Anal Sex In Amsterdam

Anal Sex

Anal Sex In Amsterdam

Needless to try to deny it, the Ass Sex is the forbidden dream of many men. Most of us grew up watching porn movies, where Butt Sex was a constant. We saw beautiful women, looking forward to taking it up to the ass and doing bareback sex, and we were ready to masturbate seeing bareback sex. It was an act of sodomy, which was condemned by moralists, and for this reason, it exercised an incredible charm on us. Everyone, therefore, dreamed of finding a woman who is happy to taking it up to the ass and have a good butt-fucking with us.

For most people, this dream never came true, but now it is finally possible, thanks to our Amsterdam escort agency! Yes, we have selected the best girls from all over Amsterdam, and we are sure to offer you the best assfuck Amsterdam Escort Service ever!

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know to get the most out of our anal penetration service with one of our beautiful Amsterdam escort girls, all ready to taking it up to the ass!

If you love bumfuck, then keep reading this article, and you will discover all the secrets on how to have the best Anal Intercourse of your life!

So, what is the Anal Intercourse?

There are many ways to call anal sex (bum sex, sodomy, ass sex, assfuck, bumfuck, or butt sex), and this way of having sex is still considered a transgressive act and that only a few people can have the privilege of having done. Indeed, in some countries of the world, Anal Penetration is considered a grave act of sodomy, punished with the death sentence or life imprisonment.

Fortunately, we allow people to have a good anal intercourse, and our agency is the leader in the ass sex industry!

The assfuck is the practice of having sex by inserting the penis into the woman’s anus, which must be ready for taking it up to the ass.

Making an anal penetration obviously does not aim to procreate, but only to have sex, to give and receive pleasure in an intense and transgressive way.

People who do bum sex, in fact, say that the sensation of penetration is much more intense, and you can reach orgasm much more easily thanks to a good butt-fucking. Our girls confirmed these words, saying that the penetration into a bumfuck is much more intense and manages to give more pleasure for much longer.

There are many variations of anal sex, from the softer ones (with a lot of vaseline or lubricant, for example), to the more extreme ones, which involve the use of anal retractors, vibrators made specifically for anal penetration and even bareback sex, which means having sex without any kind of protection.

Here are some tips to get the best out of the butt sex that our girls offer to all our customers.


Forget Porn

Many people have sex like they see it in porn movies, but very often it is not, especially in anal sex. Anal sex is a very private practice, and you have to remember that our escorts are not porn stars and that they might not appreciate rough assfuck. Sex must be pleasure and fun, not pain.


Take it easy

There is no reason to rush into bum sex, especially since it is always better to spend some time preparing for the asshole. Follow the instructions of the escort babe that you have hired, especially on the things to do before the penetration and on which position to implement for the first phase of the butt-fucking. Always remember not to force the escort to do something she doesn’t want in order not to ruin your Bum Sex Amsterdam Escort Experience.


Always use lube

Anal penetration is not a natural penetration since the asshole is not as elastic as the vagina and does not prepare for the penetration by secreting the vaginal fluid. In order to successfully penetrate an asshole without causing pain, it is, therefore, necessary to properly lubricate it, even during penetration. Our girls always recommend licking the asshole, using saliva and fingers to start enlarging it, and then applying a lot of lubricant to the condom and asshole. Apply the oil whenever necessary, and bring a bottle of the best brand lubricant with you. It might be useful.

Ask our advice

We know our escort babes better than anyone else. All girls have complete freedom to choose what services to offer to customers, and therefore not all girls can appreciate the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking it up to the ass. If you want to be sure that a particular Amsterdam Escort Girl enjoys anal sex, ask us for advice before choosing it for your Anal Penetration Amsterdam Escort Experience. In the event that the girl does not appreciate the assfuck, we can offer you valid alternatives. Always remember not to force the escort to do something that isn’t listed in her services, even by offering money.


Play with the vagina too.

Several girls have told us that initially, they feel a lot of pain in anal sex, especially if they only penetrate the asshole without having vaginal sex. Do not neglect the vagina, and lick it and stimulate it before having anal sex. If possible, put the vaginal fluid on the condom to facilitate the entry of the cock into the ass.

Some girls have told us that if they are stimulated in the clitoris during anal penetration, they have much more pleasure and less pain.

Anal sex in Amsterdam, together with a beautiful Amsterdam Escort Agency Girl, is one of the experiences that all men in the world must have at least once in their life, and we will be happy to allow you to have the best assfuck of your life with our girls.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you are ready for the anal penetration of your life!