Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Trixy

The interview with TRIXY was different, we met at a private party at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, organized by our agency AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT, which is being held every year to encourage HOT girls and to award those who have become professional in ESCORT ART, with the best reviews and who deserve to become VIP ESCORT. We write a few party tickets and then choose each one.
I’ve meet TRIXY at the “LESBIAN SHOW” party, her luck that she is very good at it.
Every girl could come with someone, but the condition was to be a girl, according to the theme of the party.
That made the party even more interesting because there were LESBIAN GIRLS and only a few of them were BISEXUAL, TRIXY was one of them. We rented the luxury part of the hotel where we also benefit to the pool to have fun even more beautiful.
After celebrating the girls and giving the gifts (vibrators of all kinds, sexy lingerie, sex toys of all colors and sizes, lubricants and condoms) the fun has started 🙂
I staying and looked at the girls, retired in a corner, I looked at them and I was proud of everyone’s progress, we had the best team and the sexiest girls in AMSTERDAM.
Then I saw TRIXY, the craziest and courageous girl, or maybe have a crazy fun cheerleader that night. She dances so provocatively that she made you become a lesbian immediately. 🙂
The way she caressed her, the way she looked at you was charming.
After a while, I couldn’t see her anymore, because of the girls who had gathered around her, sexy and how good she could be!
I had to challenge her fast for a short interview, I had already seen what I needed, but I wanted to know something about her life.
After she warming the atmosphere, I caught a good time and talked to her.
I congratulated her for the most exciting dance I’ve ever seen in my life, then I asked her if she would like to work as an ESCORT, besides what he already does, dance for private parties.
My proposal made her smile, which I enjoyed, we even expected a positive answer with a lot of interest. She answered, she had another offer from another escort agency AMSTERDAM ESCORT and she wants to decide.
I was a little bit upsetting because of her feedback, but I don’t want to stress her and we continued our wonderful party.
At the end of the evening, she came to me and told me she was delighted to work with us because our girls are professional, kind and friendly.
She is now part of our HOT ESCORT GIRLS team and we are happy about this.