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Dona Escort Interview

Even today, I have to interview a new hot Amsterdam escort girl, and I have prepared a topic that will undoubtedly trigger a great debate: safe sex.

In each announcement of the agency, it is clearly written that their escorts follow a strict safe sex policy to minimize any risk of transmitting diseases and problems. Hygiene is crucial in every aspect of life, and in sex, it is essential to be protected.

Personally, I’ve always had sex with condoms, and I’ve never used any other contraceptive or protective methods from sexually transmitted diseases. I very much appreciate the professionalism of the girls and their adherence to the policy of safe sex, but I want to have more information about it.

I will ask the hot Amsterdam escort girl that I have to interview today, Dona, a beautiful blonde girl with a sunny smile and a lovely body.

The agency told me that Dona has lots of customers, so she surely knows a lot about safe sex. Dona is the perfect escort for what I want to know.

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The meeting with Dona takes place in the lobby of the Hotel Sheraton in Amsterdam, during a break between one client and another. Dona has little time, and the questions are many, I have to start immediately and not to notice her beautiful body, her long legs, and very sensual purple high heels.

I have to be professional.

The interview can begin.

“Hi Dona, I want to thank you for having decided to spend some time with me. Greet all our readers.”

“Hi guys, I’m Dona. I have a story to tell, and I’m glad you’re here to read it.”

“The agency has a safe sex policy explained on the homepage. Every girl must adhere to this policy if she wants to work with the agency, right?”


“Do you need to take an exam before entering the agency?”

“Yes. First, the staff wants to see recent blood tests, then new tests are performed to see if there are incorrect values ​​or sexual diseases. If all the exams are OK, then you can start working in the agency. Even when we work, we have to make periodic medical analyzes and visits to the gynecologist. We are the products by which the agency makes money, and it is in their interest to put us all in a position to make as much money as possible by taking care of our health in the best way “I really appreciate what they do for us.”

“Can you also take additional exams?”

“Yes, I visit a private gynecologist regularly once a month and then compare the results with those of the agency’s gynecologist. I am a very thorough person, and I am afraid of diseases. For me, my health is my main priority. I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink, I try to have a healthy life, and I avoid fast food foods. My body allows me to make money, it’s in my interest to try to always have the best health possible. If I don’t have a medical certificate, I can’t work, and if I don’t work, I don’t make money. ”

“I understand. Briefly summarize the company’s policy on safe sex.”

“The policy is very simple. The main rule is only one: you only have sex with condoms, and this also includes blowjobs. Eating pussy is not allowed, but some girls offer it as an extra. I do not allow it, but I know many girls who accept and perform 69. The customer must accept this condition to have sex with us; otherwise, we cannot do it. Condoms are brought by us girls in a sealed package, or by customers, always in sealed boxes. And after sex, especially in the case of cumshot on the face or body. Personally, I don’t like the cumshot, but it’s an extra service that I only offer for more money. ”

“What happens to a girl who agrees to have sex without a condom?”

“You don’t have to do it. The rules must be respected. We girls have to report to the staff all the customers who want to have sex without a condom so as not to allow them to have sex with other girls. I don’t want to say that they are infected with any disease. I understand that some clients hate condoms, but our policy is extremely clear in this. It can’t be done, and we don’t know what problems the customer may have. One evening a client wanted to give me an extra € 50 for a blowjob without a condom, but I refused, and he got angry. When I finished having sex with him, I reported it to the staff. ”

“Are girls having sex without condoms fired?”

“Yes, and they can be forced to pay the penalty provided by our contract because they can put other girls or other customers at risk with this irresponsible behavior. Probably they do the same, but I have no evidence to accuse anyone. If I had any, I would not hesitate to report them to the staff. ”

“I understand. Do you have any personal tricks you incorporate into the policy?”

“Yes, when a man has his orgasm, I continue to do a handjob for a few minutes, and then I help him wash his cock with extreme care. I am incredibly scrupulous in this because the cock is for pleasure, but it is also the means to contract bacteria and infections. The cleaning of the cock is also fascinating for a man, and I prepare everything for a second sexual relationship. I also take lots of showers, and I have an intimate cleanser that I always carry with me when I go to a client’s hotel. But for me, hygiene is fundamental; it is also a question of professionalism. ”

“I see.”

“Our policy is rigorous but fair. I have known people who contracted AIDS, and it wasn’t nice. I don’t want to infect anyone and contract diseases.”


The interview is over. I appreciate Dona’s professionalism and scruples, she really is an example of prevention. You can be transgressive even by respecting the rules.

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