Striptease in Amsterdam

Amsterdam stripper

The first thing I want to say before telling my whole story is that I have never used an escort service in my life, even if for business or personal reasons I spend a lot of time in the Dutch capital. But let me tell you the story of the Amsterdam stripper.

I am a shy boy, but somehow he has always managed to have a girl with whom to have sex, and I never thought about spending money this way. Maybe I have an “old school” mentality, but I think the real seducer is the man who does not have to pay for the chance to have sex with a woman.

Instead, my friend Vincent has a particular philosophy of life, which pursues pleasure and vice, and Vincent loves to spend his free time with some high-class escorts and often wants to convince me to do the same.


“Jan, you do not have to waste time, you have to understand that there are lots of female escorts ready to do everything for you, you just have to pay the right price, I can not understand what you’re waiting for.”

“You know, I do not love these things.”

“Try it, at least once, you can not know whether you like it or not if you do not try it at least once … One night with an Amsterdam escort will change your life forever, and you will thank me for it!”


In short, this was my situation, I did not want to attend an escort, but at the same time, I did not want to fight with my friend. Vincent could be very insistent in many circumstances, and eventually, he managed to convince me to go with him and other friends to a club in Amsterdam, the Escape, to dance and to meet some girls.

Initially, Vincent had not told me that they were escort girls, and he revealed the secret to me just before the meeting.

That revelation made me very angry, but when I saw her, all my anger disappeared immediately because she was all I had always dreamed of in a girl.

She was a wonderful brunette girl, with a stunning body, a gorgeous sight and she was incredibly provocative, with high boots, a denim miniskirt, and a black tank top.

Vincent knew very well that I love the brunette, and he had specially selected that girl to make me fall in love immediately.

I hated Vincent for that joke, but at the same time, I loved him for making me meet with that stratospheric girl.

The girl saw us and smiled.

A smile so spontaneous and natural, it was impossible not to love her immediately, that smile made her brown eyes shine, and her face seemed to spread joy and love all around her.

Can you fall in love in a second just thanks to a smile?

Yes, I fell in love with that girl after seeing her smile for the first time.

That girl was with some other escorts, but I can really say that she was special, she had some special qualities that made her unique, and you could immediately notice her presence inside a room.

Yes, I was just looking at that beautiful brunette, and I did not pay the slightest attention to the other girls.

At that moment my decision not to attend an escort ever wavered significantly.

My friend Vincent had immediately noticed my change and smiled.

It was all organized; it was a ruse to make me understand that the escorts are beautiful, and I was stupid not to attend them.

Mission accomplished, Vincent, a great success, you could not achieve a better result.

Vincent must have noticed my expression, and he approached me with a big smile on his face.


“So, Ja, did you see that sexy escort girl? You’re missing these things for your stupid bias.”

“You tricked me,” I said, but I could not be angry with Vincent.

“A deception for a good purpose, so I did not betray our friendship.”


Vincent always had the answer ready for everything.


Anyway, I was dazed in front of that girl, I could not speak, my head was in total confusion, it was the first time that happened to me, and I had a lot of thoughts that went into my brain, feelings I had never had before.

The temptation to find her contact on the web and call her to book sex with her (contrary to my principles, but she was too beautiful!).

The desire to see her body.

The excitement of thinking about her tits.

I wanted to find out if she had a shaved pussy (I love it!).

The image of me having sex with her in doggy style, until the final orgasm.

All these thoughts had made me excited, and I could see that the beautiful brunette had noticed my erection. I do not have a big dick, not like that of Rocco Siffredi or Johnny Sins, but no girl has ever been disappointed by my size, and I wore slim-fit pants, so my erection was clearly visible.

My first reaction was to die of shame, it was a great humiliation for me, but the girl did not seem at all amazed, angry or embarrassed. Indeed, my erection seemed to excite and please her.

It was a strange feeling, maybe it was all in my head, but I had the impression that she was smiling.

Needless to say, that smile transformed my erection into something even harder, like marble, almost on the verge of physical pain.

At that moment I had only one thought in my head.


