porn star Emma

One thing I always wanted to ask the young kinky escorts I interviewed overtime is if they thought that being an escort would become their full-time job. Was it what they had planned from the first moment, or were they particular situations that led these girls to become full-time young kinky escorts?

I want the answer to this question, and I hope the hot kinky Amsterdam escort I have to interview today, Emma, ​​can give me the answer I’m looking for.

Emma is a 23-year-old escort with a beautiful body and stunning legs. The agency told me that Emma is very popular with customers and the next hot kinky Amsterdam escort will receive the “VIP” badge, reserved only for the best escorts on the platform.

Because of her bookings, it’s hard to talk to Emma, ​​and we can only meet while she’s going to a client at the Tulip Inn Hotel. An interview while we walk is not exactly what I wanted to do, but I must be able to take this opportunity.

Emma is dressed beautifully, black heels, white pants, and a striped shirt that highlights her big breast. She has perfectly combed curly hair. She is going to meet a client.

I have to make good use of the few minutes I have available.

“Hi Emma, ​​thanks for being able to find time to talk.”

“Thank you for your patience. I know that this is not the best situation for the interview, but I promise to do my best to respond in the best way.”

“Introduce yourself to the readers.”

“I have been Emma, ​​a professional escort for three years. I work in the sex industry, and I like it very much. If you want a perfect evening, you just have to call me, and I’ll make sure you never forget me.”

“I would like to know one thing: was your escort career your choice, or was it a series of circumstances that led you to choose this job?”

“You know, my dream has always been to be an actress, and when I was 18, I came to Amsterdam looking for a job. I met a guy with a passion for cinema who became my boyfriend. One day we shot a little erotic short, where I dance in a sensual naked way with stiletto heels. That video was just a game and a way to understand my potential. My boyfriend was convinced that that video was really hot and started sending it to some houses of production, both regular and of erotic movies. ”

“Did you agree with him?”

“I wasn’t thrilled, but I knew I could shoot nude scenes in some movies, so it could be useful to inform everyone that I had no problem doing those things. However, I agreed to send that video, but only after several discussions. After all, I was completely naked, and I could see my private parts, and I was 18. I had no problem shooting those scenes, but I couldn’t wholly cancel the shame of being seen naked. ”

“And then what happened?”

“The production companies didn’t call me, but on the other hand, different people from erotic production houses were really interested in me. I talked to them, thinking that every proposal deserves to be heard, and they wanted me to participate in some porn “I honestly didn’t care about the idea, but I asked if I could go to a set to see how it worked. The experience was pleasant, and I talked to some porn stars. One of them advised me not to do porn if I wanted to be an actress. , and told me that if I wanted to make money with sex, I could become an escort. ”

“Were you interested in that career?”

“Not so much, I wanted to act, but I needed the money, and I was arguing with my boyfriend. So I thought I’d try this job and contacted an agency, specifying that I had never done it before and that it would all be short. The agency was professional and helped me a lot, selecting a kind and very polite client; I earned a lot of money. In one night, and that man had sex better than my boyfriend, it had to be a week’s job, and then it’s become a job for a month, then for two, then for six and so on until now, where is my full-time job. ”

“You said you were not interested in becoming an escort. Why did you change your mind?”

“For the money. I made good money and didn’t want to stop. Let’s avoid being moralists or idealists. I live in the real world, and money is always needed, the more you have, the better. I talked to my boyfriend and told him about my decision to continue working as an escort waiting for an eventual role as an actress. He was free to accept my choice or not, I didn’t force him to accept it, and surely you will not have stopped doing it for him. He started that thing with me, and it was also his responsibility. He didn’t share my decision, and our relationship is over. I don’t regret it. ”

“And your family?”

“My parents weren’t happy, absolutely not. They wanted more for their daughter. But they didn’t stop me from doing it, and I wouldn’t stop for them. This is my life, and I live it the way I want. ”

“Do you still hope to be an actress?”

“Yes, it’s my dream, but if I have to be realistic, I don’t think I’ll ever do it. My escort job could be a big problem and maybe sending that naked video wasn’t the best idea. Anyway, I’m not sad, I like sex and getting paid for it. I could also be a porn actress, but they should pay me a lot, and at the moment I haven’t reached an agreement with any producer. ”

The interview is over, Emma has arrived at the Hotel. I thank you and walk away. I finally found the answer to my question.