Escort Interview Betty

Betty Escort Interview

My conversation with the beautiful hot Amsterdam escort Betty has generated a lot of controversies, and I decided to go deeper into the topic by talking to one of the escorts who collaborate with Betty during threesomes. The escort is called Saskya and is one of the most beautiful girls I saw in the agency.

Every single detail in Betty’s body and face is simply perfect and cannot be described in words. My advice is to hire her for one night because I’m sure Betty’s beauty will bewitch you.

The beautiful Betty is described as a sensual and malicious woman, entirely at ease in the most extreme situations and who loves having sex with several people at the same time. She is precisely the kind of escort I’m looking for, and I’m sure her answers to my questions will be controversial and will generate another interesting debate.

My meeting with the beautiful Betty takes place at the Casa Amsterdam hotel, and the hot Amsterdam escort arrives wearing a cute red dress and black stiletto heels. Betty always loves to be the center of attention, and with that outfit, it is really impossible to resist her charm.

I have to try to be professional and ask the best questions: time is short, and the questions I want to ask are many. I decide it’s time to start the interview.

“Hi Betty, I’m happy to have the chance to talk to you. Greet all the readers.”

“Hi readers, I’m Betty, and I thank you for taking the time to read this interview. I’ll do my best to make it interesting.”

“You are a professional escort, and you have no problems working with men and women, is that correct?”

“Yes, perfectly correct.”

“What are the differences you’ve noticed between men and women in sex?”

“In my opinion, the basic approach to sex is different. Let me explain: most of my clients are men who have seen many porn movies and have never really been able to realize their fantasies or imitate what actors do with pornstars “They try to do these things with an escort, because we are professionals and there is no real relationship with us, but only paid sex. Maybe their partners don’t like facial cumshot, and they are afraid of rejection. Not I know, but I know very well that I had to satisfy a lot of strange requests: the man is influenced by porn and wants to be a stallion, give orgasms to the woman and satisfy his pride, and I have understood that on many occasions I pretend to orgasms and overacting it’s the best way to make a man happy. ”

“Are you telling me you pretend orgasms?”

“I don’t like to pretend orgasm, because it means to deceive my clients, and this is something I hate, but I can’t always achieve a natural orgasm, so the best way to make them happy is to pretend. A satisfied customer will always come back for me. For many men, it is enough to have strong sex to give orgasms, but it is not so. Reaching an orgasm is different. ”

“Is it different from a woman?”

“Yes, every woman has a personal way of reaching orgasm, and penetration or scissoring is not always necessary. Women have a calmer approach to sex, and in many circumstances, I much more appreciate sex with a woman. Understanding the best way to give an orgasm is a lot more fun. ”

“I talked to your friend Saksya, and she told me that you and she are a very close-knit team in threesome. Thanks to your help, she avoided several bad performances.”

“Saskya is a great friend, I’m glad she said these things about me. She and I have a deep connection, and this bond has allowed us to always have sex spectacularly.”

“Did you have sex between you?”

“Yes, very many times.”

“Even with the strapon?”

“Sure, both in pussy and anal, and it’s an enjoyable experience.”


“Because a woman can’t reach orgasm with penetration, and then the strapon is an act of love towards the partner. Saskya penetrated me with a strapon until I reached orgasm and we have sex even now. ”

“Do you escort sex between you?”

“Yes, especially between gigolo and escort, but it is not rare to find bisexual escorts like Saskya and me who also enjoy themselves in private. For us, sex is not just work, but also a passion.”

“This is the first time I’ve discovered that two escorts are also lovers.”

“Thanks to our bond, we can give fantastic men and women sex together. We both have a very competitive character, and we always want to be the best, so we always look for new methods to bring man to orgasm and to win our friendly challenge. We also like to excite the man at the same time, and our double blowjob with tongue tricks can drive any man in the world crazy. ”

“Have you ever considered working with Saskya alone?”

“An escort couple?”


“Yes, but I’m not sure it could work.”


“One industry rule is to never mix love and work. I love Saskya, and she is a great friend, but I’m sure we would ruin our relationship by always working together. We work because our threesomes are special and don’t often happen “But constantly working together could make everything boring. This is a risk we don’t want to run.”

“Are you afraid of boredom?”

“Yes, very much. Being bored is the greatest fear of my life.”

“Is this job not boring? In the end, you always have sex.”

“Sex is boring only when done with boring people, and I always look for creative and interesting people.”


I thank the beautiful Betty, and I think how nice it would be to have sex with her and Saskya at the same time. The temptation is strong, and I could give up.