“I have to have sex with this girl, or I will never forgive myself, I have to fuck her at any cost.”

That thought had disintegrated my moral principles, and Vincent laughed.

Vincent was my personal Mephistopheles, and I was Dr. Faust. By now the line had been gone, and I could not go back, I had to have sex with that kinky escort as soon as possible.

Maybe even tonight?

I had to talk to her and find out, get her phone number, know how to book a meeting with her.

But the first thing to do was introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Jan, nice to meet you.”

“My pleasure, I am Daisy. Vincent spoke to me a lot about you.”

“I hope positively,” I said, trying to be funny, while inside of me I exploded with shame. I was a terrible actor, and even more lousy comedian.

“In a positive way, or in a negative way, the important thing is that you talk about it.” This is a fundamental law of marketing. ”

“I agree.”


It was incredible, this girl knew about marketing and seemed able to talk about anything. I was speechless, she was my ideal girlfriend.


“Do you want to go dancing with me?” said Daisy.



I hate discos, they are too crowded and confused places, where I can not talk to girls, but I would also go to Hell for Daisy.

She could dance perfectly, sensuously, like the best dancer in the world. Every man in the nightclub looked at her with desire, and I was full of jealousy.

That feeling was strange, she was not my girlfriend or my wife. She was a perfect stranger until a few minutes ago, but I wanted her.

I had to have sex with her and spend time with the sweet Daisy.

I decided I had to act immediately and started dancing with her, hugging her and making her feel my erection against her legs.

“Do you have a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” said Daisy.


It was one of the oldest jokes in the world, but I laughed anyway.

“I want to have sex with you,” I said, amazed by my initiative.

“Very well dear,” said Daisy. “You must contact the agency and book an appointment with me in one of our three services.”

“What services?”

Amsterdam Restaurant ServiceCity Tour, and Hotel Service.”

“What are the differences?”

“In Restaurant Service, you and I will have a romantic dinner in a club in Amsterdam. In the City tour, we will visit the location you want, while in our hotel room I can finally play with this one.” Daisy said, resting her hand on my erection and kissing me passionately.

I must confess, at that moment I seriously risked to cum in my underwear.

“I want to do all the services with you, anything.”

“Contact the agency and book everything, follow their procedure first, the better, because I have lots of customers, and I do not want to wait before play with this,” she said, still touching my cock.

“I will do it tomorrow.”

“Vincent knows the whole procedure, you have to talk to him,” said Daisy.


I spent the rest of the evening in a trance, without remembering anything and with a stupid smile on my face, while Daisy danced and enjoyed herself.

The next day I approached Vincent, asking for advice on how to book a meeting with Daisy.


“Finally, I do not understand what you were waiting for.” my friend said.

“I have to have sex with Daisy, and she told me that you know all the rules.”

“To book a meeting with her is very easy, first of all, you have to go to the agency’s website,, and you have to contact the staff to find out if Daisy is free.”

“Why do I have to contact the staff? I thought I would contact Daisy directly.”

“No, the staff is the filter to prevent non-professional people from contacting girls, and they can also direct you to the right girl for your fantasies.”

“I do not understand.”

“Simple, if for example, you love anal sex, then you have to look for a hot Amsterdam escortwho agrees to do it, and the staff knows which girls do it, and which do not.”

“But I only want Daisy.”

“Perfect, the staff knows all the preferences of the escort girl, and they can tell you immediately the things she agrees to do and what not. You can try to convince her to do what she does not like by paying extra, everything has a price, but she has the power not to accept. ”

“I understand, and after contacting the staff?”

“You will have to communicate the pornstar you have chosen, the date of the meeting and the type of service chosen, and they will ask questions.”

“What are the differences between services? What is the best? Daisy can perform a strip for me?”

“Each service has a specific purpose. The restaurant is perfect to know the escort Amsterdam, to spend a pleasant and enjoyable evening. The City tour is ideal for social events, such as theater events, rock concerts, disco events, and similar events. When you met Daisy, the service I had paid was the City Tour.

