Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Rachel

The girl is waiting for me in the large hall of the Mercure Amsterdam hotel. Her name is Rachel, and she is one of the agency’s most famous escort, one of the best in Amsterdam, and my job is to interview her.
I need to know the reasons that led Rachel to become an escort and some special secrets.
The girl looks at me and smiles. Her smile is magnetic, and Rachel wears a beautiful jacket, pants, and black heels. My words can’t describe how lovely Rachel is, and I understand why she is always full of bookings.
Rachel gave me an appointment here because she will soon have a meeting with a client in one of these suites. He is already in the room waiting for her, and she arrived early to talk to me.
I absolutely have to ask some provocative questions.
“Hi Rachel, thank you for finding time for me.”
“Thanks to you, I am always happy to talk about myself and my work.”
“The first question is always the same: tell me about you and your work.”
“Well, my stage name is Rachel, and I’m 23 years old. I’m a professional escort, and I’ve been doing this job for three years.”
“How did you start this work?”
“Well, at first I didn’t want to become an escort. I’m a very private person, and I didn’t like to show off my body very much, even though now it’s my body that makes me make money. I worked for a couple of years as a secretary, then the company went bankrupt, and I found myself with nothing to do. ”
“I’m sorry. And why did you choose the escort job?”
“I needed the money, and my boyfriend was a big fan of pornography. His friends were all single, and they often went to the Red Light District to watch girls and have sex. My boyfriend always said I had a beautiful body and I could do many I didn’t care about using my body, but when I lost my job I needed the money, and in that context, the idea of using my body to make money wasn’t stupid. ”
“What happened?”
“First we took some pictures. Nothing pornographic, some erotic shots like me topless or I naked in sensual poses. The photos were very nice, and my boyfriend published them online in some forums. My pictures received great feedback, and even users said they would pay to have sex with me or to see more photos. At that moment, something clicked in my mind. I was looking for a way to make money, and I always had it before my eyes: my body. ”
“And what did you do?”
“I contacted these users asking if they were serious in saying that they would pay for sex with me. Almost all the users replied that they were joking, but two said they would actually pay for sex with me. We talked then, they paid, they paid, and I had sex with them. ”
“How did you feel?”
“I was both euphoric and sorry. I was sorry I sold my body to strangers and betrayed my boyfriend, but I was also euphoric for making so much money. Besides, my boyfriend had uploaded the photos online, he knew it could happen to all.”
“At that point did you choose to become an escort?”
“No, not at the beginning. My boyfriend and I interrupted our relationship for personal reasons, and I continued to be paid by those two users for some time. Photos, erotic videos, and some sexual encounters. I didn’t earn excessive amounts, but they were still a lot of money. ”
“You didn’t want to become an escort, but a series of situations got you into this business, right?”
“Yes, exactly. Suddenly those two users stopped looking for me. I found out they were engaged and that the game was starting to be too dangerous for them. Suddenly I had no sources of income, but the idea of making money with sex I liked it, and I didn’t want to look for other jobs. I contacted escort agencies, I passed the selections, and here I am with you. ”
“Are there any differences between the agency and your previous business model?”
“Yes. The agency is made up of professionals. I am regularly checked by a doctor, I have the right to a large percentage of my fee, I can refuse a particularly strange or insistent client, and I have a series of benefits. All of which I didn’t have when I worked alone. ”
“What clients does the agency have compared to the two forum users?”
“They are more mature and polite people. They have a lot more money and can pay for a series of extra services. And, if I can be honest, they have bigger cocks.” says Rachel, laughing.
“The last question: what do you recommend to a girl who wants to become an escort?”
“This job is not a game, and it is not as simple as it sounds. You have to have talent and aptitude for sex, to be able to have sex every day with different men, some not so beautiful. And first, you invest in your body. Your body is the means to make money, and you must take the utmost care. Go to the gym, eat healthy food, avoid smoking, alcohol, and McDonald’s. With a beautiful body and the right attitude, you can really make a lot of money. ”
“I learned that the job of an escort is very complex. Thank you so much, Rachel.”
“Thanks to you, I have to go now, my client is waiting for me, and I hate to be late.”

Rachel walks away, and I imagine her naked having sex with a lucky client.
Rachel, you’re lovely.