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Anika Escort Interview

During my interviews, I noticed that I focused a lot on talking about girls who work in Amsterdam, leaving aside some aspects of the work of the hot Amsterdam escort girls that would deserve further study. For this reason, I decided to deepen this topic with the next girl, a beautiful escort named Anika. The topic that I want to deepen are the travels that the escorts make together with the clients, in Holland or in other parts of Europe.

The staff told me that Anika offers this service, and therefore I organized a meeting with this beautiful Amsterdam escort babe. Anika and I have chosen the Belushi bar in Amsterdam as an informal meeting place, to be able to speak without the danger of being disturbed.

Anika arrives wearing a floral dress, black heels, and a ponytail. A casual but very sensual look.

I also noticed that the bartender seems very interested in Anika’s body.

I don’t want to waste any more time, it’s time to start the interview.

“Hi Anika, thank you for being here with me.”

“Thanks to you, I hope to be useful and to help you with your story.”

“I’m sure you will help me. Please introduce yourself to all our readers.”

“Hi everyone, I am Anika, and I am a professional escort. I am 24 years old, and I come from Russia. I offer many extra services to each client, who can fully customize his Amsterdam escort experience with me.”

“How many years have you been working as an escort?”

“For 4 years, I started when I was 20 years old.”

“For what reason?”

“There were several reasons for my choice. For example, the most trivial reason: money. I wanted to earn a lot without working or doing something I liked. The only thing I always liked to do was sex, and that’s why I chose to become a professional escort. I love my job, I’m not ashamed to say what I do to people, and I wouldn’t change anything of everything I did. ”

“What are the other reasons?”

“I wanted to get away from my city because it was small and did not offer what I wanted from life. The only solution was to go away and look for what I wanted elsewhere, and that’s exactly what I did. Amsterdam is the perfect place for me because it offers everything I’m looking for. I can do what I want, there are a thousand opportunities for work, fun, and independent business. I love this city, and I would like to be born here. ”

“I understand. You are in love with Amsterdam.”

“Exactly, there is no other similar place in Europe. I am curious to see Las Vegas, and one day I will see it, you can be sure of it.”

“And the third motivation?”

“I love to travel. In addition to sex, traveling is my great passion. I love seeing new places, other cultures, tasting the food of each nation. There is no better feeling than arriving in a new place and discovering what it offers. Until I started working as an escort, I couldn’t travel because I didn’t have the money, while now I can move as much as I want. ”

“What places have you visited, and which are your favorites?”

“I have visited all of Europe, and when I have more time, I want to go to Japan and America, especially New York and Las Vegas. Do I dream of visiting Polynesia and spending time in Australia. My favorite places to travel in Europe? Definitely Prague. You must visit it at least once; that city is absolutely magical; it has a magnetic charm that I cannot describe in words. And then I love Italy, the sun, the sea, and the best food in the world. to visit a new Italian place. ”

“I wanted to talk to you about the travel service that some escorts offer. Can you travel with the client or go on vacation with him?”

“I would love to do it, but unfortunately, the agency’s rules prevent it. I can only travel to Amsterdam with the client, for example, visiting a place, or going to a restaurant. For security reasons, I cannot travel to other places.”

“For security reasons?”

“Yes, you never know who you are traveling with, and the more polite client might have another side. I know some girls who have had bad experiences, it could be the idea for a series of interviews.”

“You’re right, Anika, you gave me a wonderful idea. So when you’re traveling outside Amsterdam, you’re not working, right?”

“Exactly. All the trips I made were holidays. I can travel whenever I want, and I usually do it after an intense period of work. In this job, your body is subjected to very strong stress, and rest is essential. Working too much, it’s not good for business. ”

“I understand. I thought you escorts traveled everywhere with clients.”

“Travel escorts are girls who travel from city to city, on a perennial tour and meet customers, while we who always work in the same city must accept the rules of the agencies if we want to work with them. Some agencies have no problems in making their girls travel all over Europe, while Amsterdam Hot Escort has this rule. Personally, I’m not too fond of it, because I would love to travel without spending anything, all paid by my client, but I can also understand their point of view. We babes are their core business, and they have the duty and all interest in protecting us. I can say that it is a compromise to be accepted n order to work with a professional structure such as that of an escort agency. Alternatively, I could work as a freelance escort, but I don’t want to. ”


“The agency helps me in marketing and manages all my bookings. Working alone, I should do all these things alone, and I don’t want to waste time. I have the opportunity to travel when I’m not working, and that’s enough for me.”

“I understand. Thank you for your time.”

“You are welcome.”

The interview is over.