Last but not least, Hotel Service is dedicated only to sex, in all possible forms. You have to book the hotel and a taxi for the girl, and then you can have sex without problems. ”

“I understand.”

“There are general rules for all services,” said Vincent, who had now become my personal Virgil, “which are mainly rules of common sense and education.”

“What are these rules?”

“Education and respect for all the service, you are an escort, but that does not mean you can disrespect them, you are a professional, but first of all you are a person.

Also, you can not try to get extra services, and all charges are at your expense, from dinner to restaurant to hotel bill.

Sexy escorts love cleanliness, and so make sure you’re clean and stylish, and use a condom, do not try to have sex without protection; otherwise, you’ll immediately go into the agency’s blacklist. ”


“Do not try to force Daisy to do something she does not want and does not try to contact her directly.”

“Thanks, Vincent.”

“Try the beautiful Daisy, and you will thank me.”

I followed Vincent’s advice, and I contacted the site staff, to talk about the meeting with Daisy, and chose the Restaurant service to start.

At this point I must absolutely review all my experience, abandoning my story to describe the planning process of the meeting with Daisy and all that happened later.

Forgive me, but a review is more suitable to describe all my experience with this hot Amsterdam escort.

The first thing to say is that the website is really well done. I immediately found Daisy’s profile, and she was even more beautiful.

I could no longer control my excitement, and I sent an email to the staff, asking to be able to book a meeting with the beautiful Daisy.

I had to wait for an answer, and I believed that the response times would be long, but instead, the staff responded to my email in a few minutes, asking me to explain the type of service required and if I had specific requests for outfits and sexual performance.

All these requests were made with complete education and professionalism, and I did not feel uncomfortable booking a meeting with an escort for the first time in my life.

I obviously chose Daisy, and for a start, I decided to select the Amsterdam Restaurant Service.

The staff told me about Daisy’s food preferences. She is a very caring person and does not like fast food, pizzerias, or places where you can eat poor quality food. My choice was the Eatmosfera restaurant, where I had dinner several times, always in an excellent way.

The staff approved my choice and asked me if I had preferences for Daisy’s outfit, listing the guidelines, which are really simple:


– The girl can wear an outfit she owns, she will send pictures of clothes that are close to the client’s requests.

– I can buy a specific dress for the meeting, sending it to the girl, or buying it with her.

– The suit must be suitable for the context. Being a sexy escort is fine, but you should not exaggerate and make vulgar requests, such as short dresses without panties, or similar things.

– You can choose what type of shoes to wear, make-up and accessories.


In short, I can customize Daisy.

It was a strange feeling, but I liked the idea of dressing her as I wanted, and I decided I wanted Daisy to wear red shoes, a black dress, a gold necklace, and a very elegant make-up.

The staff answered me that he would send my request to Daisy, and she would answer me if the outfit was possible or not.

The response from escort Amsterdam was speedy, and she sent me a series of pics of her clothes, and she wore them so that I could select my favorite.

Really very fast, the communication of the staff and Daisy deserves five stars.

I booked at the restaurant after Daisy gave me confirmation of her availability for the chosen date, and I only had to wait.


I must immediately admit that my experience with the marvelous Daisy has gone well beyond my brightest expectations.

I am extremely satisfied, the best money spent in my life, and I can not wait to do it again.

Let’s start from the beginning, and I must confess that I was extremely nervous before the meeting at the restaurant, because it was my first time with a hot Amsterdam escort, and I did not know what to do. Besides, I was still a bit ashamed because she was an escort, and I was just paying for her time and body.

I was tempted to call the staff and cancel everything or to send Vincent to my place, but by now I had crossed the line, and going back was impossible.

One of my life mottoes is “do not start what you can not finish,” and I wanted to keep my word, at any cost.

Also, in the worst scenario, everything would be solved in a dinner with an awkward silence, I could survive it.

The restaurant was perfect, the best location for the meeting, and Daisy was beautiful. I had already seen some photos of the outfit, but she was even more stunning.

Without words to describe it. I wish I could do it, but it’s really impossible for me.

