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Electra escort interview

Even today, I have to interview a new kinky Amsterdam escort, and I look forward to hearing what she has to say. The agency intrigued me when he told me that the interview with the beautiful Electra would have been very different from all the other interviews I did with the hot escorts previously.

I couldn’t understand why the interview with the beautiful Electra had to be different, and you can imagine my curiosity. I was preparing a series of controversial questions that could trigger a series of comments, but I didn’t really know what to expect from the interview with Electra.

Finally, it was time to meet the escort and start the interview. The set was the restaurant “Casa Amsterdam,” a restaurant that I love and that I recommend to all those who want to come to Amsterdam and eat great food.

The adorable Electra wears a white dress and blue high heels, with a gold necklace and hair combed back. Her eyes stand out thanks to a professional make-up. I think I’m the most envied man in the whole room and this feeling is pleasant, and I understand why so many men are always eager to be seen in public with a beautiful girl like Electra.

The food is delicious, the wine excellent, and finally, the interview can begin.

“Hi Electra, I confess that I am really very curious to talk to you. The agency told me that you have an exciting story to tell, and I look forward to hearing it. Greet all our readers and introduced.”

“Hi everyone, my name is Electra, a professional escort. Thank you all for wanting to hear my story.”

“Tell us something about your work, how are you special?”

“Well, my job is boring and consists of having sex in exchange for money with men. I have sex almost every day, and it’s quite boring to do it, especially because I’m not interested in men.”

“Sorry, I’m afraid I didn’t understand correctly.”

“You understood very well, I don’t care about men.”

“Does that mean you’re a lesbian?”


“But .. you’re an escort who has sex with men. I don’t understand.”

“Being a lesbian doesn’t stop me from having sex with men, but unfortunately, it prevents me from fully appreciating it. Sex with men is so boring, while with women it’s more fun, in fact, I’m always very happy when someone invites me to do a threesome with another woman. ”

“But why did you choose to work with men if you are a lesbian?”

“Because on the market the demand is greater for the escorts who work with men, or for bisexual girls. I am a bisexual escort if necessary; otherwise, I just love eating the pussy.”

“Do you have a partner?”


“What does your partner think of this job?”

“She doesn’t care if I have sex with men. She doesn’t care if I do double penetration, but she’s jealous when I have sex with other women.”

“This is the first time I talk to an admittedly lesbian escort who has sex with men.”

“This is my particularity, it is what makes me unique among all the escorts and allows me to succeed.”

“How can you get excited and have sex if men don’t care?”

“In threesomes with another woman, it is very easy, while if I am alone with a man, it is more difficult, and I have to work hard to think of a woman. When I have sex with my partner, I get penetrated by a strapon, so I can imagine that be my partner having sex with me. However, commitment and patience are required, and my skill makes me very proud. ”

“When did you start to realize you were a lesbian?”

“I tried to have sex with men, and every time I couldn’t reach orgasm or even get excited, while I was entirely at ease with girls. I tried to have sex with a woman by hiring a lesbian escort, and I have I had the best sex experience of my life. From that moment, I knew I was a lesbian. ”

“Why did you become an escort?”

“You know, I have always hated working. I hate the idea of ​​spending my time in activities that enrich other people. I wanted to be the master of my destiny, and I wanted to work only for myself. But I didn’t want to work on something hard. I liked sex, so I thought about becoming an escort. Initially, I chose to become an escort for women only, but I didn’t have many requests, so I tried to exceed my limits by becoming an escort for men and women. It wasn’t easy to have sex with men, but now I can do it without problems. ”

“Very interesting. I guess you can say with certainty that men and women have sex differently.”

“Yes, absolutely, and I have to tell you one thing: forget everything you’ve seen in lesbian porn movies. All you’ve seen is just garbage for straight males, real lesbians don’t have sex that way, and above all they don’t wear 6 inches high heels licking each other’s pussy, believe me. ”


“Because it’s inconvenient.”

“I understand. So all that is transmitted in these movies is false?”

“I can’t say it is fake, but it certainly is a parody of reality, a kind of game. You don’t have to take it seriously, otherwise when you understand that it’s not all as it seems it will be a bad time for you. I have clients who wanted to do certain positions, and I said no, because they were painful, or they wanted to see me masturbate with the stiletto of my heels. ”

“You did it?”

“No, I’m not crazy.”


The interview is over, the agency was right, Electra is really a different escort, and I’m happy to have interviewed her. I have a new story to tell.