Escort Interview Behind Appearances – Jolene

Every interview is different, some people are really amazed, others come as they go, and you do not remember at all! The most bizarre thing is that some interviews occur when you do not expect when you feel you have found the ideal person for your team! Usually when you do not expect things to go even better than planned!

I still remember that Saturday night, we were planning to go to BANANA BAR, a very popular erotic club in the RED LIGHT DISTRICT!

I did not want to go out, but I did not get away from my best friend Devlin manager of ART’OTEL AMSTERDAM Hotel and had a strong power of persuasion! When we got there, it was a pleasant atmosphere, it was a very popular erotic club, and for me, it was the first experience of its kind!

At one point, the music changed, and a professional dance started at the bar!

Her name was JOLENE and attracted my attention both in the way she looked and how she was moving! Her long hair and her seductive green eyes fit perfectly with the shapes of her goddess’s body! JOLENE was a woman who knew how to seduce by any movement, look or touch!

She danced, smiled and attracted the eyes like a magnet. She knew very well what wonderful body she had and how to use it to be desired!

JOLENE was dressed in a sexy latex suit with a very provocative neckline that attracted every man’s eyes!

Her body moves very provocatively and erotic as a piece of seduction! Her eyes penetrate you and make you tremble. I saw this in the eyes of the men there! When I saw her naturalness to seduce I intended to try and add her in the escort team, JOLENE is the ideal escort and the dream of any man!

After the wonderful dance, I approached her, and I told her I wanted to talk and she agreed!

We decided to have lunch the next day at HAESJE CLAES AMSTERDAM to discuss everything in more detail!

JOLENE was not just a beautiful woman; she was very intelligent and knew very well what she wanted! She told me she was 23 years old and she was a professional dancer for four years, for her dance is a language of the body that helps her seduce and makes her feel desirable and erotic!

I asked her if she would attract her escort life and if she wanted to become a top escort, and she smiled and told me she liked the challenges, and the escort life was a challenge and a desire for her!

JOLENE told me that she loves to discover new things about sex and wants to be the best in what she does and that she would like to become a luxury escort, to do something she likes and to become rich!

JOLENE is very cheerful and playful, and her energy is limitless, she’s already in our year agency and makes us smile daily!

Just as she wanted, she is one of the best escorts. She has become very rich but still does not want to give up her escort life!

Escort life is part of it, and it’s her way of being natural without masks! It’s what she wants!