Imagine being in front of the most beautiful thing in the world, and multiply your amazement a thousand times, and perhaps you will approach what I felt at that moment.

It was perfect, me, Daisy, our meeting.

The dress was perfect on her body, I loved her heels, and Daisy was a real model.

So I can say that Daisy has fulfilled my requests to perfection.

Daisy turned out to be a pleasant company throughout the evening, and not only from an aesthetic point of view.

With her I was able to have an immediate feeling, we immediately found an incredible harmony, both in words and in non-verbal communication.

My biggest fear was the silences full of embarrassment that could be generated during dinner, because I’m not too good at talking when the conversation is not natural, and she is an escort who is at the restaurant with me only for work. I mean, she does not really want to be there with me, I do not know if I explain myself.

But those silences full of embarrassment were not there, of course, there were moments where we two did not speak, but I did not feel the need to say something just not to remain silent.

Silence has become part of the conversation and of our evening in an entirely natural way, and I’m really euphoric because my main fear has vanished.

Daisy was an excellent company, we talked about any subject, and my prejudice that classified escorts as women without culture and superficial melted like snow in the sun in front of rhetoric, literature and Daisy’s ability to have a conversation around any topic, from sports to politics, from business to technology. And of course sex.

One of the things that turned a typical dinner at a restaurant with a sexy girl in an erotic experience was the small provocations launched by the seductive Daisy.

Throughout the evening the girl smiled seductively, used her tongue to excite me, showed her neckline, and made sexual jokes.

Besides, she used her shoes and feet to provoke me, and at one point I felt Daisy’s foot above my erection, and I almost lost control.

Yes, I have a slight passion for female feet, and one of my erotic fantasies is the footjob with heels, and I knew that Daisy was the perfect girl to make it.

The restaurant was the ideal setting for this splendid evening. Coupled with great food and an excellent company of women have created one of the most beautiful evenings of my life.

Many people argue that time is relative and that in some boring ten-minute situations seem to be an hour, and in fun situations, time seems to go faster.

Dinner with the sexy Amsterdam escort is one of these cases, the time seemed to go on fast at 4x, and we arrived at dessert without almost realizing that the dinner was almost over.

I paid the bill with a bittersweet feeling. I was happy for the evening we had spent together, but I was also sad because it was over too soon.

I wanted to spend more time with Daisy, and I remembered that Vincent had talked about some extra kinky escort services, so I tried to talk to Daisy about it.


“Vincent told me you also offer extra services.”


“What kind of services?”

Sexual services, more time together, things like that.”

“I want to spend more time with you tonight.”

“I already have a booking in a club, but you can come with me, we’ll go to the private room, and you’ll get a free show.”


Those were the words I wanted to hear, so we went to the place where Daisy had the booking, the Sex Club Golden Key, where I saw so many other beautiful girls.

Daisy told me to wait and enjoy the shows, she had to talk to some clients, and then she would come back to me as soon as possible.

I paid the extra amount, and she gave me a big french kiss.

I would have paid any price for that girl.

As I waited for Daisy’s return, I watched the girls in the club. They were all magnificent, but Daisy had something more, she was much more attractive, and her attitude was unique, it was the result of the careful selection of girls by the staff of the agency, and that really made a difference with the girls of a club.

Mark my words, if you really want the top escort holland, contact the agency, and you will have in front of the best girls in all of Europe.

They are more expensive than the club’s girls, but the quality has its price.

The wait was not long, and I could understand that Daisy had first to honor her bookings with the other customers, but I was slightly jealous.

The other girls tried to get to know me and try to make me spend some money, but I was not interested in them, just my kinky escort, and when Daisy came back, the other girls immediately realized that there was no chance of competing with her.


“Excuse me, are you bored?”

“No, I was waiting for you.”

“Now I have time just for you, let’s go to the private room.”


The place had private rooms to spend time in privacy with the girls, and Daisy took me to the largest, where there were a sofa and a stereo.

Daisy switched on the stereo and beautiful music spread through the air.


