Virginity in Amsterdam

virginity Amsterdam

Virginity in Amsterdam

Losing my virginity had become a torment for me, a real reason for living, and I could not tolerate the idea of ​​being the only one of my group of friends to still be a virgin. My name is Max, and I am a 22-year-old boy, and, as you will surely understand, I have a problem with my virginity. I want to have sex, like all boys of my age, but virgin sex (masturbation and self-eroticism) is not the best, and I can’t really satisfy my sexual urges as I would really like.

I am not a bad boy, I do a lot of sport, I study, and I have a beautiful body, but I am tremendously shy with girls, and I hate discos and closed places where there are too many people. I tried going to the disco several times with my friends to find a beautiful girl and lose my virginity, but every time the end of the evening was the same: I got bored on a sofa, drunk and looking for a way to pass the time waiting for the music to end.

I can’t talk to women, it’s my limit. I have to be drunk to do it and have the help of a friend, a supporter who can make me feel safe and revive the moments of awkward silence that occur in my conversations.


“My life sucks. I absolutely have to lose my virginity by the end of the year, or I will have no respect for myself anymore.” I thought. But I didn’t know how to do it, until one day I saw an advertisement that talked about virgin sex Amsterdam, and that called Amsterdam the city of pleasure. Many virgin boys went to Amsterdam to make virgin sex and lose their virginity with a GFE, girlfriend experience.

I didn’t understand what the GFE was, but I understood one thing: Amsterdam city of pleasure, I had to go there if I wanted to make virgin sex and stop being a virgin!

From that moment, virgin sex Amsterdam became an obsession for me. Every minute of my free time was dedicated to getting to know Amsterdam city of pleasure and the best girlfriend experience services. In a short time, I had become a real GFE expert and knew everything a virgin had to know to make virgin sex in Amsterdam.

I had only one problem now: going to Amsterdam and not being a virgin anymore. I didn’t want to go alone to the city and started tormenting all my friends. We never knew what to do in New Year, and I proposed the idea of spending that night in Amsterdam city of pleasure.

My proposal was greeted with enthusiasm because it was a win-win situation. My friends would go to Amsterdam city of pleasure to attend the most famous coffee shops and dance in the clubs of Dam Square, while I would have finally made my virgin sex, and I would have finally lost my virginity.

I was so determined to do it that I made a solemn promise to myself: I would not have come back from Amsterdam still a virgin.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we were all excited about the adventure that awaited us. My friends knew all about my virgin situation, and our trip to Amsterdam was nicknamed “virgin Amsterdam.”

Yes, my friends have a strange sense of humor.

However, the first night in Amsterdam was devoted to planning my GFE, the girlfriend experience. I had reviewed all the escort sites in the city and selected, the site that had the best reviews, and I chose a beautiful escort for my virgin sex. The girl’s name was Suzana, and she was terrific. All my life I had dreamed about a girlfriend experience with a beautiful girl like Suzana and I had lost count of the times I had masturbated for less beautiful girls, and now I had the chance to have sex with this goddess!

I didn’t believe what was happening.

I talked to Suzana for a few minutes before the meeting, and I told her that I am a virgin and that would be my virgin sex. She was sympathetic and promised that she would take care of everything, like a real GFE.

These words and Suzana’s sweet and protective attitude put me at ease, and performance anxiety has vanished. I had the eyes of a tiger, I wanted to lose my virginity!

The first stop of our virginity sex was a dinner in the Vinkeles restaurant in Amsterdam. My friends knew of my intentions and preferred to go to Dam Square to try to pick up girls.

Suzana was terrific when I first saw her. The girl had worn the outfit I loved (heels, pants, a black jacket, and a white shirt), with light makeup. As soon as I saw Suzana, I felt a powerful erection in my pants: my cock told me it was time to lose my virginity, and he would never forgive me in case of failure.

The evening at the restaurant was a real success. The food was delicious, the wine delicious (I am not a wine expert, but I gladly drank two glasses), and Suzana’s company was priceless.

The GFE was beautiful; she behaved just like a real girlfriend, interested in everything I did, in my story, and in everything I wanted to do on our virgin sex night.

I was happy to have chosen Suzana from all the Amsterdam escorts because she was professional and really interested in making me happy. I couldn’t wait to have sex with her, so I literally devoured the cake so I could go to the bedroom to finally have sex.

The beautiful Suzana had brought a pair of high heels open, white lingerie, and she performed a sensual striptease just for me.

Excuse me if I don’t go into the details of my virgin sex, but it was the first time I had sex, and I would like the details to remain private. Anyway, go to Amsterdam and have sex with a beautiful escort, and only in this way can you say that you have really had sex.