Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Katrina

Amsterdam Escort

On a special day, more specifically, on my birthday, I met Katrina. She was invited to my party by the Amsterdam Hot Escort girls, the madest and sexiest girls in this beautiful Amsterdam city.
The party took place at Bitterzoet, one of the most popular clubs.
Katrina, a beautiful girl with a HOT look, had to show us some sexy lingerie. Being a surprise for me, from my girls, the HOT ESCORT team, they knew I had a special attraction for an intimate and sensual lingerie, I have many already collected.
Her body was perfect, grabbed my attention in the first few seconds, OMG … without words.
I want to say, I wished all those sexy lingerie, which I received a gift from the girls and I was very happy.
I asked her to stay at the party, she had accepted my invitation with pleasure, which made me happy, then decided to entertain in our style. Many girls, the most beautiful and sexy, crazy and kinky, together with Katrina have taken half the club almost.
I had sufficient time at my party, to get to know her better, both I and the girls wanted her in our HOT ESCORT team and I asked her straight if she wanted to be part of this happy family.
I knew she was suitable for the escort job, I knew it would be a period of accommodation and I would need to have patience with her, but I was ready for everything, I felt it deserves and has a lot of potential, she was wonderful and very HOT.
She told me she had a proposal in the past to work with another escort agency Call Girls Amsterdam but she wasn’t ready to start an ESCORT LIFE.
The night was long but beautiful, besides the fun, the girls had to honor their appointments, some went away, others came, because the AMSTERDAM HOT ESCORT agency is always ready for our customers who want to have fun and feel good, regardless of day or night.
Besides to the received gifts for my birthday, KATRINA was one of them, has quickly integrated, she was part of the decoration, seems she has been working with us for a very long time.
Now she is very desirable, she’s a special girl has a lot of patience, very SEXY, friendly, with a great desire to have fun, a perfect company for all kinds of people and age is one of the best girls in our agency, we are proud of she’s progress. Good job Katrina !