Escort Interview Dephane

Dephane Escort

Dephane Escort Interview

Every Amsterdam escort agency knows well that competition with all the other agencies is fierce, and that it is absolutely necessary to hire all the best girls present in Amsterdam to have a great advantage over the competition. That’s why the casting of the girls is always active and looking for the next big escort babe for the agency, and the selection criteria are really very strict. The staff of the agency told me that they have the greatest interest in selecting only the most motivated girls for this job and that they can immediately understand if a girl is suitable for doing this job. It is, therefore, evident that all the girls in the escort directory of the site are the best of the best, having passed a very tough selection.

I’m interested in understanding what happens during the casting, and if there are any tips to overcome it in the best way, and this is the topic of my interview with a beautiful escort named Dephane. Dephane has a sexy body and the right attitude for this job, and I’m sure he can give me all the answers I’m looking for.

The girl agreed to participate in the interview, and we decide to meet in Dam Square to walk and talk.

Dephane arrives wearing a yellow sweater, black jeans, and black heeled shoes. Dephane says she loves the hells and that she is perfectly used to walking even in stilettos.

Well, the interview can begin.

“Hi Dephane, thank you for being here with me.”

“The pleasure is mine, I love talking about myself and my experiences.”

“Greet the people who are reading this interview.”

“Hi everyone, I hope my words are interesting to you and thank you for taking a small part of your time to read this article. I am Dephane, a 23-year-old professional escort. I have been doing this job for two years, and I am very happy. It was not easy to get into the business, but I must say that the effort was worth it. ”

“The staff told me that casting selections for girls are extremely rigorous, is that true?”

“Strict fails to give the idea of ​​the severity of the recruiters. Those casting were the most difficult and stressful thing I have done in my life, much worse than my first job interviews.”

“Tell me more about the casting.”

“Well, you don’t have to do much to get an interview. You have to fill out the form found on the casting page of the site and attach photos. My advice is to send pictures where you can clearly see your body, but avoid being too vulgar. Take advantage of your creativity. The recruiters are now used to seeing naked girls, and something different will certainly attract their attention. Take professional photos and, for God’s sake, don’t take selfies, it’s the worst thing you can do. ”

“For what reason?”

“It is not a professional presentation. If you are not willing to invest some money in your future, by hiring a photographer, then it means that you are not really interested in becoming an escort. I do not entirely agree with this statement, but the recruiters think in this way, and this is my advice. ”

“Tell me about your casting, what happened?”

“I sent my application and the staff contacted me, saying they were interested in talking to me. I understood that it was my chance to enter the business, and I was determined to make the most of it. I spent much more time in the training of my body, I completely shaved, and I bought new shoes and clothes. I read a couple of personal growth books, and I decided to abandon all limits, adopting a new approach to my work. ”

“What kind of approach?”

“I had to be the best and not be afraid of anything. Before I became an escort, I had a normal sex life, and I had never done some of the things that are offered in the agency’s extra services. I could refuse to do them, and nobody would have me criticized for this, but I decided to try them, and I liked them. The idea of ​​trying new things was also appreciated by the recruiters and positively impressed them. ”

“In your opinion, is it better to tell the truth or some lie when attending an interview?”

“I am not against lies, especially if they are said for a good purpose. But it is better, to tell the truth. The recruiters are people who are experts in the interviews, and they can intuit immediately if a person is telling the truth or is lying.”


“Nothing sci-fi or paranormal. Some techniques allow you to understand if a person feels uncomfortable or is lying, such as noting if the other person avoids looking at you in the eye. Or if you avoid physical contact and use a lot of words to say a simple concept. ”

“What did you do?”

“I told the truth. I said that I liked sex and that I could do it with anyone, even in front of other people. I said that I don’t like anal sex very much, but I can do it if necessary and that I wanted to experience some of the things that were offered as an extra service. Telling the truth and having the right mental attitude are the best things to do in a casting. ”

“Do you have any other advice?”

“You don’t have to be nervous. Take all this as a game and as a new experience, and I’m sure you won’t have any problems. If they ask you to undress and trust me, it will happen, completely shave and take great care of your body. Who doesn’t taking care of her body will never be successful as an escort. ”

“Thank you for the advice, Dephane.”

“You are welcome.”

The interview is over.