“Now you will have what you paid for and waited all evening. You will not regret it, ” she said, starting to move extremely sinuously.

It was my first live striptease show, and Daisy did not have too many clothes to take off, but if all the striptease were like that, I’d be a regular nightclub customer.

I will try to describe the scene to the best of my ability, but certain performances must be seen to be understood.

I hope you understand me.

Daisy moved in an extremely sinuous way, that girl was fused with the music, every movement was perfectly synchronized with the melody, she was really a perfect stripper, who moved her hips, shoulders and the whole body to perfection.

Needless to say, I was very excited, now I had lost control, and I stripped naked, with a penis hard like iron.

I did not know what to do, but I could no longer stay dressed.

Daisy saw my erection and smiled, then, with a very rapid movement, she took off her dress, revealing that underneath had already removed her panties.


“Surprise just for you,” he said, continuing to dance.


Daisy was shaved, and the image of this beautiful woman who wore only the high heel shoes was too exciting, and I began to masturbate quickly at the sight of that show.

Daisy, however, suddenly stopped, and stared at me disappointed.


“Maybe I passed the sign.” I thought, interrupting masturbation.

“You should not do it,” said Daisy, looking angry.

“Sorry,” I said, incredibly enraptured.

“I must be masturbating,” she said, grabbing my cock and starting to masturbate me.

And let me say that no girl has masturbated me so well as Daisy.

Daisy continued to masturbate me with so much energy as she climbed over me and kissed me with passion.

My mind was a whirlwind of emotions, and I tried in every way not to have an immediate orgasm, but to resist another minute at least.

Daisy kissed me, and I touched her ass and her tits. The skin was soft, the physical contact was beautiful.


“Why did I wait all this time?” I thought.


I sucked on Daisy’s nipples as she continued with the handjob.


“I’m coming,” I said.

“Then we must stop,” she said, going to her purse, while I was holding my orgasm with difficulty.

Daisy pulled out a condom.

I remembered Vincent’s words about the mandatory use of condoms. I had not paid for the cumshot, and Daisy acted like a real professional.

The girl put the condom on the dick, then kissed it.


“Thanks for letting me know,” she said. “Many customers are not so kind.”

“I am polite and respect you.”

“I know,” she said, licking my dick as she continued the handjob.

I could no longer resist, I wanted to have sex with her, but now the orgasm was too close, and I did not want to waste the chance to have sex with Daisy for at least an hour. I had already decided that I would book the Amsterdam Hotel service for a great session of escort porn as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the idea of having a beautiful naked girl with high heels masturbating was too much for me, and I cum really a lot inside the condom.

I was out of breath, the most intense orgasm of my life, and Daisy kissed the dick one more time and give me the final french kiss.

Daisy took off the condom and then went to the bag, to take what I call the “cleaning kit,” or handkerchiefs and wet wipes to allow me to remove the semen.

Daisy was still naked with her shoes and stared at me.


“I think you enjoyed the extra service,” she said, stroking her nipples.

“Absolutely yes.”

“Do you want to see the grand finale?”

“What ending?”

“I’m still horny, I want to masturbate, I do it for you for a little extra.”


I paid immediately, and the show of Daisy who was masturbating with high energy for me was so exciting that my cock came back hard, and I masturbated again, cum on the handkerchief.

In the end, even Daisy had a good orgasm, and we were both exhausted.

The evening ended with Daisy dressing, and I accompanied her at her hotel.

Daisy was still affectionate in the car, and she wanted to see me again as soon as possible to have sex. This evening had been a beautiful entree, and the next step was finally to make the sex we wanted.

I decided that the next day I would call the staff to book the next service, which I did.

Needless to say that sex with Daisy was phenomenal, no other girl has ever been so fantastic with me, and I have become a regular customer.

Vincent is now proud of me, and every time he reminds me of my hatred of escorts.

But that was the old me, the new me is aware that the agency escorts are the best girls in the world.


And now excuse me, but I have to stop writing, I have an Amsterdam hotel service waiting for me with a beautiful kinky escort called Daisy.